How to Buy Discount Kennedy Space Center Tickets: 11 Cheap Ways

Witness the solar system from the eyes of an astronaut as you explore Florida’s Kennedy Space Center. As NASA’s primary launch location, this Merritt Island field center deserves credit for many of the United States’ most impressive space exploration programs, including Apollo, Atlantis, and more recently, SpaceX.

Hundreds of buildings across 144,000 acres are used for everything from stacking rockets to suiting up astronauts. Among these many facilities rests a Visitor Complex that houses intriguing exhibits and artifacts. For decades, these have paid homage to humankind’s most significant accomplishments.

Today, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is a must-see Florida tourist attraction. Many people visit for a single day, although there’s enough to pique guests’ interest for multiple return visits. The attraction also offers the famous week-long Camp Kennedy Space Center for kids.

Despite the many perks of visiting the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, some guests worry about the cost of admission. Thankfully, a variety of opportunities are available to keep the price of Kennedy Space Center tickets manageable. We’ll help you compare prices in advance to ensure that you get the best deal from authorized sellers.

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Gate Prices for Kennedy Space Center Admission

With tax included, the gate price for any visitor is as follows.

  • Age 12 and over: $61.38.
  • Children between the ages of 3 and 11: $50.68.
  • Children ages two and under are free.

If you purchase directly online you will be subject also to a $5.60 convenience fee,

The Best Kennedy Center Discount Ticket Options

While most people would argue that the Kennedy Space Center is worth every penny, the admission cost may give others pause. Thankfully, several discount programs are available.

Additionally, several discount opportunities are provided for specific types of visitors, such as college students, AAA members, or Brevard County residents. To clarify these and other options, we highlight the best Kennedy Space Center visitor discounts in detail below: 

1. Discounted Good Any-Day Passes (Top Pick)

Authorized ticket seller aRes Travel provides discounted admission for various attractions across the countey, including the Kennedy Space Center. With tickets starting at just $54 for adults and $44 for children (with taxes included), this is an excellent option for securing significant savings even though a $2 per ticket service fee applies.

With aRes Travel, there’s no need to worry about eligibility requirements or deal with a complicated purchasing process. This streamlined, mobile-friendly approach provides a no-stress means of scoring discounted tickets.

There’s no need to make reservations in advance; select the number of tickets you need, print at home, and bring them to the gate when you’re ready to explore. This flexibility makes it far easier to plan your trip to Florida. 

ticket icon

Discount Daily Admission

Save over $7! This admission ticket is good for one (1) day visit to the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. No reservations are required. Price (includes taxes): $54/ages 12+ and $44/ages 3–11


2. Go Orlando Sightseeing Pass

Many Florida vacationers rely on the Go Orlando pass to dramatically decrease per-attraction prices. The Kennedy Space Center joins several iconic destinations on Go Orlando’s All-Inclusive Pass, which is available for two, three, or five days.

This is an excellent option for visitors who want to pack as much into a short trip as possible. Other popular Orlando family attractions available with the all-inclusive option include WonderWorks, SEALIFE Aquarium, LEGOLAND Florida, and Madame Tussauds.

Fuselage from Challenger and window frames from Columbia in glass displays in the Forever Remembered exhibit.
Fuselage from Challenger and window frames from Columbia in the Forever Remembered exhibit.

3. Group Ticket Discounts

Do you plan on visiting the Kennedy Space Center with a large group? If so, you might be eligible for a lower per-person entrance fee. Per-person tickets can be heavily discounted when visiting with several types of groups, including youth, college students, adults, and seniors.

The amount of the discount depends on the size of the group. For gatherings with between 15 and 29 visitors, each guest receives a discount of $2.50. This increases to $3.50 off for groups of 30-49 or $4.50 off for 50 or more visitors. 

4. Multiday Admission

There is plenty available at the Kennedy Space Center to keep you busy for an entire day — or even for multiple days. Locals often purchase multi-day passes in hopes of returning to the attraction several times throughout the year. Special events and new movies at the IMAX theater help to ensure that no two visits are alike.

At $82 for adults and $67 for children between 3 and 11 (before taxes and convenience fees), the multi-day pass provides a great opportunity for long-term savings. These passes are good for one full year after they are purchased. Additionally, the pass comes with a parking voucher that can be used within 30 days of the initial ticket date. Keep in mind that the multi-day pass doesn’t cover separately priced tickets for special launches.

