20 Tips to Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Walls

20 Tips to Decorate a Bedroom with Slanted Walls

Slanted Walls

Bedrooms with slanted walls at first glance may seem like a decorating nightmare. A person with a creative imagination will see this type of wall configuration as an exciting challenge and an opportunity to do something unique with the shapes. Slanted walls open up your options for thinking outside the box to implement some trendy design elements to customize the interior decor and make it a one-of-a-kind space. Here are twenty tips to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls, which we think you will find inspiring.

20. Replace draperies with shades

Hunker recommends replacing the drapes in a room with slanted walls with shades. Drapes cover more areas of windows than shades. They minimize the amount of light that spills into the room. Shades more fully open up the view. The goal is to get more light because it makes the room look larger. It can help to offset the small appearance. You can also use the bed for a window seat or place a chair and a small table in front of the window if there is enough space.

19. Add wooden beams to the ceiling

Place wooden beams on the ceiling of a bedroom with slanted walls. Wood adds a lovely touch. Choose small beams that won’t take up much space. This is a way to create exquisite texturing and add a focal point that detracts the eyes from the slanted walls. You can stain the beams in a light color. It will open up the room even more.

18. Put up wallpaper

Wallpaper is an excellent way to add colors and make the walls interesting. It lends a theme to bedrooms that are smaller with sloped walls. Light colors and patterns will open the room and make it look bigger than it is. Choose small patterns to achieve the maximum effect.

17. Make an accent wall

Sloped walls make exceptional accent walls. They stand out because they are shaped differently. Adding an accent color opens up new opportunities. It gives you more room to add matching decor items that tie the design elements of the room together. Choose a color that will stand out, then use accessories that have splashes of that color too.

16. Hang tapestries

Tapestries are wall hangings that can transform the looks of a room. You can accent a sloped wall with a lovely pattern that you enjoy. Tapestries offer a touch of class and you can create a theme, depending on the pattern you choose. They come in all sizes and designs, so this is something you can have a lot of fun with.

15. Add a skylight

If your budget permits, install a skylight into a bedroom with slanted walls. Better yet, if you have two slanted walls, make it a double. the natural light will make the room look much larger than it is, and it will bathe the room in brightness. Natural light opens up any living space and draws the eyes away from the angles and towards the source of the light.

14. Keep the ceilings light

42 Lounge recommends painting the ceilings white or using another very light color. Light makes spaces seem larger. It can help to expand the sense of space, from a visual perspective. It’s an illusion, but one that works well for smaller spaces. Light ceilings reflect natural light from windows better than darker colors. You can add a few darker accents, but make sure that the ceiling color is light.

13. Build custom shelves

When you have sloped walls in a room, you can still use the space efficiently. You can build a set of shelves that have a natural gradient to take advantage of the space. The shelves at the top will be shallow and the ones at the bottom will give you some great depth. Go ahead and put your decorating accents on them. They also make excellent storage areas.

12. Use texture in the room

Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures in a bedroom with sloped walls. It can help bring an otherwise plain and small room to life. Add different colors and textures such as textured paints and finishes, or wallpaper combinations. You can also use decorative trim to give the room an extra bit of flair.

11. Put pictures on the slanted wall

Pictures are wonderful accessories for accenting slanted walls. As long as you anchor them firmly in place, there is no reason not to hang pictures. It will make the wall interesting and you can use it to display some of your best works of art.

10. Install a window seat

A window in the center of a room with slanted walls invites itself to become a private nook for you to enjoy the morning sunlight over a cup of coffee or tea. A window seat adds a sense of luxury. It gives you a place to sit and read the morning paper. You can also enjoy a favorite book. Some daybeds can double as window seats and a place to sleep at night. This addition will make a small to medium-sized bedroom with sloped walls seem cozier.

9. Add a canopy bed

Canopy beds add a touch of elegance to any room. You can use draperies to create a private sleeping space and it can even hide the slope of a wall and make the bed look as though it was built into the wall if you do it just right. If you don’t have a canopy bed, all you need is a roll of netting or light fabric to create the same effect. There are many ways to achieve the effect without spending a lot of money on the project.

