These Laser Tag Guns and Sets Bring the Arcade Home

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Parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids active at home. Sure, we all love that coveted screen time (a.k.a. chill scrolling time for adults), but sometimes you just need an activity that’s going to get kids engaged outside of the tablet for kids. Enter laser tag, the at-home activity kids of all ages (plus the kids at heart) can enjoy no matter the weather outside.

Laser tag is a physical activity that helps kids get their energy out, but that’s not all it’s good for. It’s also great for strategy building, hand-eye coordination and even teamwork, depending on how many kids are involved. Heck, add in imaginative play and it almost seems like the perfect toy. There are some downfalls and precautions to consider, however.

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Laser tag isn’t the kind of activity that’s typically enjoyed solo. So, if you’ve only got one kid, be sure to enlist friends or be prepared to put your own laser tag skills to the test. You’ll also want to ensure the area where your kids are playing laser tag is clear of obstacles, tripping hazards and sharp corners or objects because nothing stops a great activity like an injury or accident.

It’s also a good idea to set some ground rules before you get going, especially when you’re involving younger kids. Remind children these are toys and what to do if they ever come across a real gun. It may also be worth explaining how pets probably shouldn’t be involved in your laser tag play.

Then, take it to the basement, rec room or backyard for even more spacious, outdoor laser tag fun. If you want to further engage kids, encourage them to build their own obstacle courses with safe objects like bed sheets, extra blankets, cushions and pillows or even shipping boxes. Then, invite some friends over and get blasting.

Ready to get your laser tag on? Read on for the best laser tag guns and sets.


1. Laser X Single Player Gaming Set


This kit comes with everything you need for one player and it can be used in conjunction with any other Laser X sets, which makes it a great add-on or solo gift for tweens or neighbors. With this laser tag gun, kids can blast their opponents from up to 200 feet away, making it one of the longest-range toys out there. There’s also an interactive voice coach that gives tips and feedback so your child can improve their coordination and strategy, and it also works with headphones so you can get a bit of peace and quiet while kids play.

Solo laser tag gun

Buy: Laser X Single Player Gaming Set $21.99 (orig. $24.99) 12% OFF


2. Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set of 4


Older kids (aged eight and up) can have fun experimenting with this four-pack laser tag set, which allows you to choose between four types of ammo during gameplay. The guns work up to 130 feet and feature lots of lifelike features such as sound effects, range-of-life bars and available shots that can secretly help children with problem-solving and math skills. With this kit, the gun also acts as the target, so no vests are required.

Laser tag guns in four colors

Buy: Kidzlane Laser Tag Guns Set of 4 $49.99 (orig. $59.99) 17% OFF


3. ArmoGear Laser Tag


If you’ve got real laser tag aficionados on your hands then this set is one of the most authentic in terms of features. Kids eight and up can play with the target vests, invisibility mode, night vision flashlight, vibrations, voice-guided directions and 150-foot shooting range. Or, grab multiple sets and divide a larger group into four teams for large, interactive play instead. Each piece is designed to sit comfortably in kid hands and comes equipped with four ammo options for even more creative play. The downside is each unit requires three batteries apiece, but ArmoGear also makes inflatable team bunkers and indoor accuracy scopes so even if you do master this set there’s always more to add on and play with.

Laser tag guns and vests for kids

Buy: ArmoGear Laser Tag $99.99 (orig. $109.99) 9% OFF


4. Squad Hero Battle Action Laser Tag 2.0


Not into the idea of forking over a bunch of money for batteries? Consider this four-player rechargeable set instead. It’s one of the pricier picks of the bunch, but it comes with four guns, four vests with three target zones for 360-degree action and rechargeable batteries so you never have to worry about running out again. Each charge should last for about eight games depending on how much you use it, and we like that this set (intended for kids eight and older) automatically pairs guns and vests to keep score for you.

Rechargeable laser tag guns

Buy: Squad Hero Battle Action Laser Tag 2.0 $199.99


5. Sharper Image Two-Player Toy Laser Tag


Want to get your laser tag on without emptying your pockets? This affordable, two-player set features all the basics you need for indoor or outdoor laser tag play. Add multiple sets for an all-out war or gift one set to some siblings that need to expound a bit of energy. Each set features two toy guns and vests with built-in lights and sounds. Thanks to the lightweight design, kids as young as six years old can easily handle and lug it around.

Budget laser tag guns

Buy: Sharper Image Two-Player Toy Laser Tag $27.88


6. AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters


Looking to further customize your laser tag game? Enter this set for those aged eight and up from the makers of Nerf, who know a thing or two about blasters at this point. This set has the highest range of any on this list at 225 feet, with lights, sounds and displays to help further immerse you in the game. A smartphone isn’t required to play, but should you choose, you can also attach yours to the accompanying armbands. Then, with the app, you can access real-time intel, customize the blaster, track performance and even use GPS to track down opponents if you’re taking it outside.

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Nerf laser tag guns

Buy: AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops Pro Toy Blasters $31.12 (orig. $44.99) 31% OFF


7. Best Choice Products Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tag Gun


This four-person laser tag gun set is recommended for kids aged eight to 11, but of course parents and teens can get in on the laser tag action too. Each toy gun comes with a 130-foot range, which makes it good for indoor or outdoor use, and there are four different blast modes so each player can experiment and get creative on how they want to play. You can purchase accompanying vests if you prefer, but some reviewers with kids as young as six prefer playing without them as there’s no need to stop and adjust straps.

Laser tag guns in different colors

Buy: Best Choice Products Set of 4 Infrared Laser Tag Gun $54.97


8. World’s Smallest Laser Guns


Not sure if your kids will actually be into laser tag? Maybe you’re just looking for a small gag gift. Either way, these mini laser tag guns are small but mighty and work surprisingly well considering the size and price. They’re a good way for those on the fence to get their feet wet or for smaller kids (ages four and up) who can’t quite handle the full thing just yet. Each piece comes with eight different sound effects and lights up, and at 3.5 inches long, they’re also just plain old fun.

Mini laser tag guns

Buy: World’s Smallest Laser Guns $8.49


9. Soyee Laser Tag Set


There are tons of cool features on this four-person laser tag gun and vest set, like the different weaponry modes, team selection, indicator buttons and the life meter. But what sets this set apart is its flashing lights and fog spray that happen when the vest is activated or when a player is eliminated, recreating that battlefield vibe. Have more people playing? We also like that you can add unlimited guns and sets from Soyee, since they’re all compatible. The vests are also easily adjustable, meaning anyone eight years and older can easily suit up and get in on the fun.

Set of four laser tag guns and vests

Buy: Soyee Laser Tag Set $96.99


10. Squad Hero Combat Arena


Look, pillows and old boxes are great and creative ways to set up laser tag areas for kids, but sometimes you just want a little bit of extra fun, whether it’s for a neighborhood tournament or a birthday party. This set of inflatable obstacles is a fun way to switch things up or add extra pizazz to an existing obstacle course, instantly upping the fun factor no matter which laser tag set you prefer.

Laser tag accessories

Buy: Squad Hero Combat Arena $34.99


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