So, if You Have a Frozen Dishwashing Liquid at Home. Here’s a Brilliant Use of It

Dishwashing liquid is essential in every kitchen. The very name suggests what we need it for. However, it is much more useful than we think. Apart from the quite obvious use, it also has many other practical applications. Wondering which ones?

Here are the 12 we can share with you

#1 Difficult Stains misstaniatd

Some stains can be troublesome to wash with regular laundry detergent. Try dish detergent! Apply a little and rub, then wash as usual.

#2 Art Project misstaniatd

Something with kids in mind. Add a few drops of food coloring to a little milk. Then dip a cotton ball in the dish liquid and place it in the colored concoction. See what happens!

#3 Prolonged Cooling misstaniatd

Frozen dish liquid stays cold longer than regular ice.

#4 Oil Stains misstaniatd

Leaking oil on your driveway and no idea how to get rid of it? The liquid diluted with water and a brush will undoubtedly solve this problem.

#5 Insects in the House misstaniatd

Fleas, ants or other annoying insects? Mix a tablespoon of dish liquid with a bottle of water and spray the area where the pests like to appear. This will kill them. Spraying window and door frames with the concoction will also prevent their visits.

#6 Cleaning Makeup Utensils misstaniatd

Makeup sponges require constant cleaning. A bath in water with dish liquid will keep them looking like new.

#7 Oily Hair misstaniatd

Once a week, wash your hair with a little washing up liquid. This will keep your hair from getting too oily.

#8 Going Back to Colour misstaniatd

Did your hair color not turn out the way you wanted? The colouring of your hair is not what you wanted it to be. Washing it in soapy water help reducing the intensity .

#9 Poison Ivy misstaniatd

If you have a rash from poison ivy, wash the infected area with dish liquid. It will help prevent the spread as it removes the oily substance.

#10 Homemade Soap Bubbles misstaniatd

Kids love it!

#11 Unclog the Toilet misstaniatd

If you’re having trouble with a clog toilet, pour a cup of dish liquid and let it sit for 10 minutes. After that time, pour in a bowl of hot water and drain the water. The toilet is unclogged!

# 12 Kids Experiment

Let us know if this worked for you!

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