119 Times People Failed In The Kitchen So Badly, They Just Had To Share Pics Online (New Pics)

Sometimes, you just feel like whipping up something spectacular in the kitchen. You look for the perfect recipe, prepare all the ingredients, only to be lured into believing you can effortlessly make homemade meals in just a few steps. Some creations, well, they don’t always turn out as planned.

No matter how many times you’ve made a specific dish or how skilled of a cook you are, no one is immune to the occasional slip-ups. Some are minor, some are major, and some are straight-up dangerous. Today, this post is all about dreams of delicious bites that ended up being completely butchered by charcoal brownies, dropped pies, and shattered dishes in the oven.

Bored Panda has compiled this list to showcase some hilarious kitchen fails that might make you feel a bit more confident about your abilities. Continue scrolling and hit upvote on the ones that made you laugh! And when you’re done with this post, you might want to take a peek at our older ones full of funny cooking accidents right here and here.

#1 Gingerbread Hominem Est In Forum

Image credits: Tw13950

#2 My Mother Was About To Make A Pie, She Was Away 5 Minutes

Image credits: stopstealmyusernames

#3 This Egg Spilled Out Of A Crack While Cooking And Looks Like A Little Duck

Image credits: The_Bigg_D

#4 Wanted To Help Make Her Own Birthday Cake

Image credits: bikinireef

#5 Our Employee Overcooked The Brownies, So We Turned Them Into A Coffee Table. Taking Christmas Pre-Orders Now

Image credits: joeltheconner

#6 Sliced Homemade Sourdough Bread Topped With Creamy Light Brie Cheese. Preheat Oven To 350 And Bake For 11 Hours. Enjoy

Image credits: nick122221

#7 My Dad Burnt A Pancake So Bad It Camouflages With The Black Pan

Image credits: sms42069

#8 It's Just Egg On Toast. Why

Image credits: Large-Acanthisitta84

#9 Don't Boil Eggs With Red Rice, Just Don't

Image credits: Stranger1982

#10 Fell Asleep While Heating Up Some Mac And Cheese

Image credits: joeycnotes

#11 Decided To Try Deep Frying Oreos But I Forgot That Oil And Water Don’t Behave The Same Way, Let It Get Too Hot And Melted Part Of My Kitchen

Always keep an eye on your oil and use a thermometer.

Image credits: aleighleigh

#12 I Was Boilling The Egg But I Forgot To Turn Off The Stove

Image credits: Intelligent_Ad7273

#13 Eggplant Curry With Reading Glasses

Image credits: mattKBV

#14 Forgot The Cheese Part In My Grilled Cheese. So This Is A Grilled. Yep, 2 Ingredients And I Messed It Up

Image credits: Misophoniakiel

#15 Friend's Dad Made Some Cayenne Rolls From Scratch Tonight. He Thought He Was Using Cinnamon. The Rolls Had No Cinnamon

Image credits: SideshowShan

#16 Housemate's Dog Got Into My 6-Hour Butter Chicken. No Dinner For Me Tonight

Image credits: DopeCalyps0

#17 Sandwich Uses Camouflage To Avoid Being Consumed

Image credits: Stranger1982

#18 My Pork Ribs Dinner. Unsure If Stress Causes Short Term Memory Loss But I Put Ribs On, Logged Into Work And Here We Are Two Hours Later With Grill At Full Blast

Image credits: RadixLecti72

#19 "Mommy There's Green Goo Coming Out Of My Waffle" - My 6-Year-Old Son

Image credits: princessbuttercat

#20 When You Set The Oven Way Too High While Letting Your Pizza Dough Rise. Yeah, That’s A Melted Bowl, Baked Dough, And A Burned Kitchen Towel

