Healthy + Warm Winter Snacks for Cold Weather Days

Bowl of spiced fruit, tea and cozy blanket. Text: 35+ Healthy & Warm Winter Snacks.

Inside: Fill up and warm up on a cold day with these warm & healthy winter snacks. Whether you like sweets or savories, pre-made or homemade, there are warm snack ideas for everyone. These come in really handy for me following the Noom Diet (here is my Noom review and results) but they are perfect for anyone leading a healthy lifestyle.

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Has the weather turned cold by you? It sure has by me. Whether you just lived through the latest snow-mageddon or it's just a bit chillier than you prefer, we've got just the thing.

Cozy, winter snacks to fill you up AND warm you up.

Now, I suppose everyone's definition of “healthy snacks” is different these days. I have been following the Noom Diet for a while now, so I tend to define healthy as lower calorie density.

Check in with each item or recipe to see if it meets your needs, and please always be sure to pay attention to portion sizes.

Cold Weather Snacks Made with Fruit

Tray of baked Peaches with text that reads: 35+ Healthy & Warm Winter Snacks - Perfect for a healthy Lifestyle

In the summer, crisp, cool fruit is a go to for anyone living a healthy lifestyle. But it doesn't need to go by the wayside in winter. Fruit can totally be a total winter comfort food on a brisk day.

  1. Apples – I had no idea you could pop sliced apples into the microwaved or air fryer, instead of baking or sauteeing. But pop those suckers into the air fryer at 390 for about 5 minutes and you have a healthy, cozy portion or fruit my friends!
  2. Sautéed banana or peaches – I haven't tried them any other way then to put them in a pan, I think they'd make a mess of the air fryer.
  3. Fruit compote – Mix some fresh or frozen fruit in a small pan and warm on the stove. You can also put it in a mug to use the microwave. Add a dab of low fat yogurt for a protein-filled burst of creamy goodness.
  4. Warm applesauce – A classic, winter comfort food, straight from my childhood.
  5. Two Ingredient banana pancakes – (There are tons of recipes, ranging from 2 to 5 ingredients. I usually just follow this banana pancake recipe but branch out if you like.) If you've never tried this, prepare to enjoy! These come out a little more like thick crepes than big fluffy pancakes. But filled with protein and a serving of fruit, which makes it a big winner in my book.
  6. Deconstructed Blintze – What a tasty treat! Start by heating apple slices or other fruit using your preferred method (air fryer, microwave, bake or saute) and mix in low fat cottage cheese. Tastes just like a blintze.
  7. Pineapple – If you love grilled pineapple, or pineapple on pizza then this one could be for you. Heat up your pineapple slices in the air fryer, microwave or saute pan. Experiment with cinnamon or a sprinkle of chili powder for a spicy kick.
  8. Skinnytaste Berry Pie – If you are a pie fan, check out this recipe to make a mostly-fruit, lighter, single serving option. You could even personalize them for the family if one person loves strawberry, but the next person loves mixed berries.

Cozy Veggie Snacks for Cold, Winter Days

Roasted sweet potatoes with toppings. Text reads 35+ Healthy and Warm Snacks Perfect for a healthy Lifestyle: Veggie Inspiration

People often picture a cold, crisp salad or veggie tray when you are talking about healthy food. But I think they make the perfect cold weather snack. Most veggies taste amazing roasted, and they are full of vitamins and fiber that do your body good.

As always, check in with your particular dietary needs, and never overlook the portions. One or two stuffed mushrooms would be a cozy, reasonable treat for example…. but a whole plate of anything eaten out of control is not what we are going for.

