20 durable 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas

20 durable 6th wedding anniversary gift ideas— Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.

Iron is one of the most durable metals to exist, so it makes sense why it’s the customary gift for sixth wedding anniversaries. While a hunk of iron may not seem like the most romantic gift, when you think about what it symbolizes, it most definitely is. After all, what married couple doesn’t want a relationship that’s strong enough to weather it all?

Now, we know we mentioned a hunk of iron but that’s not us recommending you gift that ever-so-literally. Instead, we’ve rounded up over a dozen iron gift ideas for your (or your loved ones’) sixth wedding anniversary. Check them out, below.

1. For the one who loves pizza: Lodge Cast Iron 14” Baking Pan

Lodge Pizza Pan
Credit: Amazon

Homemade pizza, anyone?

Does your partner crave pizza all the time? Rather than giving them a gift card to their favorite pizza shop, consider giving them this Lodge cast iron pizza pan. We ranked it as our number-one favorite pizza stone of 2021 thanks to its loop handles (which make for easy carrying) and multipurpose use (it can be used in ovens, on stoves and grills, and in campfires). As far as downsides? We couldn’t find a single one.

Get the Lodge Cast Iron Baking Pan 14" from Amazon for $60

2. For the one who loves tacos: Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Victoria Tortilla Press
Credit: Amazon

Toasty tortillas? Yes, please!

Does your partner look forward to taco Tuesday each and every week? With this tortilla press, they’ll want to enjoy the occasion at home rather than heading out to or ordering in from a local Mexican joint. That’s because the 8-inch, more-than-eight-pound press produces tasty, uniform results, which will make any at-home taco night that much better. No wonder we ranked it our favorite tortilla press of 2021.

Get the Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press from Amazon for $19.78

3. For the one who loves to cook: Staub Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Round Cocotte

Staub Round Cocotte
Credit: Zwilling

Pricey but worth it.

If your partner loves to labor over slow-cooked meats and veggies, they need one of these cocottes in their life. Available in 10 colors, the colored, cast-iron Dutch oven is the be-all, end-all of slow cooking. No, really, we ranked it the best Dutch oven of 2021. While it’s heavy, we love that it’s easy to clean, impressively solid, and cooks evenly.

Get the Staub Cast Iron 5.5-Quart Round Cocotte from Zwilling for $349.99+

4. For the one who wants more blanket storage: Ellis Iron Ladder

Ellis Iron Ladder
Credit: Anthropologie

Added style and storage? We’re into it.

Blanket ladders are making a major comeback, which means this minimalist iron ladder is a great idea for anyone hoping to expand their storage while adding to the overall style of their home. While it looks rather thin, the ladder stands six feet tall and can support layers of blankets with ease.

Get the Ellis Iron Ladder from Anthropologie for $158

5. : Lodge Chef Collection Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Add delicious cast iron flavor to any dish.

Cast iron skillets are known to cook and caramelize foods better than just about any other pan on the market. As such, if your partner loves to cook, gifting them a top-rated cast-iron skillet will make their eyes go wide. While many cast iron skillets are quite pricey, the Lodge Chef Collection 12” skillet is available at an affordable price without sacrificing quality, which is partly why we ranked it the best cast-iron skillet of 2021.

Get the Lodge Chef Collection Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet from Williams Sonoma starting at $22.95

6. For the one who always loses their keys: Iron Entryway Shelf Set

Iron Entryway Shelf
Credit: Anthropologie

Keep your entryway organized once and for all.

Extra organization might not seem like the most romantic gift, but to someone who constantly misplaces their valuables, it will make quite the statement. After all, helping your partner stay on top of their things is a love language in and of itself, no? Either way, this iron wire shelf features an array of key hooks, two-wire baskets (which are great for sorting mail), and a larger basket that’s great for holding papers and other valuables. Plus, the piece as a whole will offer a fun style element to any entryway.

Get the Iron Entryway Shelf Set from Anthropologie for $128

7. For the one who's been craving a kitchen refresh: Frame Kitchen Console - Butcher Block

Frame Kitchen Console Butcher Block
Credit: West Elm

It will give them more storage and a place to sit.

Not trying to spend thousands and thousands of dollars totally remodeling your kitchen but hoping to give your partner the storage and counter space that they so badly crave? Look no further than this iron kitchen console, complete with a butcher block top. Where one side of the console features shelves for added storage, the other is hollow so that bar stools can fit neatly beneath the counter. In that way, it’s the perfect kitchen island.

Get the Frame Kitchen Console - Butcher Block from West Elm for $1,399

8. For the one who loves to grill burgers: Lodge 6.25 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Burger Press

Lodge Burger Press
Credit: Lodge

Help them create the best burgers ever.

Remember: Cast iron is known to promote even heating. With this in mind, a cast iron burger press is the ultimate cooking utensil for any wannabe grillmaster. After all, in addition to helping to form perfect patties, it will help trap the heat off the grill, effectively heating the meat to the perfect temperature.

