Gift Baskets for Everyone on Your List

I love putting together thoughtful gift baskets for everyone on your list.  I think it’s fun to curate the perfect grouping of items, so I thought some of my ideas might be helpful to you too.

Gift Baskets for Everyone on your list

I know that all of these gift guides can get overwhelming – ideas everywhere and you’re still left wondering what to get some special people on your list.  This post will walk through some common people on your list and give you some great ideas.  Of course, depending on your budget, you certainly aren’t meant to have to purchase every item in each gift basket.


Coffee gifts

  • Ember coffee mug – this temperature controlled coffee mug will ensure that the coffee lover in your life is always having the perfect temperature beverage.
  • Chemex pour over coffee – back to the basics of coffee brewing, any coffee lover will appreciate this gift.
  • Coffee sweatshirt – every coffee lover has a cozy side and there is no better way to express their love for coffee than on a sweatshirt.
  • Coffee candle – Every coffee lover I know loves the smell of a cup brewing!  Hey, even a few people who don’t like the taste of coffee still love the smell.
  • Monogram mug
  • Coffee bean grinder
  • Favorite coffee – if you’re not sure what their favorite coffee is, it’s always a good idea to include beans from a local shop.
  • And you can always include a gift card to their favorite local coffee shop!


Food related gift ideas

  • Baby food maker cookbook – this book has recipes for babies, all the way up to adults
  • Fast & Easy Five Ingredient cookbook – we all could use easy meals in our life, right?!  Well this cookbook is full of meals that are easy to make and only require 5 ingredients each.
  • Custom kitchen spoon – a cook can never have enough wooden spoons, so add a little love with personalization.
  • Wood serving board – a beautiful serving board is always a good idea.
  • Apron – I love this classic apron and the variety of colors
  • Sheet pans – these are my all time favorite sheet pans!  Once you use them, you’ll never go back.
  • Cookbook stand – always a good helper in the kitchen.
  • Spices – perfect for meats, pasta or even soup, this trio of spices is fun to experiment with.


Gift ideas for someone who is homesick

  • Stateside towel – these great towels, from Honey & Hank, make patterns using the shape of states to make great patterns.
  • State rings – dainty, personal and fun.
  • Homesick candle – each candle has a scent that represents the state itself.  So the homesick person on your list can light the candle and feel right at home.
  • State-shaped cookie cutter – baking makes everyone feel better!  Purchase a cookie cutter and send this recipe along with it.
  • Love your state necklace – if rings aren’t their style, you can always go with a necklace…
  • Coordinates bracelet – …or a bracelet for a more understated look.
  • Cozy blanket – this would make anyone feel right at home.  And you can never have enough blankets if you ask me.
  • Family recipe book – cooking is filled with memories and stories, so a book full of recipes from your family will warm anyone’s heart.
  • Long distance lamp – sync up these two lamps to feel like you’re in the same room.  This is a fun and easy way to explain distance to kids too.


Gift ideas for kids.

There are kids gift ideas everywhere, but these ones are meant to not clutter up your house (because we all have enough toys, right!?)

  • Highlights magazine subscription – what kid doesn’t love getting mail?!  I know mine do, so this gift is one that keeps on giving.  Plus, there are options for various age groups.
  • Zoo pass – this exact gift will depend on your location, but I love giving a zoo pass, or something similar, as a gift.  You can use it all year round and is great for a family!
  • Cooking class – there are hundreds of options for cooking classes, but finding one you can gift for a parent and child to do together is a great activity.   This one offers virtual or in-person (in the Chicago area) and this company isn’t a class necessary, but a cooking kit to make at home while learning about a new culture.
  • The Nugget (or similar play couch) – I like this because while it takes up some space, it’s another piece of furniture, instead of more clutter.  But when it’s time to play, it’s forts galore!
  • Piggy bank – a great way to teach kids to start saving.
  • Universal Yums – a fantastic way for kids to try snacks from around the world.  My kids LOVE the boxes we get!


Teacher gift ideas

Notoriously hard to shop for, I’ve asked some of my friends who are teachers and here are a few things they actually really appreciate and use.

  • Meal delivery gift card – life is busy for all of us and meal delivery is so helpful.  Give the gift of ease to a teacher who works hard all year long!
  • Chocolate Box – who doesn’t love a box of amazing chocolates?!
  • Teacher tote bag – teachers have a lot to carry, so they might as well do it with an amazing
  • Other gift cards
    • Teachers pay Teachers – this site allows teachers to pay other teachers for their content
    • Local restaurant
    • Sports team gift shop?
  • Note/Art from the kid they are teaching – to make it a bit more personal, send a note or drawing from your kid.  It will certainly put a smile on their face!


Gift ideas for the hostess

  • Infused olive oil – this set includes 4 olive oils, lightly infused with flavors and they look so dang good!
  • Monogrammed serving board – anything that is monogrammed is more personal and thoughtful which is one of the reasons I love this beautiful serving board.
  • Cheese knives – pairs great with the serving board and even coordinates!
  • Personalized hand towels – again, a personalized gift of something everyone uses daily in their kitchen.
  • Reed diffuser – a fun alternative to a traditional candle gift.
  • Assorted teas – Alcohol is the obvious choice.  It’s always a good idea to bring a bottle of wine, but if you want to think outside of the box a bit, an assortment of nice teas is lovely.
  • Box of Truffles – you can’t go wrong with beautiful, delicious chocolate

I hope these ideas for gift baskets for everyone on your list is helping during your shopping this holiday season!

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