Image credits: diverareyouok

#21 Forgot My Plastic Spatula In The Oven While Heating Up My Lasagna

Image credits: jonek1999

#22 My Friend Was Cooking A Frozen Pizza

Image credits: Extis83

#23 When Your Kids Are Half Way Around The World And Still Cause Accidents. Self Reminder, Check If There Is Anything In The Oven Because You Have Kids

Image credits: gringo_mexicano87

#24 To Make A Smoothie

Image credits: McBalllz

#25 My Boyfriend's Attempt At Flipping A Pancake Didn't Go Too Well

Image credits: fiskimasi

#26 My Cooking Teacher Pinned This Poor Pizza To The Blackboard

Image credits: OfficerOvaries

#27 The Cheese Won

Image credits: MrFreezzo

#28 So This Just Happened. Now We Have To Find Take Out At 7 PM. On Christmas Eve

Image credits: dmetz1076

#29 Little Crispy

Image credits: sneedwich1

#30 Kitchen Disaster, But It Might Be Good For The Skin

Image credits: diegobrito777

#31 Tried Making Rice Since WFH Is Usually Slow. Got Pulled Into A Meeting And 3 Conversations Before I Could Add Water

Image credits: KiriDomo

#32 I Made Cute Little Cat Pizzas To Please Our Toddler. This Is After They Baked. They Look Like Burn Victims

Image credits: randigtiger

#33 Made German Chocolate Cake From Scratch. Tastes Better Than It Looks

Image credits: VineHammer

#34 Made Some Cookies And Then Wondered What The “Film” Was Over Them. Upon Closer Inspection Realized I Forgot To Take Off The Plastic Wrap That Was Covering Them

Image credits: jenprad

#35 I Accidentally Put Mayo To The Freezer

Image credits: Sakke_MO

#36 Krispy Kreme Christmas Donuts

Image credits: kirsty1441

#37 My Mom Set Her Oven On Not Remembering That She Had Silicone Rack Guards In There

Fun fact if heated high enough silicone vaporizers and does this to your oven. And the family's coming for Thanksgiving today

Image credits: ElvenQueen1

#38 Girlfriend Wanted To Make Some Bread Dough

Image credits: introvertataconcert

#39 Made Banana Bread. Forgot The Flour

Image credits: AFLoneWolf

#40 My Wife's Attempt At Making Vegan Waffles

Image credits: tatuartist

#41 "I Don't Know What Happened To The Brownies" My Partner Said

Image credits: deathby_choco

#42 Memo To Myself: Microwave Poached Egg It Is A Damn Bad Idea

Image credits: theravenstar

#43 Sienna Came Home From Nursery, There’s No More Soup

Image credits: nikki_kicks_cancer

#44 My Kids Had To Double A Brownie Recipe That Called For 1/3 Cup Of Oil. Somehow Her Math Yielded Out 2 And 2/3 Cups. The Mix Was Boiling In The Oven

Image credits: Kaltastic84

#45 My Boyfriend Put Salt Instead Of Rice In The Rice Cooker, Been Wondering For An Hour Why It Was Taking So Long To Cook

Image credits: bumbeel

#46 Wife Likes To Store Things In The Oven. I Don’t. That's Why I Don’t Check Beforehand

Image credits: A-Seabear

#47 Never Use A Chef Knife As A Hammer. Well At Least It Didn't Flew

Image credits: albertd02

#48 Hopefully Everyone’s Thanksgiving Was Less Eventful Than Ours. I’m Pretty Sure I’ve Never Browned Marshmallows On The Top Of Our Sweet Potatoes Without Burning Them

Image credits: sisters.inthe.garden

#49 Today I Was Only About A Dropped Lasagne Away From A Near Mental Break

Image credits: youkidsgetoffmylawn

#50 Was Cooking Dinner When My Stove Top Randomly Exploded

Image credits: ilikecats92712

#51 My Oven Exploded After I Wanted To Cook Chicken

Image credits: sarunas69

#52 My First Ever Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. Unfortunately, The Recipe Didn't Call For 150g Salt And A Pinch Of Sugar

Image credits: Crazy__Donkey

#53 Invited My Parents For Dinner, They Rang The Door At The Worst Possible Moment

Image credits: Psychologic-Anteater

#54 And What Good Happened To You Today?