8. Organize your room with smart storage

Another tip for making the most out of a bedroom with sloped walls is to organize your storage areas carefully. Since most rooms with sloped walls are smaller, you must be thrifty with the space. Consider building drawers or closets that run from the floor to the top of the ceiling in small corners or areas of the room to maximize the storage space. Doing this will help to eliminate clutter and make your room look neater and better organized. It will also make it seem larger.

7. Use contrasting colors

Bramwell Brown recommends playing with colors to make a small bedroom with sloped walls seem more interesting. There are hundreds of different ways you can use contrasting colors that are classy. You can also experiment with varying colors with geometric patterns or stripes. You can also achieve some remarkable results by doing color fades that use a deep color at the bottom of a wall that gradually lightens into white near the top.

6. Use decals and stencils

Sloped walls are ideal for applying peel and stick decals. You can choose any theme to brighten up a room. For younger kids, you may want to consider glow-in-the-dark stars and planets, or another theme that your child loves. If the room is for an adult, consider adding florals or your favorite scenery. You can also use your imagination and stencil designs on the walls. There are as many ways to use stencils and decals to accent sloped walls as your imagination permits. Have fun and make the space your own.

5. Illuminate the space

The bottom line on creating the illusion of space is to illuminate the room. Natural lighting is the best resource, but if you don’t have that luxury, bring on the soft lights. Consider mounting electric lights in various parts of the room that tend to darken quickly. Avoid using fluorescent lights because they tend to have an agitating effect. Don’t be afraid to light up the room, or at least use accent lighting that puts the spotlight on the best features of the room. Another lighting option that works well for attic bedrooms is string lighting. These lights are usually LED quality and they put off a lot of light. They come in strands of varying lengths and sizes. Some even come with controls that allow you to set them on a fade in and out, or various patterns of movement to add a whimsical effect to smaller bedrooms. When working with lighting, be sure to illuminate the otherwise dark places.

4. Add a clock to the room

Slanted walls are not easy to mount things on. Thankfully, there are products made that can securely anchor items to these walls. Some slanted walls are perfect places to mount a wall clock. Clocks make lovely wall decor and they can help to add an extra note of interest to a slanted wall. It won’t work for clocks with pendulums or anything else hanging from them, but you could mount a standard clock or a weather clock on the wall and view it from the side.

3. Create mural paintings

Mabey She Made It recommends using your creative talents and painting a mural on your sloped walls. Murals can be of any theme or decors and can range from wildlife, scenery, or unique patterns. A mural can give the room a higher degree of stylishness and it can add dimension and depth. You can either paint the mural yourself or hire a local artist to come in and bring your favorite scenes to life. Murals can be painted in any size and shape that they can be customized with colors and themes that suit your tastes. You can also add accent pieces to the room that complement your mural. It’s a wonderful way to accent a sloped wall and make it an interesting focal point rather than a distraction in a bedroom. Murals can be painted in a manner that takes up the entire wall, or you can add frames around them to give them an even more stylish aesthetic. You can even have triptychs painted on your wall if you prefer to have even more diversity.

2. Accessorize to maximize the sense of space

The accessories you choose for a bedroom with sloped walls will affect the sense of space. Ideally, the room will be large enough to accommodate all of the essentials you will need, and still leave you some usable floor space. Choose your accessories wisely to maximize the space and create the sensation of openness. The rule of thumb for smaller rooms is to avoid the feeling of clutter. A minimalist approach is usually the best option when you’re working with a room with sloped walls. If the room is too small for a full-size bed, install a daybed with light covers. Use under-bed totes for storage to keep your belongings out of sight. You can find interesting storage bins in various sizes and dimensions for under the bed use, to keep them hidden when they’re not in use.

1. Go Rustic with light natural woods

The last tip for creating an unforgettable bedroom with sloped walls is to take the rustic approach using natural woods. There is little more appealing than a blonde oak or other natural wood to create the sense of open space. The rustic design is easier to ad-lib and add various accessories that cover up flaws in attic rooms and enhance the natural beauty of the space. Sloped walls create a unique room ambiance and you can use lighting to brighten up the room that will bounce off of the lighter wood tones and make it glow with soft light. Add a few dark accents to make the room even more interesting, but keep it on the minimal side. A few accents with rustic overtones here and there, a few plays with light and dark, and you will have a lovely and stylish bedroom. You can even add contrasting wood to the sides of the sloped walls in small trim that accents the slopes as though you intentionally had them built for accent pieces. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination and make the space your own.

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