Here Are 105 Times Kids Creeped Their Parents Out Without Meaning To

Many of us might be fascinated by horror on the screen and in the yellowing pages of our books, but it’s a whole other story when we face it in real-life. Especially when the source of it might be our tiny little munchkins. Innocent angels? Not all the time, apparently.

Bored Panda dove deep into the darkest recesses of the internet to collect some of the weirdest, scariest things that children have done that totally creeped their parents out. Sure, some of these posts look amusing, even comical, but some of these behaviors are really worrying. We don’t want to use the word ‘evil,’ but it’s the type of mean and peculiar stuff that’s bound to make nearly any grownup concerned.

If you’re a Parent Panda, we’d like to hear about the strange and even scary things your own kids have done. Tell us all about how you reacted and taught your toddlers not to do that ever again. Meanwhile, when you’re done with this list, you’ll find Bored Panda’s previous articles about truly chilling child behavior right here, here, and here.

Bored Panda wanted to understand how children learn about right and wrong, how parents can help them become more caring, as well as about people's capacity for empathy, so we reached out to Dr. Eileen Kennedy-Moore, Ph.D. Eileen is an internationally published author, speaker, mom of four, and a psychologist in private practice. One of her most recent books for children that she authored is 'Moody Mood Cars.' She was kind enough to answer our questions and stressed that when kids end up doing something that's less than kind, parents shouldn't assume that it's "a sign of terrible things ahead." 

#1 This Kid Is Going Places

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"Children learn from observation of what others do, but also through explicit teaching and explanations, and through experience and observation of how others respond to certain actions," Eileen explained to us. The psychologist revealed to Bored Panda that people's capacity for empathy can grow throughout their lives. Broadly speaking, the older we are, the more we understand and care about the feelings of others.

"In general, we become more empathic at 19 than we were when we were at age 9, and that continues, so we're more empathic at 29 than 19, at 39 than 29, simply because we've experienced more of life, so it's easier for us to put ourselves in someone else's shoes," she said.

According to psychologist Eileen, there are three 'ingredients' that children need to respond to others in a caring way. First of all, they need to be able to imagine someone else's thoughts and feelings. "The ability to imagine accurately someone else's perspective generally begins around age 4 and grows with age and experience," Eileen explained to Bored Panda.

#2 The Joys Of Parenting

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#3 My 3-Year-Old Nephew’s Nanny Cam Tonight

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Secondly, kids need to be able to manage their own distress. "Kids don't have the bandwidth to respond kindly to someone else if they are overwhelmed by their own feelings." And third of all, they need to believe they're capable of helping others. "If they don't think they can help or don't know how, they're likely to freeze or avoid situations where someone is upset." And parents play a vital role in helping their kids develop more empathy for others.

"Parents can help by talking about people's thoughts and feelings as they come up in books, movies, or real life. This gives children a window into people's internal life that helps with perspective-taking. Parents can help children manage their own emotions by naming those feelings as well as teaching specific coping strategies such as distraction, deep breathing, counting to ten, or using words to ask for what they want," the psychologist said.

"Finally, parents can guide children toward seeing themselves as helpers by talking about how children's kind actions impact others. For instance, they might say, 'That was kind of you to help your brother with his block tower. He was sad when it fell down, and he felt happier when you helped him build it up again.' Or, 'Thank you for helping me put away the groceries. I'm happy that we got the job done quickly.'"

#4 This Is How My 2.5-Year-Old Niece Insists On Holding Her New Baby Brother

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#5 My 8-Year-Old Is A Jerk And Almost Made Me Burn My House Down

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#6 This Person's Child Built A Cicada Skin Army

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It's inevitable that children will eventually make a mistake and do something that isn't kind. It's a question of when, not if. In those cases, parents shouldn't rush to conclusions and should not assume that this is an indication of "terrible things ahead." After all, we all make mistakes sometimes.

"Instead, acknowledge good intentions, describe the other person's feelings, and focus on moving forward. For instance, you could say, 'I know you're excited about going on the swings, but your sister also wants to swing, and she's sad that she hasn't had a turn yet.' Then, to move forward, you could ask, 'What can you do to help her feel better?' or 'What would be fair to everyone?'"

#7 A House Of God

#8 Chaotic Evil

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#9 She Lived To Tell The Story

Image credits: youpoorfool1

Look, the fact of the matter is that nearly everyone has done or said some incredibly weird stuff when they were kids. (Some of us never grew out of it!) We experiment. We test limits. We learn about what’s right and wrong by copying others and putting our ideas into practice.

