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Plaeful Printables offer fun learn and play preschool printables used for teaching practical life skills as well as educational concepts. 

Colorful printables are an excellent way to inject a little extra color and playfulness into your child’s day! Plaeful Printables was created to provide families with fun and interactive learning activities that they can do together at home. 

Many of you know me as the founder of this creative website for kids. Aside from that, I’m a mother of three and have been creating and sharing fun kids’ crafts with you all for almost a decade! 

I also wrote a book called Recycle and Play, which contains a variety of entertaining learning activities. My new venture Plaeful Printables is where I offer preschool printables that provide engaging and interactive learning activities that can be completed at home. 

Creative thinking, in my opinion, is about using your imagination to learn, play, and create beautiful memories with your children. 

I’ve decided to delve into the many reasons why printables for kids provide so many wonderful advantages! Let’s take a deeper look into Printables.

What are Printables for Kids and Why are They Important?

Printables for kids are a great way to engage and educate young learners. Activities like the Rainbow Cloud Children’s Printable are a good example. There is something out there that can help you meet your child’s educational needs. 

What’s more, printables can be used at school or at home, making them the ideal choice for parents, teachers, and caregivers alike. At their core, printables are primarily designed to engage young minds. 

By providing children with fun and interesting lessons and activities, printables not only keep kids interested and excited about learning, but they also help improve cognitive skills like focus and attention as well as problem-solving abilities. 

And because these resources are often interactive in nature–with things like coloring pages and activity sheets–kids can explore new topics and ideas at their own pace, allowing them the freedom to dig deeper into concepts that interest them.

rainbow cloud preschool printable - Plaeful Printable

10 Ways Printables Benefit Children

1: They Boost Fine Motor Skills

I believe that using printables to improve children’s fine motor skills is a fantastic way to help them. When children work with pencils and crayons, they have the opportunity to develop the dexterity that will be required for more advanced activities, such as writing and drawing. 

For example, with the Shoelace Tying Children’s Learning Printable, kids can gain valuable life experience while practicing this important life skill.

Kids will enjoy the challenge of attempting to tie the laces on the shoes, and you will appreciate the fact that they are also gaining valuable fine motor skills in the process!

My Nail Salon Children’s Learning Printable is another option that can be wonderful for the purpose of boosting fine motor skills in kids with a fun and colorful approach! 

shoelace activity for kids

nail salon activity for kids

2: Enhances Preschool Learning

The importance of preschool education for a child’s long-term development and academic success is widely recognized by both parents and educators. 

Using printables to teach young learners new concepts and skills can be a fantastic tool when it comes to teaching new concepts and skills.

Kids can improve their skills in a variety of subjects, from math and science to reading and writing, with the help of entertaining and engaging printables. 

For instance, I believe the Animal Preschool or Flower Threading Printable is a fantastic way for children to begin learning about animals and nature while also having a good time.

animal bottle cap fine motor activity

3: Builds Confidence Through Success

Children have the opportunity to succeed and gain confidence even before they begin school as a result of printable resources. Kids can learn new skills and abilities by completing activities on their own or with the assistance of a parent or teacher. 

They can do this with the help of their loved ones. I’ve created an Emotions Learning Printable specifically for this purpose. It’s a wonderful way to practice social emotional learning. 

The importance of early positive experiences with learning in order to develop strong confidence and a lifelong love of learning cannot be overemphasized.

plaeful printables

emotions activity for kids

4: Supports Cognitive Development

Printables can also aid in the development of children’s cognitive skills by introducing new concepts, ideas, and vocabulary words to them through engaging and entertaining activities. 

Kids gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in school through the use of printables. 

If your child loves bugs, the Caterpillar Counting Printable is also a great option since it not only requires fine motor skills but also features caterpillars- boosting cognitive development!

5: Promotes Creativity

Another great benefit of printables for kids is that they encourage creativity. Whether it’s through interactive play, creative coloring, or simply filling in the blanks on a worksheet, children have the freedom to explore their own ideas and express themselves however they choose. 

This can be especially beneficial for young learners who may not feel as confident when speaking in front of their peers. 

This is why I made a delightful game based on cutting out templates and organizing like-colored objects in the same color jar for a color matching and learning experience – Color Sorting Jars!

color sorting jars preschool printable

6: Encourages Imagination

In addition to encouraging creativity, printables for children also encourage imaginative play and playtime. Children can let their imaginations run wild as they discover new worlds and characters while working with items such as coloring pages and activity sheets. 

The use of this technique is extremely effective when it comes to stimulating a child’s interest in a particular topic or subject. 

In this way, children are given the opportunity to experiment with their own ideas and come up with novel ways to play and learn as a result of their observations.

7: Improves Focus and Concentration

Given the fact that printables are frequently interactive in nature, they can assist in the improvement of children’s focus and concentration levels. 

Concentration is required when children are working on activity sheets because they must pay close attention to the task at hand in order to complete it successfully. 

Students benefit from this because it helps them learn to focus on a single task at a time, which is a valuable skill for both school and everyday life.

8: Teaches Problem-Solving Skills

Printables can also assist in the development of critical problem-solving skills in children, as they require the brain and hands to think in small movements. 

Children learn problem-solving skills and how to overcome obstacles through the use of activities such as mazes and crossword puzzles. 

This will help them to build a valuable skill that they will employ throughout their lives. 

I created the Mama Baby Animal Puzzles to help children learn how to fit puzzle pieces together while also developing their problem-solving abilities!

baby mama animal puzzle

plaeful printables

9: Color Theory

I am a strong proponent of the use of printables to teach color theory to students. Children can learn about color properties and how to mix colors by completing printables. The Rainbow Cloud Printable is perfect for this.

They can also learn how to use color mixing to create new colors for themselves, the likes of which they may have though were not possible. 

Introducing children to the world of art and igniting their interest in painting, drawing, and sculpting is a wonderful way to get them excited about their artistic endeavors. 

10: They’re Fun!

Finally, but certainly not least, printables for kids are simply entertaining! When children are engaged in activities that are both entertaining and educational, they can spend their time doing something they enjoy while also learning new things, which is a win-win situation. 

The use of fun and exciting printables is the best way to inspire a lifelong love of learning in children. They really do provide a ton of fun and excitment!

The Weather Wheel Kids Learning Printable is a fantastic example of fun and educational printables that children will enjoy using and learning from.

weather wheel activity for kids

How to Use Printables in Your Home or Classroom

Printables are a great way to add visual interest and variety to your classroom or home. They come in all different forms, from worksheets and flashcards to posters and bulletin boards. 

Some printables are designed specifically for use in the classroom, while others are more general, meant for use at home or school. 

There are many different ways to incorporate printables into your teaching or learning environment. For example, you can cut out the images on a worksheet or poster and use them as flashcards when studying new vocabulary words. 

Or, if you run a homeschooling program or after-school club, you can hand out printable worksheets that allow kids to practice key skills like reading comprehension or critical thinking. 

No matter what kind of educational setting you work in, there is sure to be a printable that can help enhance your teaching or learning experience.

plaeful printables


It has been a pleasure having you come see us and shop with us! While printables cannot replace preschool and all that it offers, they can certainly provide a wonderful outlet for creativity and boost all kinds of cognitive abilities. 

My book Recycle and Play contains 50 awesome DIY activities that can be done at home, along with these Plaeful Printables 

The printables provide a new resource that is both affordable and simple to use. I hope your children have as much fun with these activities as my own have had with them. 

Every month, I will continue to add 8-10 new printables to the site. We appreciate you making us your first choice! Make sure to take a look at my other DIY postings as well here!

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