2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Food and Drink

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Variety Pack

Bravus Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer:

Bravus is a non-alcoholic craft beer that is brewed in Anaheim, California. Their craft beer uses a unique brewing method that creates a final product that tastes just like alcoholic beer. That means you aren’t losing any flavor! That is because their process closely resembles true craft beer making. All Bravus beers are 100% vegan, brewed to reduce gluten(<20ppm), contain approximately 100 calories per 12 oz can, has no added sugar, and is natural.

Their product line features IPA, Oatmeal Dark, Amber, Blonde, Blood Orange IPA, and The Logger, a limited release.


I have been trying to avoid alcohol due to my inflammatory illness and WOW! is Bravus super flavorful! I instantly fell in love with their Oatmeal Dark which if you gave it to me in a blind taste test, I would have had no idea it was non-alcoholic. My husband who enjoys drinking craft beer thought that Bravus is flavorful and refreshing.

I suggest the Variety Pack for anyone looking to try their products as it allows you to try each flavor!

You can purchase Bravus for $12.99 for a 6 pack, $25.98 for a 12 pack, and $48.99 for a 24 pack.


BackCountry Stick (12pc. Box)Apex Protein Backcountry Meat Sticks:

Apex Protein Backcountry Meat Sticks make a wonderful stocking stuffer! They are made from  wild game such as boar, elk, venison, and bison, they are also available in beef. These individually wrapped snacks contain 9g-11g of protein and feature half the ingredients as similar products on the market.


I had a chance to try the Beef KC BBQ flavor and I think they are super flavorful and moist. I find similar products to be very dry which makes them unpleasant, the seasoning is also very flavorful. My husband likes them and wants to try some of the other flavors in the future.

You can purchase a 12 pc box for $24.99.


Explorer Cold Brew Co.

Explorer Cold Brew allows you to enjoy tasty cold brew coffee in a fully customizable way. Their cold brew concentrate is 100% organic, fair trade, sustainably grown, and even available in 4 caffeine levels. They not only offer coffee concentrate, but they also offer flavor elixirs and you can even purchase bundles to save money.

The Explorer Coffee and Elixir Bundle comes with your choice of caffeine level and your choice of flavor elixir for $50. If you subscribe, you can save 20%.


I am a huge sucker for cold brew coffee and I think Explorer Cold Brew is tasty, I highly suggest following the directions as a tiny bit of concentrate does go a long way. I received their Himalayan Sea Salt Caramel flavor elixir and it’s SO tasty. Their products make a fantastic gift for coffee drinkers


Papa’s Pops Skinless Popcorn Variety Pack:

Using an innovative popping process, Papa’s Pops can remove 100% of the irritating Skin aka Hull that creates skinless popcorn. That means no more hull getting stuck in your teeth or irritating your throat. Their products are non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Nut-Free, Zero Trans Fats, and even Kosher. Some of their flavors are even Vegan. Flavors include Sweet & Salty, Honey Mustard & Onion, Sweet Cinnamon, Creamy Ranch, White Cheddar, and Smokin’ BBQ.

The variety pack sells for $22.50 and features one bag of each flavor.


My kids loved Papa’s Pops and I love all the different flavors they offer. They are very unique and unlike anything, I have ever tried before.



Gruvi is a line of non-alcoholic beer and wine that is perfect for pregnant women and those looking to avoid alcohol. They have been awarded one of the best NA beers by Food Network + The Healthy, and more. 

Their line offers Prosecco, Rosé, Red Blend, IPA, Stout, Pale Ale, and Lager. Their products contain as few as 26 calories and contain 0.0% alcohol. Best of all their products are affordable and easily purchasable.

You can purchase Gruvi for $9.99 a pack and you can get it delivered right to your front door and is also available in over 1,500 retail locations across the US. Also partnered with Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Target, and Total Wine & More.


I try and avoid alcohol due to my Ankylosing Spondylitis and Gruvi tastes fantastic, I’m such a sucker for Rosé so I’m so glad I was able to find a non-alcoholic brand.


Grow and Make Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit:

The Grow and Make Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit features all the ingredients you need to make 6 bottles of delicious hot sauce. The kit contains everything you need including Cayenne, Ancho, Curry, & New Mexico chili powder, Guajillo, Chipotle, & Arbol dried peppers, distilled white vinegar, garlic powder, 6 glass bottles, labels, gloves, a funnel, and a booklet with recipes.

