Assignments Kids Love – Special Replay

Are there really assignments that kids love -- yes! Especially when you allow them to study an area of interest. As a homeschool mom, I loved...Assignments Kids Love – Special Replay

Are there really assignments that kids love — yes! Especially when you allow them to study an area of interest. As a homeschool mom, I loved having proof that my children learned and what better way than through assignments. Testing is truly the easy way out. A child memorizes what is on the test and then proceeds to forget.

My daughter has a history professor that uses the following and very effective method of giving assignments.

  1. She assigns a book to read.
  2. She has them write a one page report covering the main ideas.
  3. She has them do a presentation on the book about ten minutes in length and then asks them questions.

In this way they not only have to research, write and then present, but they have to know the information in order to answer questions.

Assignments Kids Love – Ways To Demonstrate Knowledge

  1. Write a report. Use a word processor, use photos and illustrations.
  2. Or you can use a “Lapbook” technique. Use a file folder and cut outs to illustrate each of the points you want to make. This can be stored as a file folder and used for displays.
  3. Create a display using a science fair board.
  4. Use the wonder bubble unit technique. Draw one circle in the middle with a main idea or theme. Ask the children – what is the question or the problem to be solved? You can brainstorm ideas and decide which should make it to the board. After research write the main points on circles tied into the main one. The children can present their board. It can be created on a large piece o

In addition, begin small and work up. You can start with a short book on a topic they would enjoy and then increase it as the subject becomes more complex. For example, you would not give a topic like astronomy because it is too vast – but perhaps, a planet, a space flight like Apollo 11 or an astronaut like Neil Armstrong.

As far as the finished product I talked about the different methods in a previous podcast – Podcast on Homeschool Forms Here

Collections, Reports or Projects:


  • The geological location where the rock is commonly found. (List if there are many)
  • What type of rock is it?
  • Describe this rock.
  • Why do you collect this rock?
  • What makes this rock special?


  • A specific sport and how it is played, a team or a player?
  • Why did you select this topic?
  • What do you want to learn about this topic?
  • What do you want others to know about this topic?
  • Where will you find the information, you want to learn?
  • Do you want to go on a field trip to learn more about this topic?

Acton figures

  • The history behind the collection
  • The story behind the collection
  • Why specific pieces
  • What are you missing/ looking for?
  • Why do you enjoy this collection?


  • About the Author
  • Series name
  • Why do you enjoy these books?
  • Why do you collect these books?
  • Is there a book you are missing in the series?
  • Is this book published in other languages?


  • Geographical location
  • Color, Size, shape description
  • What type of animal once lived in this shell?
  • Why do you collect shells?
  • What shell would you like to find?

Academic Topic:


  • Study the constellations in your geographical location
  • How many can you identify?
  • Are there any planets you can see with the eye?
  • Use binoculars – does this make an improvement?
  • Go on a field trip to a nature center


  • What are the four oceans of the world – name them
  • Do you live near an ocean? Which one?
  • Have you visited the ocean? What did you see – describe.
  • Study the tides of the ocean you are closest too.
  • What type of animals live in the ocean? Make a list.
  • What types of birds live near this body of water?
  • Chemical composition of the ocean and experiments.


  • Type – describe
  • Geographical location
  • Eating habits
  • Does this bird migrate? If yes, map the migration process.
  • What is your favorite bird and why?


  • Type – describe
  • Geographical location
  • What does this insect eat?
  • Is this insect a pest?
  • Why are insects valuable to the ecosystem?

Wonders of the World

  • What is the definition of a “wonder of the world”?
  • What are the classic Seven Wonders of the World?
  • Map out the places on a world map.
  • What do you think is a wonder of the world that is not listed?

Famous Men or Women

  • What makes someone “famous?”
  • Select one famous person you want to know more about.
  • What is notable about this person?
  • Where did they live? Do?
  • Explain why you selected this person and what you want people to know about them.

Notable Authors

  • Select one author – someone you enjoy reading.
  • Describe this author’s background.
  • What books has this author written?
  • Do you have a favorite book? Why?
  • What makes this author’s writings enjoyable?


  • Select one classical music (or another type of music) composer.
  • Describe this composer’s background and history.
  • What is the most famous work this composer is known to write?
  • Was this composer (if classical) famous in their day?
  • What instruments are highlighted in this composers work?

The topic of Choice:

  • Why did you select this topic?
  • What do you want to learn that you don’t already know?
  • Where will you search for information?
  • Have you considered doing interviews?
  • Have you considered going on a field trip tied into this topic?
  • How will you demonstrate your knowledge? Report? Poster? PowerPoint presentation? Oral presentation?
  • What do you want others to know about your findings?




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