Sticky Seeds – a seed dispersal investigation

We’ve made exploding seed pods, flying seed helicopters and learned all about different types of seed dispersal.

Today’s task is to make a sticky seed pod. Your challenge is to make a container for a seed that sticks ( temporarily ) to clothing.

One way plants disperse their seeds is by using an animal as a carrier. This type of seed usually has sticky hooks so they can stick to an animal and get carried away from the parent plant.

Humans are also good at dispersing seeds. Have you ever found a seed stuck to your clothing, or eaten a fruit with a seed inside and thrown the seed outdoors?

Which plants have sticky seeds?

Burdock plants have sticky seeds that attach easily to animal fur. These remind me of velcro!

Burdock seeds
Burdock Seeds

Design a sticky seed pod

Can you design and then make a stIcky seed pod that will stick to clothing for a few minutes before falling off?

You’ll need


Double sided tape


Small containers


Pom pom or small seed


Gather together your materials and create a design for a sticky seed pod. You can print the sheet below to help.

We made a very simple package by wrapping a pom pom in paper like a parcel and then attaching double sided tape to one side.

Once you’ve drawn your design try to make it.

Test to see if it sticks to your clothes!

Does it stick if you jump, run or stretch?

sticky seed attached to a girls t shirt as part of a seed dispersal activity

More challenges

Test your stick seed pod on different materials such as cotton, wool, paper, card and foil.

What do you notice about the materials your pod sticks to most easily?

If you struggle to tell trees apart, this tree ID sheet from The Woodland Trust is super helpful!

Instructions for a sticky seed pod science activity. Great for learning about seed dispersal
Image of a burdock seed and  instructions for a sticky seed activity.

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