12 Days of Science by MindWare

Curious kids will have a blast with MindWare’s 12 Days of Science. The very scientific test tube tray packaging immediately lures kids in and had them begging for more experiments.

Each test tube has a different mini experiment to keep scientists interested, inquisitive, and also a little snoopy (there were several instances of peeking ahead on future days!). The tubes have step-by-step directions, any special tools needed (for example a measuring spoon or pipet) and the specific materials. Some required a few household items to complete, like vegetable oil, salt, etc.

This is rich STEM learning at home. The 12 tubes are great for groups or an individual. There’s magic sand, glittery slime, water beads, crystals, and instant snow, to name a few. Kids are encouraged to ask questions, make predictions, and observe. Exploring science principals expands kids’ critical thinking. They’re taking knowledge that they have and applying it to each mini experiment to make inferences.

Science is everywhere in the world around us. Encouraging kids to take initiative, solve problems, make predications and adapt is building real-life skills. When kids are playing and learning with 12 Days a Science, they are excited about experimentation, building communication skills, collaborating ideas, and thinking creatively.

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