Image credits: Marius Kazakevičius

#55 Nailed My Christmas Donuts

Image credits: Sof_y

#56 I May Have Overestimated How Much Red Wine My Risotto Needed

Image credits: 0range_julius

#57 My Wife Named The Dish - Infernal Fish. Why? I Don't Know, But You Can Guess

Image credits: Anton Chervjakov

#58 I Love My Wife , And She Loves To Leave Things Open After She Uses Them. Luckily We Both Love Pepper. Like A Lot

Image credits: crossfitcowboy45

#59 Blackened Pepper Chicken, DM For Recipe

Image credits: vazgavin

#60 Ummmm. Oh No

Image credits: jeanie_nesbit_lmcbw1969

#61 Making A Pancake

Image credits: MajinDaigaEx

#62 My Roommate Said She Knew How To Make Pancakes I Said I Wanted To Try Her Pancakes And This Is What I Got

Image credits: reddit.com

#63 So My Kid Wanted A Spider Donut. Expectation vs. Reality

Image credits: eenigmaa

#64 No Avocado Salsa Tonight

Image credits: charlie1202

#65 Finished Heating Up A Bowl Of Rice, Opened The Cabinet To Get A Glass It Fell And Shattered Inside My Fresh Bowl Of Rice


#66 Expectation vs. Reality, Merry Christmas

Image credits: kitty-kat-lady

#67 Touched My Hot Glass Stovetop With A Microfiber Towel. It Won’t Come Off

Image credits: emmattack

#68 Well, I Guess There Will Be No Pork And Sauerkraut To Start Out The New Year

Image credits: Tmf24406

#69 Blender Exploded As I Was Making A Smoothie

Image credits: ShinyNinjaYT

#70 Tried Making A USA Pizza

Image credits: MrGuccu

#71 It's Burger Time

Image credits: HomelessHashbrown

#72 Extra Crunchy Rice, Courtesy Of My Roommate Resting The Glass Lid Over A Hot Burner For A Few Minutes By Accident. 1/10 Flavor, 10/10 Pain

Image credits: imt081600

#73 A Cheesecake I Tried Making For Christmas

Image credits: rambo21125150

#74 Proofing Dough In An Oven

Image credits: XROOR

#75 This Is What Happens When You Try To Cook And Wash Dishes At The Same Time. It's A Grilled Cheese

Image credits: apoopa_stinka

#76 Don't Ask Me About My Cooking Skills, Because They Are Gorgeous

Image credits: brudy_piekne

#77 The Real Question Here Is Was I Hungry Enough To Eat One Off Of The Floor?

Image credits: thesarcasticcookblog

#78 Cooking Advice: Keep The Cover On The Blender Until It Is Unplugged

Image credits: living_my_lyfe_lyke_its_golden

#79 Tried To Make My Kids Mickey Mouse Pancakes

Image credits: MarinersFan28

#80 Went To Cook A Frozen Pizza When The Oven Said No

Image credits: XxWarmouthxX

#81 My Partner Doesn’t Like Meat Or Cheese (Likes Corn). Here’s Her Take On A Vegan Gluten Free Pizza (Cooked)

Image credits: kubbiebeef

#82 Under A Tight Deadline, I Had To Stop Everything To Post My Wife's Dinner

Image credits: Roscoe_P_Trolltrain

#83 Spaghetti And Garlic Bread But I Forgot I Was Making Garlic Bread

Image credits: Before_I_Pine_Away

#84 I Thought Pancakes Were Just Flour And Water

Image credits: whalecracker56

#85 I Left My Son's Switch On The Cooker... He Got This For Christmas

Image credits: Sjcbxo

#86 The Tomatoes Just Needed Two More Minutes

Image credits: xinco64

#87 Forgot To Lock The Blade Holder

Image credits: Kraujas

#88 Second Time Today Our Dad Almost Burned The House Down

Image credits: airswidjaja

#89 Found Out I Had Covid Right Before A Friendsgiving. Was Gonna Treat Myself To The Mac And Cheese I Had Made, But Put The Dish On A Burner I Didn't Know Was On

Apparently, pyrex explodes when exposed to direct heat.

