8 Women’s History Month Activities for Kids

Planning classroom lessons for Women’s History Month activities? Why limit them to quizzes and poster-making, when they can live these winning stories of the rainbow of symphony.

Every moment, the earth is blessed with amazing & wonderful women. To celebrate them, the month of March is recognized as Women’s history Week. Let’s peek into the past for 8 inspiring stories of women’s achievements which our nation has witnessed for years. Let’s celebrate this women’s history month by teaching our kids about these shining women, who made a difference in the world and letting them hone those skills because trust us there are many more stories yet to come.

8 Women’s History Month Activities For Kids:

Georgia O’Keefe

She was the first artist to introduce modernism to America through her paintings of enlarged flowers and New Mexico landscapes. Her paintings of New York skyscrapers took the art of America to new heights.

So, instead of making them write an essay about her, why not take your kids this March, to art sessions and let them dip their thoughts in colors.

Billie Holiday

America is still dancing on the tunes of Holiday’s Jazz music. She has been one of the best vocalists of her times and her distinct st‌yle has left innumerable fans behind. From “Lover man” to “Don’t Explain” nothing has changed.

Don’t just play her songs to celebrate her contribution to American Music industry, take your kids for the music sessions as a part of Women’s history month activities for kids and give them a glance of her uniqueness.

Simone Biles

She is one of the most decorated American gymnasts, who won four gold medals at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Do you think her story is inspiring enough? Or you have another Olympic gold-medallist in making at your home? Take your kids for the gymnastic session as a part of this Women’s history week activities and share the winning st‌yle of Simone Biles with them.

Sally Kristen Ride

This American beauty with brains was born to go beyond the sky. She was the first American woman physicist and astronaut who went to space in 1983 and left a mark in America’s Women’s History.

So as a part of this Women’s history month activities make your kids do beyond reading her biography, and let them be a part of experiments she did in her labs.

Serena Williams

She made her passion her profession. And today after winning 23 Grand Slams, she has bagged global fame with no. 1 positions in tennis.

Let’s take our kids for tennis sessions, to tell them about the struggles of the life of Serena Williams. There can be no better women’s history month activities than giving them the essence of the profession of these beautiful ladies.

Marie Curie

A legendary name in history, Marie Curie was the first woman to win Nobel Prize and the first person to win two Nobel Prizes. Her contribution in the field of Physics and Chemistry was acknowledged with awards in multiple sciences. There would be hardly any person in generations after her, who would not be aware of her achievements.

If you want to introduce your kids to discoveries of Marie Curie, then there is no better women’s history week activity than taking them for STEM sessions. Don’t forget there is a lot yet to be discovered by our coming generations.

Yvonne Chouteau

Considered as one of the “Five Moons”, this Texas-born beauty won the hearts of Americans by fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. Her words “As long as I was on stage, I want to be happy” has always been the inspiration of all the artists from all walks of life.

As a part of this Women’s history month activities, make your kids dance on the tunes of her songs and let them start their journey of their dreams.

Ruth Handler

This list would be incomplete without this American businesswoman and inventor who gave Barbie dolls to the world and made them a symbol of both empowerment and unrealistic beauty standards.

One amazing fact about the debut of first Barbie Doll is, it was launched on 9th March 1959, after the celebration of 50th Women’s Day to project the future dreams of adult women.

Women have come a long way. Let’s celebrate these women pioneers, who have brought us where we are today after facing the number of challenges of gender inequality. This women’s history month, let’s focus on the advancements brought by these women of past, to inspire those who may one day help shape our future.