Paper Butterflies Science Kit by Crayola

Paper Butterflies are a 60-piece Science Kit that includes everything you need to make your own butterfly garden. Create and observe the incredible wicking power of your own colors and butterfly wing designs and then put them on display to enjoy!

Part of Crayola’s STEAM line (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, Mathematics), these fantastic Paper Butterflies teach artists about capillary action. Using the color guide (or not!), artists create their own colors as they predict and observe the wicking power on the butterflies’ wings.

Even more learning is possible with this artsy science kit. Children practice hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as they assemble each butterfly. They practice creativity by taking wing design to the next level. Artists can use a white crayon (included in your kit) before the color dye or three Pip Squares Skinny markers after they wings have dried.

We loved the language opportunities and using “science” vocabulary during our creative experiment. Kids made color predictions and hypotheses and then revised those hypotheses as they observed the capillary action.

But language isn’t just about vocabulary, it’s about conversation. Using the Paper Butterflies Science Kit with a friend, sibling, or just being involved with your child during the process of creation provided incredible opportunities to chat and connect.

Available at Crayola and Amazon

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