130 Times People Experienced A Serious Case Of Pareidolia In The Most Unusual Spots (New Pics)

Do you remember how we used to let our imagination run free? As children, we often found magic in the most mundane scenarios, such as lying down on the grass and pointing out what the clouds look like. Once white and shapeless, they suddenly remind us of both real and fantastical creatures like rabbits, elephants, or even giant dragons.

While crossing the bridge into adulthood may have robbed some part of our creativity, many of us still have the talent to spot patterns in inanimate objects. So if you see faces staring back at you from power plugs or toasted sandwiches, then you’ve experienced a phenomenon called facial pareidolia.

It turns out that people are hardwired to see faces virtually anywhere they look and when they do, they're eager to share them with everyone online. Get ready to witness how the most random objects acquire that human-like appearance because Bored Panda has collected some of the best examples from all over the internet. So continue scrolling and be sure to take a look at even more incredible cases of pareidolia in our earlier compilations here, here, and here!

#1 Icicle Shaped Like A Hummingbird

Image credits: little_totoro

#2 I Just Snapped This Pic And Found That I Also Captured An Accidental Tinkerbell. (The Bug Just To The Left Of The Daffodil Looks Just Like A Little Tinkerbell)

Image credits: josiechic

#3 Himalayan Monkey Flowers. They Blossom Once Every 20 Years

Image credits: WheelSevere

#4 Neptune

Image credits: JeffOvers

#5 Just Pulled A Door Handle Off, Safe To Say He Was As Surprised As I Was

Image credits: PJVeddersGirl

#6 These Vines In My Neighborhood Look Like An Elephant

Image credits: ImKeanuReefs

#7 This Water Spill On My Sink Looks Like A Dancing Lady In A Dress And Top Hat

Image credits: -ratmeat-

#8 This Carrot I Got At Tesco Looks Like A Sassy Pair Of Legs

Image credits: trickyjk

#9 Smiling Orchids

Image credits: cybosapien

#10 Dog Cloud Or Falkor?

Image credits: TheOldMansGhost

#11 My Butter This Morning Looks Like A Happy Naked Man

Image credits: kaatastrof

#12 This Piece Of Driftwood That Looks Like A Goose

Image credits: JohnnyCashMoneyGreen

#13 Pebble Picasso

Image credits: jonofthesouth

#14 There's An Old Woman's Face In My Belly Button

Image credits: taykaybo

#15 Took This Photo While On A Train. Check Out The White Jacket - Bears A Resemblance

Image credits: Monkeyman8899

#16 This IKEA Plant That Looks Like A Creature

Image credits: cccaaatttsssss

#17 Dental Light Looks Like A Water Buffalo

Image credits: data_raven

#18 My Friend's Shoes Look Like They Are Screaming

Image credits: ExplodingSofa

#19 The White Patch Of Fur On My Puppy's Chest Looks Like A Bird

Image credits: SaltMeat709

#20 This Shadow Looks Like A Person

Image credits: BananaEpicGAMER

#21 Lady Of The Corn

Image credits: Know0neSpecial

#22 The Spilled Yoke From My Fried Egg Looks Like A Chick

Image credits: KrispeePata

#23 Dust From A Ramp On My Suede Roller-Skates Looks Like An X-Ray Of My Feet

Image credits: supervixen456

#24 The Pic I Took Of This Fire Looks Like A Deer

Image credits: GayForChopin

#25 Cloud That Looks Like A Guy About To Eat A Sandwich

Image credits: furikake_bukkake

#26 Phoenix Clouds Above Tbilisi, Georgia

Image credits: chop__steaks

#27 My Lotion Looks Like A Cat

Image credits: mb01453928

#28 My Cacti Looks Like A Caveman About To Club A Rabbit

Image credits: chrisprattypus

#29 Two Jumbo Jets Cracking A Joke And Having A Good Laugh, At Miami International Airport

Image credits: iam_fat_guy_

#30 I Think My Breakfast Is Threatening Me

Image credits: johndecoded

#31 A Partially Peeled Yukon Potato

Image credits: chemispe

#32 Dormammu

Image credits: MsLilo

#33 Mine Bunched Up Sweater Is Staring At Me

Image credits: juzkii

#34 The Inside Of This Tree Looks Like A Fish

Image credits: molehillmilk

#35 When You Get A Labrador Thrown At You

Image credits: jamesnaranja90

#36 My Bonsai Tree Kinda Looks Like A Gorilla

Image credits: No_Pollution1836

#37 This Coffee Stain On My Table That Looks Like ET

Image credits: bigdavewhippinwork-

#38 This Cluster Of Golden Oyster Mushrooms Looks Like Covid-19

Image credits: breakyourfac

#39 My Face When I See The First Snow

Image credits: gogoforgomez2017

#40 A Piece Of Ice Cream Dropped From My Spoon As I Was Scooping And It Looks Like A Tiny Shark

