New 'Everyday Experiments’ video shows iPhone 13’s cinematic chops

What you need to know

  • Apple has shared a new Everyday Experiments video highlighting iPhone 13's camera capabilities.
  • The video shows how to use things you have at home to recreate Hollywood movies.

All you need is an iPhone and a lot of skill.

Apple has shared a new Everyday Experiments video that shows us how an iPhone 13 can be used to create some amazing Hollywood shots at home.

Throughout the video we're shown how to use things like RC cars, pets, and even food to recreate some of the shots you've very likely seen in Hollywood movies over the years. All you need are things you might already own — and a lot of talent!

Check out the video and have a think about whether you could pull off some of these shots!

Create beautiful and cinematic shots just like the movies using everyday objects with iPhone 13.

The video shows just how versatile the cameras in an iPhone 13 are, while also reminding some of us that you don't necessarily need thousands of dollars in special equipment to create something special and tell a compelling story.

The current crop of Apple devices are the best iPhones ever created in terms of photography and videography chops and videos like this just drive that point home. Whether you're taking photos of your kids or trying to film a movie, iPhones can do it all. The only limit is your imagination.