Book Review: 100 Days of Adventure

Being a mom means that you reach the point of a school year where you just need the year to be done. You need a break. Of course, that is usually when the panic sets in because once school is over, we are most likely going to hear the dreaded phrase, "I'm booooooooored!" no less than 500 times per kid every day. Thankfully, this has arrived just in time. 

100 Days of Adventure - Greta Eskridge

Turn off the screen and turn on the creativity as second-generation homeschooling mom Greta Eskridge shares 100 hands-on learning activities for kids that will connect and enrich your family through adventures, small and big.

Have a meteor slumber party, attend a symphony concert, take a hike in the rain, preserve colorful fall leaves, and make nettle pesto as children explore a love of nature and venture into the great, wide, real world. From backyard bugs to farmer's market veggies, children will unplug from electronics; explore the world; and learn about nature, art, music, and themselves through STEAM projects and new experiences.

100 Days of Adventure will spark curiosity in 6- to 10-year-olds with indoor and outdoor seasonal activities, projects, experiments, crafts, recipes, and field trips. Free and low-cost activities, with options for different kinds of groups and locations, step-by-step directions, nature journal prompts, tips, and checklists, beautiful photos and helpful illustrations children can bond with parents and siblings, learn new skills with individual investigations, or explore with friends in an educational or homeschool group with this full-color activity book. Also included is a note to parents with encouraging start-here guidance on growing a family culture of curiosity and adventure. Whether your family is looking for fun activities for school breaks at home, road trip vacations, or everyday ways to learn together, this collection of interactive educational activities will help your kids get creative, get into nature, and get closer to each other.
To be honest, I have a love/hate relationship with summer. It's kind of how I feel about motherhood too, I suppose. I love my kids, I love all of the moments and the snuggles. I'm not a huge fan of the exhaustion, tears, and entertaining. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to continually plan activities for kids. 

As it turns out, I always start out enthusiastically at the start of summer and as we approach July, I am absolutely over it. I end up exhausted, and I really just want to read my book in my favorite chair in the sunshine. 

Thankfully, Greta Eskridge has done all of the hard work for us and in one fantastically creative compilation, provides 100 days of adventure that span every season. If ever you have absolutely no idea on what to do with your kids, this book is going to save you. If you're ever stuck watching other kids and feel like they are going to take over, this book will save you. 

My youngest two immediately grabbed this from my desk and started making a list. They made me a list. While that's great because I have a game plan for the summer, but now I feel like there are expectations. Yay me! Ha! Topping the list for them is rock painting (to make The Perfect Pet, page 20) and learning about rocks (page 69), becoming an Insect Expert (page 30). They also want to pick and dry apples (page 66), so we're going to incorporate this into a trip to an apple festival in the fall. Topping the list for both Penelope and Lucy, is going on a Rainy-Day Ramble (page 78). They have asked about going out into the rain dozens of times and honestly, nothing sounds worse to me, but this mom? Is going on a rainy day ramble with a couple of little girls who really want to go shopping for waterproof pants. We also are going to make a book nook (page 114) for our summer reading. 

The book is so well organized, your kiddos won't have any problem going page to page and making their own list. You are surely going to be mom of the summer (and every other season). Thank you to TLC Book Tours and Thomas Nelson Publishing for having me on this tour and sending me a copy for review! I secretly love roping my kids into book reviews, and any time I see them get excited when new books come, is the absolute best.