However, there’s always a line. Once crossed, someone’s behavior turns cute and whacky to something resembling immoral. Cutting off your doll’s hair or spooking your parents with a cardboard cutout in the dark isn’t the same as hurting someone or putting nails and screws in someone’s shoes. Super occult, esoteric crayon and colored pencil pictures probably lie somewhere in the middle.

The vast majority of parents would probably agree that they want their children to grow up to be upstanding, kind, moral citizens. Kindness forms a core part of who we are as human beings. Without this hardwired instinct, there would be no society, no desire for cooperation. However, another part of the equation are the moral lessons that we (do not) pick up from our parents and loved ones as we grow up. Sometimes, there are some blindspots regarding morality and empathy that kids might need some help and guidance to correct.

#10 Ahh, Yes, The Kid's First Structure

Image credits: CalloSasquatch

#11 My Kid Was Playing Workshop While I Fixed The Garage Door Yesterday. Super Glad I Checked My Shoe Before Putting It On

Image credits: TummyPuppy

#12 My Son Made A Paper Enderman And Hung Him From The Ceiling Outside His Room. I Just Met Him In The Dark

Image credits: Crakkerz79

Very recently, licensed counselor Suzanne Degges-White, a professor at Northern Illinois University, explained to Bored Panda that family beliefs, spiritual beliefs, and our own biology lead us to be kind to others.

"Many of us are raised to believe it is the 'right thing to do.' Basically, all spiritual belief systems have a version of the 'Golden Rule, 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,'" the professor told us.

"We also do good turns because we know that one day we may be in need of a little 'generosity from the universe,' so it's like putting 'money' into a karma account," she explained why people tend to be nice towards others and lend a helping hand. That’s not all, though.

#13 Just Practicing Ya Know

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#14 Guy In One Of My Dad Groups Found This In His Kid's Room

Image credits: Gabe Eilts

#15 At Least He’s Honest

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"Lastly, humans are wired so that when we do something kind for another, we feel good about ourselves and neurotransmitters like endorphins and oxytocin have been shown to get a boost when we do something good for another. It is through cooperation that society functions, so the survival of the human race depends on being willing to help others. Family values, spiritual beliefs, and biology all play a part in this motivation," she told Bored Panda.

#16 Our Airbnb Had A Translucent Bathroom Door. I’m Used To My Impatient Toddler Stalking Me Through The Bathroom Door, But This Took It To A Much Creepier Level

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#17 My Two Older Children Were Trying To Lay Out All Of Their Pokémon Cards, But The Youngest Kept Intervening, So They Duct-Taped Him To A Chair

Image credits: SavetheUnicornssss

#18 This Afternoon I Noticed Him Sneakily Grabbing Some Fishing Nails, So I Followed Him And Caught Him Red-Handed

He told me he was setting a trap.

"Many of us take pride in being of service to others as it is culturally valued and we want to hold significance in our worlds. So when we do good deeds, we show others our willingness to help those in distress/need; we live out faith-based encouragement to treat others the way we would like to be treated, we uphold family values, and our brains get a positive jolt of happiness when we help others," Suzanne said that we feel good when we do good deeds. That’s usually all the motivation needed to act kind.

#19 Asked My Sister If My Nephew Was Enjoying The Wedding. This Is The Picture She Sent Back

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#20 Yeah, I Wouldn't Sleep Great Either. Why Are Kids So Damn Creepy

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#21 My 9-Year-Old Son Drew Me A Picture

Image credits: TheSmell0fRain

Parenting blogger Samantha Scroggin, from ‘Running Outside in Slippers,’ told Bored Panda what parents can do to get their children to open up to them. She stressed that the main thing for parents to do is not to judge, no matter what they hear. That helps build trust.

#22 Kid Is Secretly A Medium

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#23 My Son Discovered That I'm Not Really At Work, But Am Working From Home

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#24 My Sister Has An Interesting Hobby

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"If they had a bad dream or even a yucky thought they can't shake, I'll be there with them and we'll talk it through. I think working to be non-judgemental and staying calm even if your kid might be overreacting helps cement your child's trust of you as a parent. Believe that they are being truthful of their perception of events," the blogger said.

#25 I Love My Son, But Checking The Monitor And Seeing This Always Creeps Me Out

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#26 Hmm, That's A Worry

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#27 Little Belinda Is Watching You

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Meanwhile, when it comes to protecting kids in the community, it’s important to find a balance between staying vigilant and respecting others’ privacy.

