5 Easy Rockets Kids Can Make

Rockets make a great science project as they are fairly easy to make, can be personalised however you want and be reused over and over again. These easy rockets kids can make are also a fun craft project and can be turned into a science investigation too!

My personal favourite rocket is our mini bottle rocket as it’s quick to set up and doesn’t fly up with too much force, but is still brilliant fun and impressive to watch!

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Easy Rockets Kids Can Make

Rockets for little ones

This milk jug rocket is sometimes called a rocket mouse. It’s low prep, mess free and great for little people.

A rocket mouse is also a great first science activity for learning about forces!

Rocket Mouse madr with a milk jug and a paper cone!

Mini Bottle Rocket

These are my absolute favourite DIY rockets! You’ll need a 500ml bottle, straws or lolly sticks, a cork and some kind of power for the rocket. This could be alka seltzer and water, an effervescent vitamin tablet or even baking soda and vinegar.

Try experimenting to find the best combination of baking soda and vinegar or effervescent tablet and water to make your rocket fly!

Mini bottle rocket made with a 500ml bottle and an unopened packet of alka seltzer

Straw Rockets

Straw Rockets are also mess free, easy to make and can be themed in lots of different ways.

The drawing of a rocket is attached to a shorter, wider straw than the one you blow down. The wider straw is sealed at the top, so when air from main straw hits it, the rocket flies!

Straw Rockets - made with two straws and a paper drawing of a rocket.

An alternative to this design is using a plastic bottle rocket launcher to push air through the straw.

Squeezy Bottle rocket craft for kids
Image taken from This IS Rocket Science

Film Canister Rockets

These are another very easy rocket to make. You can decorate the film canister or just leave it as it is.

Film canister rockets can be set up as a science investigation by adding extra weight to one rocket, just remember to keep all other conditions the same ( amount of water and effervescent vitamin tablet ).

film canister rocket

Water Powered Bottle Rocket

A water powered bottle rocket needs a bit more prep, and shoots up fast and high so you’ll need some adult help and a big empty space!

water powered bottle rocket

Which rocket will you try first?


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