Image credits: theseapriestess

#41 The Fuzz On My Sock Looks Like A Flamingo

Image credits: littleorganbigm

#42 This Egg Spilled Out Of A Crack While Cooking And Looks Like A Little Duck

Image credits: The_Bigg_D

#43 Shadow Coming Out Of Other Side Of Mason Jar Looks Like An Undead Pirate Or Something

Image credits: NamesJames0933

#44 Sea Devil

Image credits: 305FUN

#45 I’ve Come To Clean Your Floors

Image credits: uber_spanner_monkey

#46 The Reflection Of The Fan Blade Is A Japanese Ghost Woman

Image credits: inkykunn

#47 The Center Of The Log I Was Splitting Looks Like A Cat

Image credits: FeralGerbal64

#48 This Roof In Romania Looks Like Jabba The Hutt

Image credits: KnifeSpoonPuppy

#49 So I Came Out The House At 5 This Morning And I Saw This Bloke Leaning On A Wall With A Walking Stick I Thought He Must Be Out Of Breath

Just went back out and he's still there I shouted mate you alright? No reply, so I walked over to check on him and it's a trampoline net hanging over the wall.

Image credits: No-Glove1428

#50 Dropped My Phone And The Crack It Made Kind Of Looks Like A Hummingbird

Image credits: HYEJOOSEGOIST

#51 The Shadow This Spray Bottle And Plant Casts On My Bathroom Wall

Image credits: illdevised

#52 Shrivelled Garlic That Kind Of Looks Like Bird With No Legs

Image credits: Matt12771

#53 My Rhododendron Looks Like It's Trying To Run Off

Image credits: phigene

#54 The Back Of My Dog Looks Like An Old Man With A Mustache

Image credits: Hanngrenadee

#55 This Scanner Looks Like A Xenomorph

Image credits: workJunk

#56 These Insect Eggs Look Like Little Smiley Faces

Image credits: Gargamel567

#57 This Carrot Pulled From The Garden

Image credits: SoDakZak

#58 A Bit Creepy Tree

Image credits: jjjjjjeg

#59 A Hippotatomus, That Is All

Image credits: jr1c

#60 The Chipped Paint On My Hot Water Heater Looks Just Like A Bird

Image credits: Feinerthanmost467

#61 This Dish That I Ordered That Kinda Looks Like Homer Simpson

Image credits: dwo0D

#62 This Pepper Looks Like It’s Challenging Me To Fisticuffs In 1820

Image credits: skatermario3

#63 Volkswagen Remote Control Without Battery Cover Looks Like Former German 1930's/40's National Socialist Party Leader

Image credits: Nogmor

#64 I Dropped Some Coffee And It Looks Like A Bird

Image credits: gbaraldi

#65 The Emergency Ladder In Mexico City's Metro Is Always In The Mood For Helping

Image credits: saulalejandrogv

#66 Old Soul On The Hike

Image credits: cosmicYeti

#67 Beautiful Bitis Viper Has A Mini Ghost On It's Head

Image credits: ShadowBun

#68 This Pressure Washer Looks Like Mike Wazowski

Image credits: flxxnn

#69 This Lump Of Mud And Grass That Looks Like An Elder God Porcupine

Image credits: lucky--angel

#70 This Squash Looks Like A Sleeping Duck

Image credits: 0002millertime

#71 The Frost On My Ice Glove Looks Like A Cat

Image credits: Hoofhearted523

#72 The Way The Smoke Created A Near Perfect Picture Of A Polar Bear On The Lid Of My Grill

Image credits: Erifedud13

#73 I Found A Footprint That Looks Like Edgar Allen Poe

Image credits: trizephyr

#74 My Friends Bruise Resembles The Mona Lisa

Image credits: Justchillingtochill

#75 My Daughter Found A Stick That Looks Like A Camel Head

Image credits: -ksguy-

#76 Today My Shaving Cream Came Out Looking Like A Cartoon Character

Image credits: SassyCharizard

#77 Ate It. His Ghost Will Forever Haunt Me

Image credits: ina__el

#78 You Can't Look At Me With Suspicion, You're A Pair Of Pants. I Know What You Did

Image credits: pato_pitaluga

#79 Noticed This Guy While Attempting To Take A Selfie

Image credits: gdamgg

#80 Me Too, Pepper, Me Too

Image credits: judyindaskies

#81 This Cross Section Of A Parasitic Worm Looks Exactly Like Pepe The Frog

Image credits: snoutlypup

#82 This Stack Of Papers Kinda Looks Like Master Shake

Image credits: noonelikesyou2

#83 My Fried Egg Looked Like A Kiwi Picking Something Off The Ground

Image credits: crybz

#84 This Piece Of Foil I Found On The Street That Looks Like A Samurai Warrior

Image credits: DinoHarry

#85 The Fire In This Pic I Took Looks Like A Dragon

Image credits: AudioSoul

#86 This Sweet Potato We Got That Looks Like A Bird

Image credits: OnionComb

#87 My Frenchie’s Butt Looks Like A Koala

Image credits: 123givemeabreak

#88 Cannot Unsee These Creepy Tiki Faces In The Roller Skates At Work.