"We all need to stay vigilant when it comes to the care of children. If any of us even suspect abuse, we need to report that. That said, if the children are safe and cared for, and no laws are being broken, I say let parents parent how they see fit," Samantha shared her opinion.

#28 This School Project Someone's Kid Made

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#29 I Did It

Image credits: emerylord

#30 Think My Daughter Found Her Baby Monitor

Image credits: Nandaz01

"We have different experiences and beliefs, and that will reflect in how we raise our own kids. We can judge all we want, but we should practice restraint in staying out of other families' business. Because we wouldn't want someone poking their heads into our lives telling us how to parent our kids," she said.

#31 Jump Scares For Grandma

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#32 Day 10 Of Quarantine. I Think My Kid Is Up To Something

Image credits: case2000

#33 My Son Stuck His Finger In My Eye And Scratched Off The Whole Top Layer Of My Cornea

Image credits: shermiezzz12

#34 My Cousin Woke Up In The Middle Of The Night And Randomly Looked At The Baby Monitor And Saw This

She said it scared the hell out of her. She stayed like this for several minutes.

Image credits: jcmcna0733

#35 I'm Just Wondering How Long That Bee Has Been Under There

Image credits: cryptcrier

#36 “I’ll Visit You”

Image credits: ceciatl

#37 My Sister And I Used To Rip The Heads Off Of Monster High Dolls And Attach The Head To Their Calves

Image credits: avaanthony

#38 In 3rd Grade

Image credits: kristoferthomas

#39 Despite Multiple Talkings Too, My 2-Year-Old Keeps Leaving Dolls In Life-Like Positions Around The House. Scares The Life Out Of Me Everytime

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#40 This Is Why The Scariest Horror Movies Involves Young Girls

Image credits: Turhan3rd

#41 How To Scare Your Mom 101

Image credits: harry02260213

#42 My Daughter Made A Realistic-Looking Necklace Made Of Clay Teeth

Image credits: chouchouboo

#43 Furby Torture

Image credits: ClaudiaWheatley

#44 People These Days Don't Appreciate Compliments

Image credits: 123supersomeone

#45 All Fun And Games Until The Hypothermia Sets In

Image credits: adamhill1212

#46 Introducing, My Middle Child (Please Note The 3 Other Children Playing Normally In The Distance). She Found A Deceased Squirrel And Was Super Excited

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#47 My Kid Watching Me Poop

Image credits: Derf-9

#48 So When I Was A Kid Me And My Sister Always Used To Play “Crucify”, And My Sister Once Complained That She Couldn’t Use Actual Nails On Me

Image credits: Ok_Board_4331

#49 A Nanny Of 4-Year-Old

I’m a nanny. One of the kids had been pulling out strands of my hair several times a day for months, despite being scolded and getting time out for it. Then she shows me this hair bracelet she made “so part of you is always with me”. She’s 4.

Image credits: Jenny10126

#50 My 9-Year-Old Daughter Did This. I’m Slightly Concerned

Image credits: LOERMaster

#51 My 7-Year-Old Son Drew This In School And Proudly Presented It To Me. It's An Evil Elf

Image credits: punches-babies

#52 This Is How My 12-Year-Old Sister Amuses Herself

Image credits: alicentvh22

#53 Wife And I Went Out One Night And Came Home To My Son Sleeping Like This

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#54 Back In My Nannying Days, I Had A 5-Year-Old Draw A Picture Of Me

When I asked him to explain he said, “That’s you. You’re dead because I’m stabbing you and putting your skin flakes in a jar”.

Image credits: Mystery_meander25

#55 Friend's Daughter Did This. What The Hell?

Image credits: somatic668

#56 Let’s See Mom Get Arrested. That’ll Be Hilarious

Image credits: CHP - South Sacramento

#57 Creepy Kids

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#58 Got Up To Use The Restroom. My Daughter Left These Guys Out

Image credits: Vinnie-baba-ghanoush

#59 My Son Just Turned A Month Old, And My Wife Has Been Keeping Track Of His Firsts On Our Calendar. I Just Noticed This Today

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#60 Not Sure If I Should Be Proud Or Concerned. My Daughter Said “He’s Got The Rona!” And Started Making Him A Coffin

Image credits: alxrite

#61 My Daughters Wanted To Play With Chalk Outside. I Came Out To Them Setting Up A Fake Crime Scene

Image credits: kekembas17

#62 Disembodied Children's Voices Coming From Somewhere Closely Behind My House

Image credits: terrabella1983

#63 A Get Well Card From The Great-Grandchild To My Grandmother

Image credits: Rodeyoyo

#64 Are We Just In A Dream Right Now?

