6 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Fall

With the changing of the seasons comes the desire to revamp your home to something that feels fresh and new! It’s the perfect time to deep clean your space and introduce a few new items into your design. Below we are sharing six of our top tips to help you refresh your home for the fall time!

Update Your Bedding

Once fall rolls around it’s time to refresh your bedding! Switch out your lightweight sheets and duvet insert for something a bit heavier that will hold in the heat on cold winter nights. While the natural-toned linens are beautiful for summer, take advantage of the changing of the seasons to experiment with something bold. Try a velvet quilt in a deep rich tone to bring in a seasonal warmth. Add a fur throw or a chunky knit to the bottom of your bed to create a cozy oasis and add depth to your design.

Swap Out Your Artwork

Fill your space with artwork that feels fresh. Changing out artwork is a subtle yet powerful way to change your backdrop. It’s also a great way to ensure you won’t tire of the artwork that is currently displayed. Having a collection at home that you can also pull from will help your space feel new each time a piece is swapped in. To start building a collection, shop for vintage artwork prints or check out local shops to get access to artists in your area!

Fill Your Home with Fall Foliage

Just because summer has come to an end doesn’t mean fresh florals around the home have to go! Forage through your yard for a fresh bunch of greenery and branches. You don’t have to run to the store to get access to beautiful, seasonal foliage! Find a few branches that fit the feeling of your space and place them in a pretty vase for a quick fall arrangement!

Bring in New Scents

Fall is the perfect time to switch out those springtime candles that have been burning for months and introduce a new scent to your space. Look for candles with notes of cedarwood, fir, and sandalwood for something that smells fresh and outdoorsy, or go for something a bit sweeter with notes of vanilla, amber, and cinnamon! Having a new scent surrounding your home will have everyone feeling rejuvenated and ready for fall!

Pillow Swap

Changing out pillow covers is an easy way to get a whole new vibe in a room. Having a variety of pillow covers allows you the flexibility of changing up your space on a whim! For fall, play with different textures and patterns to create new designs. Having a few velvets, leather, and print options on hand is a good way to ensure a winning combo!

Once the kids have gone back to school it’s the perfect time to give your home some much-needed TLC. Take advantage of the changing of the seasons to refresh your space before the Holiday season!

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