LEGO Made Kids Wait In ‘The Most Boring Room Ever,’ To Interesting Results

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It’s widely believed that children need constant interaction with a rotation of toys and their screens to be stimulated. A social experiment by The LEGO Foundation shows that this may not be the case.

The company invited six children to sit alone in a whitewashed room with nothing more than a table and chair. It rightfully called the space “the most boring room ever.”


It then threw in a roll of paper.

Slowly, but surely, the kids entertained themselves with the plain paper, transforming it into a superhero cape and a ghost costume, among other things.

The campaign, produced by advertising firm Ketchum London and directed by Justin Hackney of Mad Cow Films, demonstrates how play can exist anywhere—even in the world’s most boring room.


It can truly be that simple. LEGO hopes parents will join it on its pledge to find moments of play in everyday life.

In its research, the LEGO Foundation learned that playtime is essential to children’s learning, allowing them to develop key skills like “creativity, confidence, collaboration, physical coordination, and concentration.”





[via Campaign and Creative Moment, video and cover image via The LEGO Foundation]