Scratch and Sniff Name Art 5 Senses Activity

Make your own scratch and sniff name art with just a few simple materials! What a great way to explore early literacy concepts with a simple 5 senses activity.

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collage of four instructional images to make a 5 senses name project with glue and jello powder. text reads 'scratch and sniff name art'

Kids love their names! That’s one of the main reasons I always suggest starting with kids’ names when asked how to teach the alphabet. Children are very interested in their own names, thus making names a meaningful base to teach from.

This scratch and sniff name art came about because many of my preschoolers, at the time, were really into anything that engaged their sense of smell.

It’s a simple, engaging process for the kiddos (which makes my teacher heart happy). Plus, it yields a deliciously-scented name!

Scratch and Sniff Name Art

As I mentioned above, the scratch and sniff names don’t require many materials. I already had everything on-hand (I tend to keep a stash of Jell-O for a wide variety of activities).

Scratch and Sniff Materials

And that’s it! You can likely swap out the Jell-O powder for another type of scented ingredient if you’d like. But I tend to have a lot of Jell-O on hand so that’s what we used!

white school glue and two boxes of jell-o powder, ingredients for scratch and sniff name art

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How to Make Scratch and Sniff Names

To start, write the child’s name on a piece of construction paper. Card stock would hold up even better, I’m sure.

Next, help the child trace over the letters in her name with the glue. Some children can do this mostly independently. Others will need help since squeezing and manipulating a glue bottle takes a lot of work.

the name 'Sarah' written in glue in preparation for a scratch and sniff name art activity

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After that, let the kiddo sprinkle flavored gelatin all over the name. Encourage them to make sure the glue is entirely covered!

purple jell-o powder sprinkled over a name written in glue to make scratch and sniff name art

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Finally, help the child pour off the extra gelatin powder, then observe what happens next.

We watched as the glue ended up getting the gelatin powder wet. This led to the color of the powder becoming more apparent.

the name 'Sarah' written in glue and covered with purple jell-o powder

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While I’m always a sucker for the color purple, I ended up liking the blue more this time around. It was just more vibrant.

the name 'Rich' written in glue and covered with blue jell-o powder

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Let the scented name dry. Once it is, the name can be put up around the home or in the classroom.

It should remain scented for a while. If the children want to, they can gently scratch at it a little bit to bring out more of the scent.

Learning Included with Scratch and Sniff Names

This super simple 5 senses activity yields so much early learning! Here are some of the concepts it touches on:

  • Left-to-right progression
  • Letter identification
  • Letter formation
  • Letters work together to make words
  • Sensory exploration – especially seeing, touching, and smelling
  • Absorption

Would your kiddos enjoy making scratch and sniff name art? What’s another 5 senses activity that’s always a hit in your home or classroom?

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Save Time Planning for Preschool

Preschool Teacher 101 has so many early childhood education resources that are already done for you, from lesson plans to math to literacy. If the scratch and sniff name art was a hit, I bet your students would love delving into an entire week (or longer!) of 5 senses learning!

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This post was originally published on September 2, 2015.

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