Pregnant Teacher Asks Her 6-Year-Old Students To Give Her Parenting Advice And Gets These 16 Hilarious Responses

Life is full of surprises, happy and not-so-happy ones. Sometimes we need some advice to handle said surprises, usually getting them from those we deem seasoned veterans at dealing with unforeseen things.

Other times, the simpler views that children have on life are much more amusing than the multiple adults telling you not to eat that cake all by yourself. Kids don’t care for diabetes or fat, they enjoy the cake and do so with vigor. We could learn a thing or two there…

But to get back to the story at present, a pregnant teacher asked her students their thoughts on what she should do when the baby starts crying. The simplistic, yet also complex answers had us in stitches (not literally, it’s an idiom) and we thought we’d share the story with you lot!

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Teacher asked her students for advice as to how she should soothe her crying baby and the responses were truly special

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It is pretty clear by now that kids have no filter; they say everything and anything that is on their minds, regardless of potential damage that could be inflicted. But regardless, it’s usually pretty hilarious what they think of, ranging from being incredibly practical to something which could only make sense to the child itself.

Nancy Bullard is a science teacher at Huntingtowne Farms Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not only has she been teaching her class of 6-year-olds, but also fellow adults on TikTok and Instagram, amassing an impressive 3M followers in the former. In one of the videos, her students answered the question as to how she should comfort a crying baby and it was comedy gold.

“Make it a fruit salad” said one, food being a common answer. Can’t blame them – food makes us happy too when we’re crying

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Some of the kids wrote one-liners such as “Make it a fruit salad!” and “Give him cotton candy!” It’s not too surprising that food was a common answer. Not much else gives you that soothing comfort and fullness as a delicious meal. You can also use a slice of pizza as a tissue!

The kids know what they’re talking about, though, unsure if oatmeal would be a go-to. Can’t argue with taste, now can we?

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Another was a bit more daydreamy, saying she should show the sky to the baby to soothe him

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One offered a serene, “Show him the sky!” Wouldn’t it be grand if showing a crying baby the sky solved every single problem? I mean, we look to the sky for answers any given day, as it helps us make important decisions like whether to take an umbrella, or a hat, or sunglasses.

Other times, we look to the moon to help explain our mood swings, cursing at the full circle of sky cheese for our outbursts. So can’t blame the child for suggesting it – there’s a lot the sky can offer on any given day.

Others didn’t have much sympathy for the baby, saying “Let it cry”

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Some others were not as sympathetic to the child, saying “Let it cry!” Wish we got told that as adults, as a lot of us could do with a healthy cry to help us get through the day better.

Nancy’s having a breakdown over the five hundred emails she has to send in the next hour? Let her cry! Bob is weeping because a raccoon ate his lunch? Let him cry!

Crying seems pretty liberating, if you ask me.

The self-explanatory suggestion of “Let it watch TV” was provided by one student

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And, perhaps, the most wholesome one – “Give him a hug”

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This wasn’t the only time Nancy, the teacher, asked for their advice. They got to have a face-to-face conversation about it

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It wasn’t the first time Nancy has shared her students’ parenting advice. In another video, the responses ranged from “Play peek-a-boo!” to “Throw cheese on his face!” The latter apparently learned the trick on TikTok.

It seemed that the responses differed based on whether the kids themselves had smaller siblings, with advice such as “Run away!”, “Rock it back and forth”, and, my personal favorite, “I just want to tell you that you’re not gonna sleep”. Some kids are a wee bit ahead of their time…

Some kids provided very practical answers, almost as if they’d seen their parents soothing their baby siblings

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Others were a bit more savage, one suggesting she “Run away” from the crying child

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Nancy described kids as “hilarious and unpredictable” in an interview with Good Morning America (GMA). She said: “That is one of the reasons I love my job so much. You never know what will come out of their mouths or what is going on inside their heads.”

The child’s mind and perception of the world is truly something to behold, especially when it warrants throwing cheese at another child. Iconic.

The cherry on the cake was when one child suggested throwing a piece of cheese at the newborn

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Being the great science teacher she is, with over ten years of experience in the field, she thought it best to share the pregnancy with her students to not worry them about her leave: “I promised them I’d come back before the end of the year and would show them pictures of my baby when I returned.”

Instead, she made it into an interactive experience, asking for their advice on how to be the best parent and to draw what her child would look like (which was another doozy, highly recommend you watch it as well, here’s the link).

Baby Sam was born December 1st, 2021, however, the journey here was a tough ride for both Nancy and her husband

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Nancy and her husband welcomed baby Sam on December 1st, 2021. Another Sagittarius; we’re seeing a pattern here, as we recently wrote a story on a premature baby wanting so badly to be born under this star sign and then getting released from NICU 460 days later – you can read this story here. Both stories describe the difficulties of motherhood in very different ways.

It has been a tough journey for her and her husband, one that took three and a half years. Nancy shared the experience with her followers, turning a very personal and emotional story into a teaching opportunity, saying “My channel is dedicated to science education and there is a lot of science involved in IVF.”

Due to fertility issues, they had to go through IVF, in vitro fertilization, in the hopes of having a baby

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For 20 seconds of science, IVF, or in vitro fertilization, as explained by the NHS, is a process of taking an egg from the woman’s ovaries and fertilizing it with sperm in a laboratory. The fertilized egg, called an embryo, is then returned to the woman’s womb to grow and develop.

It can be carried out using your eggs and your partner’s sperm, or eggs and sperm from donors. However, as straightforward as that sounds, the success rate is, at best, thirty two percent, with it increasing after multiple IVF sessions to around fifty percent.

The grueling process can be challenging both physically and mentally, as well as the procedure costing multiple thousands. There are multitudes of reasons for the failure of IVF, as according to The Fertility Academy, it ranges from embryo and sperm quality to chromosomal abnormalities, from lifestyle choices to implantation issues. Most of the time they’re difficult to pinpoint and control, leading to repetition of the treatment.

IVF is a process of taking an egg from the woman’s ovaries, fertilizing it with sperm in a laboratory and then implanting it into the woman’s womb

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Nancy said that “the last three and a half years were filled with hundreds of shots, medications, blood work, appointments, surgeries, anxiety, and heartbreak”

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But finally, the third cycle of IVF was successful and now she encourages others in a similar situation to keep the faith

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Nancy’s experience included two unsuccessful intrauterine inseminations (IUIs), surgery for endometriosis, and two more unsuccessful IVF cycles before her third successful IVF transfer. “And just like that, I’m 9 months pregnant… 36 weeks to be exact!” she wrote on her Instagram page.

She continued to say that “the last three and a half years were filled with hundreds of shots, medications, blood work, appointments, surgeries, anxiety, heartbreak and negative pregnancy tests month after month after month. But now, in the words of my Dad, “It looks like this is really happening!” Nancy also encouraged future parents going through fertility issues to stay hopeful and that they’re never alone in the struggle.

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It seems Nancy is enjoying motherhood and continuing to make educational videos in the meantime. We wish them all the best!

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It seems the new mom is enjoying the time she’s spending with baby Sam, but she hasn’t stopped the educational content, showing us her placenta and sharing what life is like as a new mother, as well as continuing the well-loved science experiments.

And of course, there’s more videos with the class, as Nancy shared her first day back at work, with the students sharing how much they’ve missed her, as well as asking the well-dreaded question: where do babies come from?

Watch the full video here

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