And It Only Took Seven Years

I finished the Comfort Baby Blanket today and it only took seven years to make.  Of course, over six of those years it sat in a basket in the basement in time out.  I've been working on it semi-steadily since last month's knitting guild meeting and now it's done.  I even got the tails all woven in today so it's done done.  Whew.

There were pairs of lilies blooming today.  High up on top of the retaining wall there were two orange tiger lilies blooming side by side.  I just realized that these day lilies are the colors of that baby afghan.

Down at eye level two Stella d'Oro lilies bloomed side by side too.

The male Downy Woodpecker spent some time on the suet pellets again and a squirrel spent quite a bit of time on the suet cakes.  I took a picture of the bird but not the squirrel.

Instead I took a picture of the Dolly Parton-esque chicken breasts that I marinated and cooked on the grill this afternoon.  That's five and a half pounds of meat in four breasts.  Big!  Once they were cooked, I thickly sliced them and put the slices into a bag so I can have them for supper this next week.  I roasted a head of cauliflower to have with my chicken.  It was tempting to eat all of the cauliflower tonight but I bagged it up and just ate a small amount with my supper.

This little autumn leaf blew onto the patio while I was out getting the grill fired up.  It sure didn't feel like fall today.  It got into the mid-70s with a warm breeze from the southwest.  Nice day for a walk.

Today's toss was a paperback book of short stories.

The prompt today said that you discovered that your life was a science experiment.  Do you stay where you are or go live in the "real" world?  I had a long think about it and decided to stay in where I am.  My kids and grandkids are here and my life is pretty comfortable.  I'd wish away the virus if I could but I can't so I won't.  Otherwise life is good.