Hello Discern-O-Meter!

Today we are going to have an experiment! There are no right or wrong answers. Join us as we discuss the fate of a child actress gone too soon, Anissa Jones, the former star in the role of 'Buffy' in the American sitcom from the sixties, 'Family Affair'.

Before we get to her story, we will give you three amazing updates in general:
  1. The Schumann Resonance Frequency today
  2. Yesterday's blog post, and John Smallman's Jesus through John which was published on the same morning--independently!--have the words 'Freedom' in the title and theme. Coincidence? ; ) we think not.
  3. Cohoe barra uh is talking Angels and Music in the Spheres...

Let's get back to the main feature, where we take the CERN our of Dis-cern-ment and Dis-CERN-O-meter...we will save that strange place and the rituals associated it for another trip down the infamous 'rabbit hole'.

Back to Hollywood...

It sounds pretty cut and dried, doesn't it? The same old story--lost to drugs.

Here's what's amazing about here, that caught my eye.
  • The 'awkward interview' on the Dick Cavett show. Here is the video. Watch the body language. Hers--what is she doing with her mouth? Sammy Davis Junior. Watch the body space especially.
  • Of all the images why is it in this one--click here to see it yourself--is she kissing President Lyndon Johnson on the lips, and he is totally dreamy with her? Compare it to one of him kissing his wife. It's different.
  • Here's a video of the autopsy report. Sorry for the cheesy video but the information is good. Another thing from a coroner I've seen said it was the highest doses of drugs in an overdose he's ever seen. It was remarkable.

What makes Hollywood go?

Unlimited cash, and also, the CIA, and even further, the, um, to say it politely, the NWO agenda.

Does Hollywood have access to damage control?

If someone were, 'euthanized' to put it mildly, in 'ritual'--could there be a coroner who could be bought?

What happened to these others?
  • Heather, Brigette, and Anissa
  • Brian Keith's daughter  He died a short time later. It is said he wanted to be with his daughter Daisy.
  • Anissa's brother Paul, her father, and her mom? BTW Anissa means 'little friend' in Arabic. Her mother was Lebanese. Apparently when the father died, there was conflict between her and her mom, she didn't want to live with her. The mom sent her to Juvenile Hall for like, two years, and then the court ordered her to live with her mom. Look at how much money Anissa left behind, and then, add to that, the lawsuit for four hundred thousand dollars in wrongful death. Cui bono? (who benefits?). 

I was fascinated because Anissa lived in Los Angeles but died in a party in Oceanside, quite a drive to the south. She was with 'a new boyfriend' (handler?)

Here is something cool. A 'ghost box' interview.  video is here. Frankly, being a medium is so much simpler!

P.S. Cory Feldman knows what happened to Heather. If you know where to dig, you'll find it.


Carla is sorry, deeply sorry, that there is an incredible appetite for children in Hollywood. Both figuratively and literally. 

It's in the area, it's endemic...not the happiest place on earth for these kids.

I want you to remember kids like Anissa, who never got to grow up, and also, children like Corey whose youth was stolen from them, and they must endure a lifetime of pain.

There is hope! (he holds one finger up).

With God, anything is possible.

Healing is on the way.

Remember them, and everyone like them, in your daily Reiki practice. Send it to the offenders and predators too, because many were victimized like Corey in their youth. This practice is intergenerational. And it needs to stop.

Thank you for holding the Light for those who cannot defend themselves and are in it too deep, way over their heads, like beautiful Heather and Anissa, and most likely Brigette too.

Good times are on the way, and what we are doing here with this experiment with you is a little, um, 'housecleaning' for some of the soil and darkness on Mother Earth. Exposing it, shining the light so the things have no more shadows to hide in, any longer, is the way it is done.

Please do not support any businesses you know who are linked in any way to child trafficking. 

Thank you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who love you and always hope for the best!