How to Safely Cut Your Child’s Hair: 6 Pro Tips

Children start to show interest in their own hairstyles from an early age, and it is important to allow them to choose a style, but at the same time make the hairstyle practical to play with, without bangs that “catch” the eyes. Some children feel uncomfortable during the haircut, while others can hardly wait for this “special treatment”. If mom does it, it will surely be even more enjoyable and fun.

And even though cutting your kid’s hair can be difficult, it’s not impossible. Many parents learn how to trim their children’s hair by hand with scissors or with a razor. Others are seeking a place to begin, so we can show you how to trim your child’s hair in a practical and decisive way. 

Pick the right time and place 

When it comes to getting a haircut, children are very restless and we can’t always convince them of everything. Do not try to do that when the child is angry, crying, or just anxious. In the end, the moment can become much tenser. Also, make sure to use the bathroom or tub, and if the child does not feel comfortable enough, change the room and let them pick it up. Make sure to make it more of an activity and a fun game and let them know they’ll be rewarded afterward with some ice cream. 

Talk with them through the process 

One of the best things you can do is talk to your child about what happens during the haircut. Show the child all the accessories you will use and explain to him or her how you will cut their hair so that they are ready and less restless. Sometimes they are nervous and can show signs of anxiety, so before making the first cut, let your kid know about the whole process step-by-step. Introduce them to the items you’ll be using, and show them the scissors, sprayer, brush, and the little treat you prepared for them at the end. This will calm them, make them feel more relaxed, and make them more confident about the whole ordeal. 

Follow the steps 

First, wet the child’s hair. When the hair is wet, it will be easier to comb and cut, so you will be much more precise. You can wet the hair with a spray bottle. 

Then came the scissors. However, this part can be a bit tricky as you’ll need sharp and reliable scissors so as not to make any cuts or hurt the kid. A pair of professional scissors can greatly make the whole experience much more pleasant for the child, and the hair will cut itself practically alone. Look up retailers such as Scissor Tech and see what you can find on their store online; for example, professional hairdressing scissors, which can last you a lifetime. You can literally use them for years and years to come, as they are often made from high-quality stainless steel and are laser-sharp. 

One piece of advice we can give you, as you’ll be working with sharp scissors, is to keep the child occupied while doing the cutting. If there’s a good time to put them in front of the TV, that’s the moment while you cut their hair! Play them a favorite cartoon, song, or animal show. Give them a favorite interactive toy that will occupy their attention or hire an assistant—an older brother, sister, or other older family member and put the child in their lap, so he or she will surely be calmer. Also, always have secret weapons: chocolate or candy, if they cry, and you cut only half of their hair.

Give them something to choose from 

Having a little album of haircuts and different images of celebrities to show your kid can make the whole experience a lot more fun and relaxing. Let them pick a style, give them the freedom to experiment and express themselves, and make sure they are confident about their choice by encouraging their decisions.


While giving them a haircut, have a brush by your side at all times 

During the haircut, constantly comb your child’s hair with a comb or brush so that the haircut does not get tangled. At all times, have a brush by your side just to ensure the hair does not get tangled. When it does, be gentle and try not to pull as it will only hurt them and make them more anxious and nervous. Also, if you cut a girl’s hair longer, always leave enough length to tie her in a ponytail or lift her hair during the cut. And last but not least, if your child has thin hair, avoid short hairstyles.

Keep them in front of a mirror 

Kids tend to be calmer while sitting in front of a mirror, so try to make this possible. They love to look while the cutting is going on. This allows them to have a better understanding and idea of what’s going on. It also gives you the chance to take a better look at the hairstyle from different angles. 

The whole ordeal should not last longer than half an hour, and once it’s done, your little one will be thankful. This is also a great warm-up exercise for when the time comes when they have to visit a salon, as they’ll be acquainted with the process and spare you and them much embarrassment. 


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