Grow and Make also offers other kits such as Artisan BBQ Sauce, Tea Herb DIY Garden Kit, and so many other neat kits.


I decided to fully experiment and tweaked the included recipes to my liking. This resulted in some unique ones including a smoked pineapple hot sauce. I somehow ended up with more than 6 bottles of hot sauce and that’s okay because it still tasted amazing. I think this is a super unique gift, especially for any Foodie.

You can purchase the Deluxe Hot Sauce Making Kit for $44.95.


St. Kathryn Cellars Cranberry Wine:

This wine is a blend of sweet as well as tart. It is fermented from 100% pure cranberries and pairs wonderfully with ham, turkey, and a variety of cheeses. It can also be used in cocktails and makes a fantastic holiday wine gift. Talon Wine also offers a wine club as well as other fantastic wine options.

You can purchase a 750ml bottle for $19.


This wine screams holiday, it’s very flavorful and I think it would pair wonderfully with a mead. I feel like it’s also an average price for wine and when I served it to guests they were impressed.


Palate Club Blind Taste Test:

Palate Club is a full experience, You start by receiving their blind taste kit which are 4 half bottles of wine, the labels are hidden by tissue paper and after trying these wine, you enter preference information into their website and receive your taste profile. You can then receive a variety of shipments of wine right to your doorstep. Palate Club is so confident that if you don’t like a wine you receive, they will replace it for free during the next shipment.

Memberships start at $23/month, or 4x$17 bottles shipped once a quarter.


I think Palate Club is very unique and unlike other wine clubs, I have come across. My Mother in Law and I had a blast doing the blind taste test and as an avid wine drinker, she enjoyed the experience.


Cream Bakery:

Cream Bakery is a family-run bakery that offers brownies and blondies delivered to your door. Their flavor options include traditional fudge, raspberry swirl, s’mores, and more. I like the fact that all their products are individually wrapped and do not require refrigeration. They are fresh for up to 4 weeks and can be refrigerated for 2 months and frozen for up to 6.

Seen here is the Best Seller Box which contains raspberry swirl bars, fudge brownies, cookies & cream bars, and chocolate chip brownies. They are available in a box of 8 for $29 or a box of 16 for $56.


The Best Seller Box features a wonderful variety of flavors and let me tell you….these brownies and blondies are SO tasty. I am a sucker for brownies that are so moist they almost fall apart and these are those types of brownies! Very flavorful and I think these would be wonderfully sent as a gift.


Fire Department Coffee:

Fire Dept. Coffee is a veteran-owned business and certified by the National Veteran-Owned Business Association (NaVOBA). Every order is roasted in Rockford, Illinois, by a dedicated team of firefighters, first responders, and coffee connoisseurs. I am obsessed with their spirit infused coffees which are super flavorful, their roasting process leaves the flavor without the alcohol. Their coffee of the month club is a wonderful way to make sure you are always stocked up.


I had a chance to taste their Salted Caramel Bourdon Infused coffee and it not only smells amazing, it tastes amazing! Their coffee is very fresh and they offer some unique products including their entire line of spirit-infused coffee.


Evelyn’s Kitchen Pudgies:

You might ask, What is a pudgie? A pudgie is a soft doughy cookie that is tasty and indulgent. Evelyn’s Kitchen was named after Ayala Donchin’s Godmother and is a sweet shop and cafe in East Harlem. Evelyn’s Kitchen has appeared on Beat Bobby Flay, Road Trip with G. Garvin, Oprah’s ‘o’ Magazine, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, and was rated one of Time Out New York’s Top 5 Brownies in NYC.


Her Banana Pudding Pudgies are super tasty and unlike any cookie, I have ever tasted. I shared some with my friends and they agree that it’s one of the tastiest cookies ever!

Head over to Gold Belly to order Evelyn’s Kitchen products right to your doorstep!

Maple Leaf Farms Duck Products:

Maple Leaf Farms has been offering farm-raised duck for over 60 years. Sustainability is at the core of their business focus and they strive to keep their business both ethical and scientifically verified. Their product line includes whole ducks, boneless duck breasts, duck appetizers, and more. You can shop both online or use their store locator to find their products near you.


The boneless duck breasts I received arrived safely as they were packaged well. We made smoked duck breasts out of them and they were SO tasty!.


A big thank you to all our sponsors and I hope everyone has a blessed holiday season!

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