The Frozen Spaghetti Incident - Things to Do with Kids When It’s REALLY Cold Out!

It's really cold outside. How cold is it? Really. Freaking. Cold. In Toronto this year we were throttled with a record breaking (seriously it broke records) ton of snow and now we're enduring blasts of arctic cold and no hope of that melting any time soon and apparently another 20cm of snow next week.

While getting outside for extended periods of time is not the easiest right now, short times outside is how we're logging our vitamin D, whether it's walking the dog or shovelling snow. 

We've managed to log just over 20 hours outdoors so far this year towards our annual goal of 1000 hours outside and have turned to my 1000 hours outside Facebook group to get some inspiration for things to do when it's really cold outside. This weekend we decided to try some fun experiments to show just how cold it is here in the big smoke. Here is our first one.  Behold:

Our Frozen Spaghetti Optical Illusion

First we boiled the spaghetti as per usual and put it in a collander to cool.

Next we piled the spaghetti onto two plates and brought them outside along with our forks and used a box to prop up the fork-fulls of spaghetti on to let them freeze mid-air. I put a hoodie over top of the forks on the box to keep them in place while the weather took care of the rest. I probably should have taken a picture of the process, but hindsight is 20-20.

We left the spaghetti on top of the BBQ to ensure our dog Ted wouldn't eat the spaghetti while it froze. 

Look Ma, no hands!

Fear not, no spaghetti was wasted in this process. It has since been thawed inside and Molly will be enjoying it for dinner tonight.

Stay tuned for our next Baby it's Cold Outside Experiment!