Image credits: My-Star-Seeker

#89 A Face Appeared In My Gaming Chair

Image credits: SBriggins

#90 This Glove Looks Like A Sphinx

Image credits: Cheez-lt

#91 This Deflated Balloon That Looks Like Mozart

Image credits: kimbclark

#92 This Terrifying Tomato

Image credits: EternalEschaton

#93 In Northern Norway There Is A Mountain With The Nickname "The Sleeping Soldier"

Image credits: Nomis420

#94 My Toast Looks Genuinely Happy

Image credits: ibentmyworkie

#95 I Was Making Hard Boiled Eggs And One Of Them Broke, And It Looks Like A Baby Sleeping In His Bed

Image credits: MysteriousNick1304

#96 Flatbread Came Out Looking Like An Alien

Image credits: admiral-_-snackbar

#97 I'm Fairly Sure Dad Has Never Watched A Single Episode Of The Simpsons Or Futurama, Yet This Gate Of His, Conjures Up Both Homer And Bender

Image credits: IMeasure

#98 My Clip On Sunglasses Look Like An Insect

Image credits: yorbo

#99 A Cloud That Looks Like A Praying Cat

Image credits: NonSecretAccount

#100 This Shadow From My Circle Drawing Thingy Looks Like A Human

Image credits: Eugenetheguy

#101 Little Water Droplet On My Desk Looks Like A Penguin

Image credits: Ferds_2006

#102 A Duck Tomato From My Mom's Garden

Image credits: viiboa

#103 I Like Your Pigtails

Image credits: sokule10

#104 This House Looked Disapprovingly Bucktoothed

Image credits: muddud

#105 This Grinch Shaped Cloud

Image credits: Gnar-wahl

#106 Even My Coffee Is Having A Rough Morning Today

Image credits: miss_contrary_mary

#107 Cement Patches From Recent Repairs Of My Home Kinda Looks Like A Lion On The Edge Of A Cliff

Image credits: Aditya060804

#108 My New Monstera Leaf Looks Like A Thumbs Up

Image credits: Toelva

#109 My Chocolate Bun Looks Like A Tardigrade

Image credits: cookie-fleck

#110 The Shadows Cast By The Curtains Look Like A Dragon On The Left Attacking A Village On The Right Curtain

Image credits: ah_yeah_no_maybe

#111 This Sweet Potato That Looks Like A Human Heart

Image credits: jimmycone

#112 I Baked Brownies And On The Side Of The Pan It Looks Like There’s A Dinosaur Diving Into Them

Image credits: beth12345_

#113 My Beer Foam Looks Like A Spooky Little Ghost

Image credits: RealMeatloaf

#114 This Bottle Opener That Looks Like A Parrot

Image credits: waynology

#115 The Bathroom Sink At My Uncle's House Looks Like A Face With A Runny Nose

Image credits: EternalNecrosis

#116 My Daughter Spilled Her Juice And It Looks Like A Pig

Image credits: 0wn3r3k

#117 Rough Night Chicken Leg

Image credits: shtbrcks

#118 The Coat Rack At Work Looks Like It’s Being Robbed

Image credits: bonafidemanofchaos

#119 It Looks Like There’s A Polar Bear Melting In My Ice Cream

Image credits: borrow_a_feeling

#120 This Little Fuzz On My Blanket Looks Like A Little Guy Climbing A Mountain

Image credits: Jmeis7

#121 Burnt Egg Looks Like A Skeleton

Image credits: Skyccord

#122 Yoshi Rock

Image credits: RubberChickenTenders

#123 Don’t Eat Me

Image credits: EctoCoolerCocktail

#124 This Box Has Seen Better Times

Image credits: HemoglobinaX

#125 The Three Evil Faces In This Door

Image credits: blacknightcat

#126 Too Much Coffee, Buddy?

Image credits: No_Low_8996

#127 This Snake's Scales Form A Happy Face

Image credits: DO_NOT_GILD_ME

#128 This Lightning Strike Looks Like Patrick Star Doing A Bungee

Image credits: Dougalicious26

#129 Half-Face In The Clouds

Image credits: SlantedSlash

#130 A Face In My Tortilla

Image credits: Competitive_Yak2670