Image credits: ElizaReynick

#65 Bloody Puddles

Image credits: Jessereset

#66 No More Arts And Crafts

Image credits: NiuhiBoi

#67 Well, That's Not Disturbing At All

Image credits: sassykattx

#68 You're Going To Have A Younger Brother, They Said. It's Going To Be Fun, They Said

Image credits: confusedfeline

#69 My Sister Is Downright Psychopathic

Image credits: mozziemofo

#70 Well, That's An Interesting Choice

Image credits: Lucy_seana

#71 My Almost 3-Year-Old Daughter Found Our Ouija Board And Has Been Using It To Practice Her Abcs And Numbers

#72 4th Grade Me Had Some Issues

Image credits: brussellhustle64

#73 No Words

Image credits: shutupmikeginn

#74 Well At Least We Know How Much They Care

Image credits: xplodingunicorn

#75 My 6-Year-Old Son's "Art Project"

Image credits: SSBBFF

#76 My 5-Year-Old Daughter's Doll

Image credits: jininberry

#77 Creepy 4-Year-Old

Image credits: doilys

#78 Looks Like My Daughter Got Her First Job Done, Making Daddy Proud. This Is Mom's Lipstick By The Way. Still Looks Evil

Image credits: Sunnydaze860

#79 My Friend's 4-Year-Old Daughter's Favorite Doll She Calls "Zom-Baby"

Image credits: Oncorhyncus_Mykiss

#80 My 11-Year-Old Daughter Drew This

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#81 My First-Grade Students Were Asked To Write Letters To The Local Nursing Home And

#82 My Two-Year-Old Cousin Is Genuinely In Love With Her Skeleton

Image credits: dancingdandydaisies

#83 Not Sure What Spider-Man Did Exactly But He’s Been Hanging There For The Last Few Days And Both My Kids Are Playing Around Him As If Nothing’s Going On

Image credits: KyloRose231

#84 Finding Gems In My Husband’s Childhood Journal

Image credits: doghairglitter

#85 I’m Concerned

Image credits: FirePhoinex290

#86 What’s Going On Here? Soul Sucking? Breathing Life In Or Out? What?

Image credits: JawzX01

#87 Should I Be Worried?

Image credits: Edredunited

#88 This Toddler Tries To Eat A Bird

#89 I Used To Make Gallows Out Of Paper When I Was 12

Image credits: XtremeBreen

#90 Found This On An Elementary School’s Playground

Image credits: ravioli-cloeoli

#91 Satan, Is That You?

Image credits: st0pdsithl0rd

#92 This Kid's Drawing Of Mom

Image credits: ImmaSlapDat

#93 Future Arsonist

Image credits: all-american-angel

#94 So The Kid I Babysit Did This To His Toys

Image credits: SuddenSource

#95 My Toddler Was Jumping On The Bed Flailing His Arms At My Eyes. I Asked Him What He Was Doing, Upon Which He Cheerfully Replied - I Want To Poke Your Eye Out

Image credits: dulcebamboo

#96 A Little Bit Creepy When Your 6-Year-Old Comes To The Back Door Like This

Image credits: mrslotus123

#97 I'm A Bit Worried About How My 5-Year-Old Plays With Her Dolls

Image credits: kduluth

#98 Was Googling “Drawing Ideas” And Came Across This Masterpiece

Image credits: ohmynipnops

#99 My 7-Year-Old Nephew Did That Because He Didn't Want Him To Walk In His Room After Seeing Toy Story

Image credits: mat_is_trash

#100 This Is My Child’s New Favorite Game. Send Help

Image credits: grizellaaaaa

#101 My Younger Cousins Thought It Would Be Fun To Play With My Naruto Figures While I Was At School

Image credits: Beautiful_Fishing569

#102 Second Grader's Career Of Choice Was To Be A Mortician

Image credits: mustachepony

#103 The Awkward Moment You're Being Stalked Around Kmart By Doc McStuffins

Image credits: this_little_circus

#104 Creepy Kid

Image credits: ms_chel_ayyye

#105 This Drawing My 4-Year-Old Made Me For Me And Slid Under My Door While I Was Napping

Image credits: GeorgeLCostanza251