62 Times Kids Did Something So Unusual That It Creeped The Hell Out Of Their Parents

Kids are everything. Their big hearts, tiny heads and overwhelming cuteness are something capable of melting the coldest souls.

But when you’re a parent to one, or two, or a few, things are a little different. The little ones suddenly turn into daredevils, with crazy adventures that never end without consequences and rules that exist only to be broken. In the world of parenting, nothing seems off limits even when the term itself is basically setting the limits in order to raise a great human being capable of achieving big things and making their parents proud. And sometimes, things get creepy.

So today we’re diving deep into the moments when kids really spook their parents. A doll lamp the kid made at his after class that looks like a prop from a Saw movie? Check. A drawing of an imaginary friend? A-ha. A nanny cam record showing a kid dancing in the middle of the night? Yup. Well, at least their lives are far from boring! Psst! After you’re done reading this article, be sure to check out our previous one with kids saying the creepiest things that we do not recommend reading alone.

#1 This Classic From Ruby About Her Friend “Grateful”.

Image credits: reddit.com

#2 Who's Monitoring Who?

Image credits: KevinBaum013

#3 Future Endeavors

Image credits: katscotloo

#4 The Nun

Image credits: dreeaaxo_

#5 Please, Honey, Take Off The Mask

Image credits: xiaraaaaa_

#6 What In The Name Of Sanity Is This?

Image credits: mervatim

#7 This School Project Someone's Kid Made

Image credits: cherrythrow7

#8 This Kid

Image credits: PixelNation789

#9 My Wife Heard Her Name Being Whispered "Naa-Taa-Shaa.." She Looked At The Baby Monitor To Find Our Son Like This

Image credits: scottymac23

#10 What Did The Bear Do???

Image credits: reddit.com

#11 Why Wasn't The Door Locked?

Image credits: TheFartingKing_56

#12 Low-Key Scary

Image credits: kelgoretrout

#13 My Sister Turned Off Youtube So My Niece Could Do Her School Work... She's Not Happy

Image credits: foggybrewsters

#14 Le Ghost Has Arrived Yet Again

Image credits: misssneed

#15 Kinda Creepy Ngl

Image credits: SilentDeath420

#16 Creepy Cousin

Image credits: GIZZZYO

#17 This Kid Is Licking My Mailbox

Image credits: xXSJADOo

#18 My Daughters Make Up Job On One Of Her Dolls

Image credits: LysdexicPenguin

#19 My Kid Sent Me This Image...

Image credits: seriousbizinis

#20 My Son Was Playing With The Scanner And Printer, He Wants To Give A Copy To His Teacher. No Son That Is Not A Good Idea

Image credits: notagain82

#21 Just Another Normal Day Here. Heads Are Rolling. Creepy Baby Now Has A Sister. I'm Still In Disbelief

Image credits: laugh21forty

#22 That Face...

Image credits: XxSnowflake

#23 My Six Year Old Daughter Made This "Science Experiment" Last Night. She Also Decided To Leave It On Our Brand New Neighbors Door Step As A "Welcome Present". That Was An Awkward Introduction This Morning

Image credits: Kinkykuteness

#24 My Friend Discovered That Her Son Had Laid His Clothes Out For School Tomorrow

Image credits: VaginalHubris86

#25 However Your Monday Is Going At Least It's Better Than Theirs

Image credits: onemoretrain

#26 My 5 Year Old Daughter Loves To Hide Around Our House And Jump Out Yelling, "Boo!" While Wearing This Mask

Image credits: insaneshayne

#27 Instead Of Just Letting Us Know Verbally She Woke Up From Her Nap, Or Just Ya Know Opening Up The Cracked Door, She Thought She Needed To Wave At Us From Under The Door Until She Got Our Attention

Image credits: kaitykat19

#28 My 4yo Daughter Drew This And Told Me That Is The Monster That Always Follows Around But I Don't Ever See It

Image credits: jerkytart

#29 Yesterday My Daughter Asked Me To Slice An Apple For Her. So I Open The Fridge To Find This....