Although it’s a natural solution for regular visitors who live in the area, this option can also be attractive to some vacationers. Under this approach, the per-day charge (including taxes and convenience fees) for just two days of admission works out to approximately $47 per adult or $39 for kids. 

5. Atlantis Annual Pass

While the multi-day pass provides numerous benefits for those who intend to visit the Kennedy Space Center regularly, returnees can enjoy further savings with help from the upgraded Atlantis Annual Pass. This provides a year of unlimited admission, as well as a 10 percent discount on admission for up to six companions. Other fun features include a monthly newsletter and a visit lanyard.

Another important consideration? The Atlantis Annual Pass also gets members out of paying for parking for an entire year. At $10 per visit, those parking fees can add up quickly — so a nominal increase in the membership price could produce huge savings over time. Other perks include 10 percent discounts on food and shopping.

This pass is a modest step up in cost compared to its multi-day counterpart; before taxes, it totals $96 per year for adults and $78 for kids up to 11 years old. 

6. Cosmic Club Family Annual Pass

A woman and child look at the huge Orion heat shield display at Kennedy Space Center.
Orion heat shield display.

The annual passes highlighted above produce significant savings at the individual level, but what if you want to bring your entire family to the Kennedy Space Center? Depending on the size of your family, the Cosmic Club may be a better deal.

Designed for two adults and up to four accompanying kids, this pass echoes the Cosmic Club in that it also comes with free parking and 10 percent discounts on retail and food. Another incredible perk: $50 savings for specific party packages.

This family pass totals $432.10. While smaller families may value purchasing individual passes, larger groups will see additional savings under this approach. For example, a family with two adults and four young children would need to pay $504 to obtain Atlantis passes for everybody. Why not use a more affordable Cosmic Club membership and score a few additional discounts in the meantime? 

7. Military Discount

Kennedy Space Center military discounts recognize the bravery and sacrifices made by hard-working members of the military and veterans. These discounts are available upon showing a valid ID at will call.

Both reservists and active-duty military members qualify. Currently, military discounts allow those eligible to enter the Kennedy Space Center for just $50. 

8. First Responder, Teacher, and Government Employee Discounts

Many types of professionals are eligible for special discounts on Kennedy Space Center admission. Government workers and first responders, for example, can score up to 30 percent off entry fees by purchasing tickets with their accounts. This option is also available to educators — but because teachers enjoy so many other opportunities for savings, it’s best to check alternative options before taking the approach.

The Educator Study Pass, for example, is designed to get teachers into the Visitor Complex for free during field trips. This pass grants complimentary admission to certified teachers from Florida, Georgia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

To claim the Educator Study Pass, teachers must present active badges that include both photos and the title of educator or teacher. The principal must use school letterhead to list the names of the teachers attending the field trip.

Florida teachers also enjoy complimentary access to the Educator Resource Center, even when they aren’t accompanying their students on field trips. At select times, teachers from other states may also receive free admission in recognition of special events such as Educator Appreciation Week. During this time, free admission can be obtained via a voucher temporarily provided on the Visitor Complex website. 

9. AAA Member Discount

Two boys take a selfie in front of Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center.
Space Shuttle Atlantis

If you’re already an AAA member, you should be accustomed to perks such as discounted hotel stays and car rentals. Your membership also may grant you a small discount on Kennedy Space Center admission. Check with your local AAA office to determine your eligibility. 

10. Brevard County Resident Discount

During the Salute to Brevard, the Kennedy Space Center provides discounted admission for residents of Brevard County. To qualify, residents must bring either a valid ID or a utility bill showing their address. The purchaser must be a Brevard County resident — but it’s possible to bring up to six companions from elsewhere.

Discounted Salute to Brevard admission costs $19 for adults and $14 for children before tax. Attendees are encouraged to bring non-perishable food or hygiene products to donate to Brevard County Sharing Centers. 

11. Student Discounts

The Kennedy Space Center provides excellent learning opportunities for students from across the nation and worldwide. Unfortunately, most students cannot secure additional savings based on their enrollment in high school or college unless, as mentioned before, they visit a large group.

