23 Ways to Reuse Plastic Easter Eggs

Before you pack away those plastic eggs, you’ll want to see some amazing upcycle ideas we’ve found. From using them as a soap mold or mini planter to festive bunny-themed décor, there are plenty of ways to reuse Easter eggs.  Keep reading to get your creativity flowing.

Mini Succulent Planters

You had us at succulents. These uber-stylish mini planters from A Kailo Chic Life affix to inexpensive marble hexagon tiles and are painted gold on the rim. You'd hardly know these planters were once plain, plastic Easter eggs!

Easter Egg Candle Holder

This festive Easter Egg Candle Holder is the perfect activity to work on with your kiddo. Plastic Easter eggs are drilled with a hole, then covered in gorgeous beads before threading onto a dowel. You can find the full step-by-step instructions over at Two Sisters Crafting

Rolled Easter Egg Painting

No brushes are needed when you paint with Easter eggs! This creative craft from Tinkerlab lets your littles express themselves in a new way and use those old plastic eggs at the same time.

Egg-Shaped Soap

Why buy soap when you can make it, and in an egg shape, no less. This easy-to-make craft from Mad in Crafts takes simple ingredients to whip up soap and uses plastic eggs as a mold. After just four hours in the fridge, you have your very own (festive) soap.

Bath Bombs

There are bath bombs, and then there are Easter egg bath bombs. While this DIY from Bitz & Giggles definitely requires adult supervision (there's citric acid involved), your kiddos will get a kick out of making, decorating and using these bath accessories in the tub or for some fun science experiments.

Plastic Easter Egg Flowers

Plastic Easter eggs and pipe cleaners are all you need to whip up a bouquet that lasts forever. Marie from Make and Takes whipped up a simple array of flowers in a flash, and your kids can too––this would be one fun afternoon activity.

Spring Garland

Those plastic Easter eggs aren't just for hunting! You can turn them into festive decor, like this adorable garland from The How To Mom. String up with some simple pom poms and you have some sweet decorations that are simple to make with your kids!

Rice Krispie Treat Mold

We love this fun idea from Simply Being Mommy—you can turn your plastic Easter eggs into molds for Rice Krispie treats. With M&Ms hidden inside, this is one treat that will definitely impress your kids. 


This genius idea from Made Everyday is bound to be a hit with your budding musicians. They’ll have a blast filling and decorating the maracas, not to mention the hours of entertainment once they’re done. To see the instructions, head over to Made Everyday.

Round Rockets

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a plastic egg? Using stuff you probably have in your desk drawers (tape, paper, etc.), it’s easy to make a few rockets and let the kids race them in two different ways—into the sky or back down to earth. Find out what you’ll need for this fun project over at Inspiration Laboratories.

Bird Feeder

Why should bunnies have all the fun? With a bit of bird feed, it’s a cinch to make a yummy snack for feathered friends. Want to know exactly what’s needed for this project? Get the answers over Playing House in Maryland.

A Spring Wreath

Craft a colorful wreath that’s perfect for spring like this one from Crazy Little Projects. It’s super easy to make using just a few craft store supplies, and it’s cute enough to display all season long. 

Tea Light Flight

We are still blinking in amazement over this upcycled DIY. With a few supplies (including hot glue and paint), you can make your own gorgeous tea light flight for next to nothing. Find the how-to, and the answer to the question “will the eggs melt?,” over at Taylor Made Creates.

Hot Air Balloon Eggs

Easter eggs become something entirely new with these adorable hot air balloons from Snowdrop and Company. They’ll make a whimsical decoration for your little one’s room, or could be used to stash secret treats. 

Mini Terrariums

Keep the spring feeling around longer by creating a mini terrarium. We love this version from The House that Lars Built; not only are the eggs gorgeous, but the flowers aren’t real, which means you and the kids can enjoy the fruit of your labor for more than a few days. 

Eggs as Stamps

Perfect for toddler hands, easy-to-grip plastic Easter eggs make an awesome addition to any artsy afternoon. Find out what kind of paint to use, and other handy tips, over at Buggy and Buddy.

Little Bees

How cute are these little bees from Tried & True? We love how simple they are—you can craft a flock of them in no time and string them up to add some color to your space. 

Make a Sensory Bin

Easter eggs … if you’ve got a few (or 100) laying around after the big day, then you can easily set up this sensory project we spotted over at Little Bins for Little Hands. All you’ll need is soap, water and enthusiastic kids. 

Popsicle Molds

How awesome are these frozen yogurt molds from Mama. Papa. Bubba? The hardest part of this brilliant idea is making a place for the popsicle sticks. With just a little planning (and an electric tool) you’ll be on your way. 

Number Snake

We love this craft-meets-learning activity from I Can Teach My Child. Kids will have a blast practicing their numbers while building fine motor skills. Once it’s done, they’ve got a cute playtime-ready snake. 

Egg Toss Game

You can’t go wrong with good old-fashioned competition, and this idea from A Mom with a Lesson Plan will keep the kids occupied for hours. Gather up your plastic eggs and some empty water bottles, and you’re halfway there.

Eggs for Food Containers

You’ve always wanted to try a bento-style lunch, and here’s a way to do so without having to buy all those little containers. Using eggs and an egg carton, serve up a meal that’s functional and fun. We love the way Kara of A Kailo Chic Life included an egg-shaped rice krispie treat.

DIY Easter Egg Mobile

This adorable mobile made from recycled plastic Easter eggs is not only the perfect touch to a kid's room, but it's also pretty simple to do. Jennifer Perkins breaks it all down for you, including the how-tos and the supplies you'll need, here


—Gabby Cullen, Susie Foresman and Karly Wood

Feature image: Eren Li via Pexels


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