Image credits: creestel_blue

#30 Posted Here Since I Can’t Find A Kids Are F**king Creepy

Image credits: MineAssassin

#31 When I Was A Baby, I'd Stare Intensely At Strangers. Not Just For A Moment, But For Hours Unless They Got Out Of My Sight. My Relatives Say I Used To Creep Them Out. Didn't Help That I Looked Like A Tiny Alien

Image credits: observendespise

#32 Momlife

Image credits: DPMCanty

#33 My Best Friends 3yr Old Daughter Found This Buried In The Backyard And Started Chasing Her Older Brother With It While Shouting, "My Baby, My Baby!"

Image credits: Ziff7

#34 A Painting A Kid Made In One Of My Art Classes

Image credits: askoso

#35 A Drawing Made By Some Kid At My Old School

Image credits: kurokemuri

#36 My Daughter Left This In The Shower For Me

Image credits: SlightlyStable

#37 Found These Little Guys In My Daughter's Castle

Image credits: cyclingdad

#38 Hazel Picked A New Baby Today

Image credits: nrrdgrrl87

#39 Anyone Else Have Toddlers Who Do Incredibly Creepy Stuff Like Hang Their Barbies By Their Feet In Their Bunk Bed Slats? No, Just Me? Cool

Image credits: brittanysandovalrn

#40 Is There A Kids Are F--King Creepy Sub? Just Found My 5yo And Almost 7yo Daughter's Collection Of Doll Hands.

Image credits: Beckpatton

#41 My Son Painted Me A Spiderman Mask

Image credits: adj80

#42 Kids In The Neighbourhood Always Scream Like They Are Possessed. Now I'm Pretty Sure They Actually Are

Image credits: kokko_lintu

#43 Kids-Are-Super-Creepy


#44 My Child & I Made This Sculpture Out Of Cloud Slime. My Child Named Her Sarah. When We Were Choosing Which Parts Of Sarah To Smash To Add To Our Ball Of Slime My Child Said “Mom I Know What Part Of My Voodoo Doll I Want To Smash Next.” Sarah Where Ever You Are, Watch Ya Back

Image credits: KindObject3

#45 Found In R/Kidsaref***ingstupid

Image credits: radsechrist

#46 Sil's Kid Wanted The "Scary Man Mask" Cut The A Pizza Box And Chased My Son While Screaming Like A Demon. They Both Had A Blast...

Image credits: Lahoura

#47 When Michael Hits Tier 3

Image credits: AndreiHyddra

#48 Kids Can Be Creepy As Hell. When Asked About It My 6-Year Old Niece Told Me They Were Trying To Bring The Mommy Back To Life

Image credits: Mikisg1

#49 Kids-Are-Super-Creepy

Image credits: staceyrebecca

#50 Kids-Are-Super-Creepy

Image credits: thefabulouspot6

#51 My Cousin Drew My Aunt

Image credits: Finn_Storm

#52 What The Bleep Kid? I Almost Had A Heart Attack When I Spotted This As I Pulled Out Of Driveway

Image credits: laugh21forty

#53 That Pentagram

Image credits: mightywench

#54 This Creepy Thing Was On My Back Deck This Morning, I Hate The Neighbors' Kid

Image credits: Timbot3000

#55 My Cousins Son Has Been Photocopying His Toys And Leaving The Pictures All Over The House

Image credits: LadyPique

#56 "Oh, You Set The Rockets Into The Launch Pad. Ready For Blast Off", "No, Mum. They're Gravestones"

Image credits: myzenmess

#57 My Little Brother Grabbing Live Wasps Because "It's Fun"

Image credits: Nixoli100

#58 I Don't Know Which Of My Kids Did This, But I'm Pretty Sure Their Dentist Could Help Me Find Out

Image credits: JephriB

#59 I Was A Scary Child

Image credits: Dale_Is_Small

#60 Despite Multiple Talkings Too, My 2 Year Old Keeps Leaving Dolls In Life Like Positions Around The House, Scares The Life Out Of Me Everytime

Image credits: bootsandcats-

#61 So Every Year My Parents Host A Tailgate Party And Us Kids Do “Manhunt” Which Is Hide In Seek In The Dark. One Year I Decided To Wear All Black To Blend In (“Night Camouflage If You Will”) With The Dark. It Worked, But It Made Me Look Freaking Terrifying.

Image credits: Coderkid01

#62 I Was Helping My Mom Clean Up Her Classroom (2nd Grade Teacher) And Someone Took A Bite Out Of This Book

Image credits: samnewberyy