The exception? Students from the University of Central Florida, as specially-priced tickets are available through the SGA Ticket Center. This program offers discounts not only for the Kennedy Space Center but also for a variety of other popular attractions throughout Florida. Examples include park hopper passes for Walt Disney World and Busch Gardens.

When taxes are included, UCF students pay just $25 per person. The program limits students to a total of two discounted tickets per month.

Discounts available through the SGA Ticket Center can also be used by UCF faculty and other staff members. Reselling of these discounted tickets to the general public is strictly prohibited. 

Important Kennedy Space Center Tips for Visiting

Shuttle Launch Experience

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for the first time can be exciting and complicated, as the attraction is far larger than many tourists anticipate.

The first issue to handle? Parking. While rideshares and buses are available, most visitors drive to the Kennedy Space Center and park in one of its onsite lots. Parking costs $5 for motorcycles, $10 for automobiles, and $15 for RVs and oversized vehicles. Annual passes provide complimentary parking, while multi-day passes include one free parking voucher.

Another common source of confusion: Kennedy Space Center tickets don’t automatically grant visitors access to all attractions. However, the Visitor Complex is included with admission, and this alone provides plenty to educate and entertain people of all ages.

In general, attractions included for visitors with daily and multi-day passes encompass the following:

  • Heroes and Legends Astronaut Hall of Fame
  • Rocket Garden
  • Space Shuttle Atlantis with the Shuttle Launch Experience
  • Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted
  • IMAX Theater

Mission Zones makes it easier for both first-time and returning visitors to navigate the sprawling complex. These are organized in chronological order based on famous missions: Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, etc.

Those who want to up the ante can enjoy experiences such as Dine With An Astronaut or the Astronaut Training Experience if they’re willing to pay extra. Additionally, KSC special interest tours may be available for an added fee.

Other add-ons include:

  • KSC SmartGuide: Offering customized tours in several languages, the KSC SmartGuide includes in-depth audio content, plus maps, photographs, and videos. All this and more is easily accessible from a handheld digital tour device.
  • Cosmic Quest Badge: This interactive option encourages participants to perform a variety of scientific experiments and even launch a rocket to Mars. These assignments are activated via astronaut badges. Although designed for explorers in elementary and middle school, this is a fun opportunity for teens and adults as well.
  • Digipass: The Kennedy Space Center is chock full of excellent photo opportunities. The Digipass helps you make the most of these by providing one central space to collect them — plus helpful options for sharing with loved ones. This costs $10 less if you purchase it online before you arrive at the attraction, so definitely add it on to your tickets if you suspect that you’ll need help with collecting or sharing memories.
  • Guided tour: Discover all the hidden secrets of the Kennedy Space Center while taking the guided walking tour. Lasting three hours, this tour is guided by a space expert, who offers intriguing insight on top exhibits. The price also includes a souvenir.

Be careful if purchasing tickets on the official Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex website. Often, prompts for add-ons are integrated into the ticket purchasing process.


  • Thorough sanitization and disinfection procedures are regularly followed in the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. This includes routine cleaning for high-touch surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizer is easily accessible throughout the Visitor Complex. Additionally, hand sanitizer is available to buy at the Space Shop.
  • Touchless credit card payments are available — and these do not require a signature. 

Kennedy Space Center Discount Tickets & More FAQ 

The upstairs shopping at the Space Shop inside Kennedy Space Center.
Don’t leave without visiting the Space Shop!

Does the Kennedy Space Center currently offer a student discount?

No student discounts are officially available at the gate or through the Kennedy Space Center website. However, students from the University of Central Florida may be eligible for discounts through the SGA Ticket Center. Others can enjoy modest savings when attending with college groups of 15 people or more. 

Does the Kennedy Space Center offer a teacher discount?

Select teachers may be eligible for Kennedy Space Center discounts or free admission, and University of Central Florida faculty may qualify for discounts from the SGA Ticket Center. Other discounts are occasionally provided during Educator Appreciation Week or similar special events. 

Do you have to make reservations to visit Kennedy Space Center, or can you buy tickets at the gate?

Online purchases are available for Kennedy Space Center tickets, but buying these at the gate is also possible.

A middle-ground approach is also available: purchase tickets online through aRes Travel and then present the ticket at the gate on the preferred day of admission. This makes it possible to skip the hassles of onsite purchasing while also providing the flexibility to visit the attraction without making a reservation.

Photos are courtesy of Kennedy Space Center.