Image credits: basketsnbeer

#90 My Husband Baked Me A Cake For My Birthday And Put It In The Oven So Our Dogs Couldn't Get It. I Was Not Aware And Turned On The Oven

Image credits: tlynne127

#91 My Wife Put Hot Dogs In The Oven And Forgot About Them

Image credits: turquoise_panda

#92 I Tried To Make Fried Rice

Image credits: mate0055

#93 Made Some Delicious Mashed Potatoes

Image credits: MASSIVE_PENOR

#94 Anyone Want To Guess What Vegetable This Used To Be?

Image credits: krysiewebber

#95 By The Way, This Is The "Super Simple And Delicious Low Carb Zucchini Pizza Crust That Never Goes Wrong"

Image credits: pizza_loving_sexmachines

#96 It Was A New Form (And The Handle Was Not Heat Resistant)

Image credits: leslik7

#97 The Time I Mistook A Cutting Board For A Silicone Baking Sheet. We All Start Somewhere On Our Culinary Journey

Image credits: expedition_bbq

#98 I Thought The Pan Was Oven Proof. I ⁣⁣⁣Guess Not

Image credits: icedragoness1

#99 My Husband's Definitely Not With Me For My Cooking Skills

Image credits: stacey.ogilvie

#100 Think I’ll Use Scissors Next Time

Image credits: aitchfarns

#101 My Mom Cooking Walnuts. For Some Reason

Image credits: Lew-Who-Za-Her

#102 Was Cooking Sunnyside Eggs In A Cup Intl The Microwave But It Exploded All Over My Shirt And Hand As I Grabbed The Handle

Image credits: karto2287

#103 Cooking

Image credits: itsmissclassy

#104 Breakfast Went Wrong

Image credits: ashleysdior

#105 Gordon Ramsey Would Be Dissatisfied With This Dish

Image credits: ShaggerH

#106 When You Come Home Late From Work And Husband Announces He Might Have Had A Little Accident Making Dinner

Image credits: stingraykisses

#107 I Sliced The Tip Of My Finger Off Making Sweet Potato Chips And Then I Burned The Chips

Image credits: DrSpaceman575

#108 Went To A Forest To Harvest Baby Pine Cones. Do Not Take A Bath While Simmering Them In Syrup

Image credits: davidyew

#109 Well There Goes My Breakfast

Image credits: SLiik309

#110 I Left A Knife On The Tray When I Baked Tater Tots

Image credits: VenomXTs

#111 Cooked Them Too Long

Image credits: YondaimeHokage4

#112 Glass Pan Plus Cold Air Equals Kitchen Disaster

Image credits: NIvdrip

#113 Cauliflower Pizza Cook It Directly On The Rack, They Said

Image credits: onemoorehannah

#114 Anyone Here Like Pancakes Without Syrup?

Image credits: nchs1120

#115 I Tried To Make A Breakfast Casserole For Hosting The In-Laws. The Food Wasn’t Cold Potatoes Were Browned And Hot And Dish Was Supposed To Be Oven Safe

Image credits: kirpura

#116 I Like To Season My Food With Salt But I Think I Over Did It

Image credits: NotAnotherAndy

#117 I Hate Cooking

Image credits: TracyTTraffic

#118 Just Wanted To Try Canned Soup For The First Time

Image credits: PinkueNemu

#119 Turned On The Wrong Burner

Image credits: 4everphit