How to Make Felt Succulents

Learn how to create a colorful felt succulents garden for kids with this fun craft tutorial by Samara of Purple Twig Studio

Felt succulent garden feature

I would like to share a quiet, low-mess project that can be done at the dining room table or at a coffee table. We don’t even use glue.

I do enjoy loud, messy projects and we do them a lot at the studio, so this one is a bit rare for us.  The variety of shapes, sizes and colors of the succulent plants give kids lots of choices and make this project so much fun.

how to make felt succulents

Felt Succulents Garden

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I was lucky enough to find these little concrete planters at our local dollar store but you could use a small terracotta planter from the hardware store or nursery. Or even vintage tea cups.

Materials for felt succulent


  1. Fill planter with rocks

    Place some rocks in the bottom of the planter filling it about half way. Set aside for planting.

    cut felt for felt succulents garden

  2. Cut felt strips

    Next, cut your felt into strips about 12 inches long. The width of the felt determines the height of the succulent.  If you want to make a tall, floppy, spiky plant then cut some wide felt about 4 inches wide.

    I recommend offering a variety of widths, which creates more visual interest. 

    Cutting fabric and felt is not easy for younger children so this is can be an exercise in patience and working through some frustration. We used small, sharp fabric scissors that are only used for fabric, but regular scissors will work too.  

  3. Vary your cuts

    Now it’s time to experiment with cutting the felt to make different shapes of plants:

    – If you cut little arches, when you roll it up you will have a rose looking succulents.
    – Cut zigzags to get a spiky looking plant.
    – If you cut large, wide petals you’ll get a larger type of rose plant.
    – And some kids just cut a fringe and get a floppy type of plant.

    Try a few to see what you like. I haven’t seen one that hasn’t worked out yet.

    Cutting felt for felt succulent garden

    Sometimes our younger students have gotten tired halfway through the cutting process. They decided to start rolling the felt and those still worked great.

  4. Roll felt piece into succulent shape

    Once you have shaped your strip of felt, roll it up as tightly as possible. Place a rubber band around the bottom of the roll, at the end that you did not cut. Now you have your little succulent!

    Rolling felt for felt succulent gardens

  5. Plant the felt succulents

    You can “plant” it in your planter and make another one. Some children make one plant and some will make seven and squeeze them all in. Once you have all the finished felt succulent plants, place the rocks in tightly around the felt to secure them. 

Finished felt succulent garden by mural

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how to make felt succulents

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