Valentine Sensory Activities to Engage the Kids

These valentine sensory activities are sure to keep your students engaged as they play and learn. They’re wonderful valentine activities for preschoolers, so be sure to save them for later!

If you’re looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas, please check out my Valentine Pinterest board.

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Valentine Sensory Activities

We love sensory activities around here! I think they are a must in every preschool classroom (and home!) The benefits of sensory play are endless.

And best of all, sensory play doesn’t need to be complicated to be beneficial. All of the activities listed below are quick to assemble and guaranteed to hold your kids’ attention.

Sensory Activity Supplies

Here are some of our favorite supplies to make valentine sensory activities. You can use them to create the activities listed below, or make up your own!

My Favorite Valentine Sensory Activities

When I say these are our favorite, I mean they’re our FAVORITES. Each of the following activities have been thoroughly vetted by preschoolers. I can personally attest to the hours and hours of playful learning that can be had!

four different sensory activities from fun-a-day that are themed for valentines day

Valentine Sensory Bin from Fun-A-Day – This is a great way to use water beads. It’s easy to set up and has so many learning possibilities!

Valentine Sensory Writing Tray from Fun-A-Day – It’s so much fun to write in sprinkles, colored sand, plain sand, simple Epsom salt, or anything else you have on hand. This is a perfect pairing with our valentine number cards.

Heart Glitter Jar from Fun-A-Day – Simple DIY instructions to make your own mesmerizing floating hearts jar. There are even helpful tips for how to customize it to your liking with different materials. Even my fellow preschool teachers and I enjoyed using the glitter jars after a long day of work.

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bottle from Fun-A-Day – Here’s another super easy Valentine’s Day sensory bottle. This one is made with water beads, making the acrylic hearts inside look like they’re floating in mid-air.

If you love sensory bottles as much as I do, be sure to check out our compilation of other Valentine’s Day sensory bottles!

Even More Sensory Activities for Valentine’s Day

Now I couldn’t just share the valentine sensory activities WE’VE done over the years! Of course I had to put together even more ideas to inspire you this February.

four different sensory valentines activities for preschool

Valentine’s Day Goop Painting from The OT Toolbox – Pink “goop” makes for a fun sensory activity all by itself, or use it to paint or stamp with!

Valentines Ice Melting from Happy Hooligans – This also doubles as a science experiment. Plus, we love anything that uses liquid watercolors!

Heart Sensory Bin from There’s Just One Mommy – Kids search through colored rice to find and match hidden hearts based on a variety of attributes.

Valentine Sensory Bin from Fantastic Fun and Learning – Cotton balls make a perfect, fluffy texture for a heart-filled sensory bin. I love the included ideas for focusing on specific skills while using the material.

five different valentines sensory play recipes and ideas

Rose Scented No Cook Play Dough from Dayna Bayna – Play dough is ALWAYS a win! Pair it with heart cookie cutters and pink beads for an easy invitation to play.

Valentine’s Day Sensory Play from Where Imagination Grows – I love how she lets the kids assemble the sensory bin as they wish by providing neatly organized materials. So full of learning possibilities!

Valentine’s Sensory Station from The Chaos and the Clutter – DIY Chocolate and strawberry play dough make a sensory station that’s full of endless creative opportunities.

Valentines Sensory Bin from And Next Comes L – Oh, how I love using dyed chickpeas for sensory play! Kids just love scooping them up and playing with them.

Valentine Soup from Fun at Home with Kids – Great sensory fun with some fine motor work mixed in. Perfect for toddlers and younger kids!

Do you have any favorite valentine sensory activities?  I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.  🙂

Valentine’s Day Picture Books

No lesson plan or activity is complete without picture books! So of course I had to share a few books to go along with the valentine sensory activities.

These can be read all throughout February, enjoyed during circle time, or left around the room or in a reading center. There are books about hearts and love, but also some wonderful books with Valentine’s Day themes like friendship and kindness.

Preschool Lesson Plans for Valentine’s Day

Save time and get right to the playful learning with our printable lesson plan sets. Each set includes book suggestions, printable plans, over 30 learning activities (both whole group and centers) related to the theme, and corresponding printables.

Preschool hearts lesson plan resource cover
Preschool Valentine's lesson plans resource cover
nine different valentine themed sensory activities and the text sensory activities for valentine's day

Originally published February, 2014.

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