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Parents! You are going to want to check out these Beans & Sparks Personalized Books that I just found. SO CUTE! You may want to take a look at all of the other great Kids Books we have found for you lately as well.

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Beans & Sparks

Beans & Sparks Personalized Books

Do you love giving your kids/grandkids unique gifts?? If so, this is something you will want to checkout! Right now, you can grab your first Personalized Book from Beans & Sparks for JUST $3.99 (shipping & handling)! The book itself is free – all you need to pay is the $3.99 for S&H.

You and your child can design their own avatar that will appear in their storybook that will receive each month. You can even update the avatar for each book. Change the hairstyle just for fun or just keep it updated as your child grows. The Beans & Sparks book subscription is structured using the EASY framework. Emotions, Adventure, Science, and creativitY.

What Makes Hippos Fly? is another wonderful story in the beans&sparks collection. A cold and rainy day turns into an imaginative adventure in the latest beans&sparks book, What Makes Hippos Fly?

For young children, communication and language development is important and this story encourages them to express themselves. As the story unfolds we see boredom fostering creativity, with the child envisioning an exciting high-flying drama through their binoculars. Using their imagination helps children to experiment and try new ways of doing things, and this boosts critical thinking and creative problem-solving.

Beans & Spark Books

These stories feature your child as the main character really grab their attention, instill confidence and help them make sense of their place in the world. Each book comes with a message that will allow your child to carry the story’s lessons into real life. There are also activities and challenges to take part in, helping each child to unleash their unique creativity, imagination, and self-expression.

Stay subscribed to receive a new personalized book every month for only $19.99 (free shipping). Add another child HALF PRICE, only $9.99 (free shipping). If you aren’t happy you could cancel at any time.

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