Save the Crash-Test Dummies

A book review of Save the Crash-Test Dummies by Jennifer Swanson

A book review of Save the Crash-Test Dummies by Jennifer Swanson

Stars: ****

Peachtree (2019)
Children’s Nonfiction
109 pages

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Summary: Jump in the driver’s seat for this entertaining, STEM-filled tour of the history of car production and the science and engineering that makes cars safe. Cars take us to work. To school. To soccer practice. To the grocery store and home again. Can you imagine a world without them? It’s not so easy!

One of the reasons we can use cars so much in our everyday lives is because they are safe to drive. But that hasn’t always been the case. If it weren’t for the experiments conducted over decades that involved all kinds of crash test volunteers―dead, alive, animal, or automated―cars as we know them might not be around. And then how would you get to school?

Filled with historical photographs, graphics and humorous illustrations, this nonfiction book from science educator and award-winning author Jennifer Swanson will appeal to lovers of all things that go and readers who are interested in getting under the hood and seeing how things work.

Save the Crash-Test Dummies

This was an interesting book that I plan to share with my kids next homeschool year while we do a transportation unit study. I’ve always been fascinated by crash test dummies, I don’t know why. I remember watching a TV show that showed how they are used. I loved it. So this book was a nice way to increase my knowledge of car safety and design in a fun way.

Do/Did you know:

  • Bumpers were replaced with wood during WWII?
  • The first seat belt was designed in 1885 for gliders, not cars?
  • The physics of a car crash?
  • How brakes work?
  • What an air bag is and how it works?
  • That there are different types of crash test dummies?

You will learn all this and more in the book. It was all very, very interesting. It is designed for ages 8-12 but would definitely work for teenagers too. I’m an adult and I enjoyed it. Anyone interested in or learning about cars, especially car safety would benefit from this book.

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