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Top 23 Best Shop Knives

  1. EUNA EUNA 5 PCS Knife Chef Set Ultra Sharp, Japanese Knives of Stainless Steel for Multipurpose Cooking, Kitchen Knives Professional with Gift Box, Integrated Design with Non-Stick Coating Sliver Nonstick coating comfortable handle the kitchen knives are plating with silver chrome The chrome coating is nonstick for easy washing and has better ability against corrosion and rust The corrugated handle is very comfortable to hold and can keep balance all the time The design of ripple increase friction to make cutting easier and minimizes wrist tension Unique appearanceeuna y chef knife sets design inspires by water The whole knife covers with flashing chrome plating and the handles are just like flowing water Its design combines with beauty and...

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Halal Date Night Restaurants in London

Swiped right on a Muslim dating app recently and need somewhere quiet yet cosy for your first date? Perhaps you’ve been seeing each other for a while and you’re ready to make things halal with a ring in your pocket. Or you could just be desperate to change out of those snot-laden clothes, hand your kids over to your parents and have some much needed couple time – we’ve been there, don’t worry. Whatever your scenario, we have listed some great halal date night restaurants in London that range from flowery walls to completely hidden halal gems to fancy white table cloths and dress codes, all places that are bound to release that sweet, sweet oxytocin. Read on for some...

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Recipe: This potato galette will amaze your guests

A potato galette is a showstopper, with its crispy, scalloped golden-brown exterior and an interior of layer upon layer of fanciness. It’s delicious as a dinnertime side dish or as an elegant part of a brunch menu. Once in Paris, I devoured a wedge as a first course topped with crème fraiche and caviar. Very classy, but it is irresistible served on its own. For the best results, the spuds should be sliced 1/8-inch thick, the width of a quarter coin. Use a mandoline, a V-slicer, or a food processor fitted with a 1/8-inch-thick slicing blade. You will need a 10-inch oven-safe nonstick skillet, a 9-inch cake pan and either 2 cups of pie weights or a pound of uncooked...

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