  1. Stuffed Mushrooms – Store-bought or DIY, stuffed mushrooms can be made all veggie or add just a tiny dot of cheese, laughing cow or neufchatel to the veggies for a creamy filling.
  2. Baked potato – I love having a baked potato bar for dinner but a small one would be a great cold-weather snack too. Top it with salsa, fat free sour cream or get creative with your healthy toppings.
  3. Oven potato fries – If you crave fries but want to cut back on the grease try oven baked or air fryer potato fries.
  4. Roast frozen butternut squash cubes – What a warm, cozy comfort food. Don't forget a sprinkle of spices.
  5. Sweet potato fries – Another veggie to roast up on a cold day. Top it with cinnamon or a little bit of natural peanut butter or other nut butter.
  6. Roasted Chickpeas – One of my all time favorite go-to snacks, roasted garbanzo beans are SO easy. My kids love them too. You can roast them until they are crispy or keep them soft, and there are so many flavor possibilities. I love a Moroccan spice blend, but I've done kosher salt, cocoa powder and so many others.
  7. DIY Veggie Soup – Heat a bowl of broth and add in frozen mixed vegetables, spiral-cut vegetables, even some chopped kale or spinach. It's a quick and easy healthy hack to get more veggies in your day. This is easy to pack in a thermos for work as a warm, afternoon snack to avoid going to the vending machine.
  8. Mix-n-Match Roasted Veggies – Quick, easy, full of flavor. Make a batch once and snack all week. I've usually got a couple vegetables cut up on a foil-lined sheet pan (and tossed with olive oil and sea salt) before the oven is even preheated. Once they're in the oven just check every 10-15 minutes until they are roasted to your liking.
  9. Veggie Latkes – This mostly veggie recipe is a great savory snack that sneaks in so many healthy ingredients!

Warm-You-Up-Quick Snacks

These are the epitome of warming foods to me. Come in out of the cold and warm up with one of these.

  1. Flavored oatmeal – Not the packets of my youth, we love Better Oats brand thick and hearty varieties way better than your standard oatmeal packets. Rather than the pasty consistency I was used to, you actually see the grains in this one.
  2. Grits – The beauty of grits is they can be plain or fancy, sweet or savory, premade or store bought. Check out the Honey Nut Grits for a cozy snack on this article 14 Surprisingly Healthy Grits Recipes.
  3. Broth based soup (Make your own or buy pre-made. Campbell's single serving like chicken and stars is only 70 calories, for example.)
  4. Asian Dumplings – These can be bought pre-made for a quick and easy snack. (Costco and Trader Joe's Dumplings are popular frozen options.) You can eat them alone or add them to a mug of broth for an extra warm treat.
  5. Healthy versions of banana bread – Skinnytaste has lighter banana bread recipes like this blueberry banana bread. Always pay attention to portion sizes but yum, what a cozy way to get a serving of fruit.

Quick “Snacky” Snacks for a Cold Day

Okay you just want a quick snack that really feels like a snack. I get it. Try these.

  1. Warm up a Laughing Cow to make a light, single serving dip. Experiment with flavor combinations and different dippers.
  2. Popped popcorn
  3. Whole wheat toast with neufchatel or laughing cow and everything bagel seasoning
  4. Avocado toast made with whole grain bread with bank you whole grains AND healthy fat.
  5. Whole grain crackers and allouette
  6. Toasted whole wheat pita with hummus
  7. Half a veggie quesadilla with whole grain or low carb tortilla
  8. Lowfat cheese stick on a plate, microwave for a few seconds, use a fork.

Warm Drinks for a Healthy Diet

We often jump to food items for snacks, but drinks can make a satisfying snack too, especially if you are looking to warm up.

  1. Bone broth – Warming and savory, bone broth also offers some hidden benefits.
  2. Herbal tea – I love what a wide variety of tea you can find these days, from grocery stores to specialty tea shops.
  3. Coffee – Ok, we are not talking about he latest million calorie seasonal latte with extra whip. If you really love coffee but tend to splurge in the calorie department, take some extra time to find a lighter coffee order that you like. Whether you make it at home or order out, check out these ideas for the Healthiest Starbucks Drinks and tips for ordering within your dietary needs.
  4. Swiss Miss Reduced Calorie OR Reduced Sugar Hot Chocolate (make it with Unsweetened Almond Milk or Non-fat milk) and you have a tasty treat to curb any chocolate cravings.
  5. Sugar free apple cider – What a delicious treat, apple cider has always been one of my favorites.

Which Healthy, Warm Winter Snacks will you be trying first? Or did I miss your favorite? Let's hear it in the comments below!

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