Get the Lodge 6.25 Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Burger Press from Lodge for $19.95

9. For the one who loves wine: 11-Bottle Gold Wine Rack

Gold Wine Rack
Credit: Crate & Barrel

Help them store their vino in style.

This iron gift is particularly fun because you can give it as is or stock it with your partner’s favorite wine. The iron wine rack is available in four metallic colors, each of which is sealed with a clear lacquer to ensure it has a lasting shelf life.

Get the 11-Bottle Gold Wine Rack from Crate & Barrel for $49.95

10. For the couple who loves their initials: 6th Wedding Anniversary Initial Decor

Iron Initials
Credit: Iron Sign Design / Etsy

It’s a gift they’ll look at for years to come.

Hoping to give your favorite couple something they’ll treasure forever? A custom iron initial piece will surely make them swoon. Whether they hang it in the center of their growing gallery wall or on its own to remind them of their commitment to each other, they’ll always be reminded of just how strong their bond is.

Get the 6th Wedding Anniversary Initial Decor from Iron Sign Design on Etsy starting at $48

11. For the one who loves to make big breakfasts: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Lodge Griddle
Credit: Amazon

This will give them plenty of room for anything they’d ever want to whip up.

Cooking large meals can be difficult without the right tools and cooking utensils. That’s why we love the idea of this pre-seasoned cast iron reversible grill/griddle. Whether one side works wonderfully to cook bacon, eggs, pancakes, and the like, the other works wells to grill chicken, steak, veggies, and more. In other words, it will make your partner feel like a real-life chef.

Get the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle from Amazon for $34.90

12. For the one who loves fondue: Red Cast Iron Fondue Set

Fondue Set
Credit: Crate & Barrel

They’ll be able to make their favorite gourmet snacks at home!

Remember The Melting Pot? The restaurant had a major moment in the early 00s and has since simmered down—but that’s not to say fondue isn’t still incredibly enjoyable. If your partner loves to dip their favorite fruits and bread in melted chocolate and cheeses, giving them a cast iron fondue set will make their day. This one comes with a pot and stand, eight forks, and a fork rack. Simply put together a gift basket of berries, baguettes, chocolate, and cheese, and you’ll have a memorable gift on your hands.

Get the Red Cast Iron Fondue Set from Crate & Barrel for $39.95

13. For the one who loves to bake: KitchenAid Artisan® Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Cast Iron Black Stand Mixer

KitchenAid Mixer
Credit: Crate & Barrel

It will add utility and style to their kitchen.

KitchenAid mixers are the be-all, end-all when it comes to standing mixers. That’s because, in addition to being a major help with all things baking, they’re also incredibly aesthetically pleasing. While they’re available in a variety of different materials and finishes, this one is constructed of cast iron and is sold in 18 colors. No matter which you pick, you can be sure that your partner will be head over heels with their new kitchen gadget.

Get the KitchenAid® Artisan Series 5-Quart Tilt-Head Cast Iron Black Stand Mixer from Crate & Barrel for $429.95

14. For the one who wants to grill in the middle of winter: Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan With Assist Handle

Lodge Grill Pan
Credit: Amazon

It helps make delicious burgers, chicken, steaks, and more.

Too cold to grill? Not anymore. Thanks to this pre-seasoned cast iron grill pan, your partner will be able to easily whip up their favorite kabobs, burgers, steaks, and every grilled dish in between—burn lines and all. What’s more, in addition to being stove-safe, it can be used in the oven, too.

Get the Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan With Assist Handle from Amazon for $19.92

15. For the one who likes high-end cookware: Le Creuset Signature 3.5 qt. Ink Everyday Pan

Le Creuset Everyday Pan
Credit: Crate & Barrel

It’s a classic kitchen brand.

Le Creuset is known for its high-quality, durable cookware that’s equally as pretty and useful. This particular pan is sold in 15 colors and is beloved for its heat retention, which makes for even, non-stick cooking, whether it’s rice, a stew, or anything in between.

Get the Le Creuset Signature 3.5 qt. Ink Everyday Pan from Crate & Barrel for $349.95

16. For the one who loves sitting around the fire: Tremont Firepit

Fire Pit
Credit: Crate & Barrel

They’ll love cozying up around this firepit.

Is there anything more romantic than spending your evening sitting around a fire with your favorite snack, drinks, and stories in tow? This elevated iron fire pit, which comes with a spark screen, poker, and tabletop lid, will inspire your favorite couple to never lose their childlike wonder and to always tell stories to each other.

Get the Tremont Firepit from Crate & Barrel for $599

17. For the one wishing for a new bed: Forreston Low Profile Four Poster Bed

Iron Bed
Credit: Wayfair

It looks so cozy!

Iron beds had their time in the spotlight in the 20th century and are making a comeback in the 21st. If your partner loves the vintage, farmhouse-feel of an iron bed, you can’t go wrong with this beloved Wayfair find. It’s available in queen and king sizes, though, keep in mind, it requires a box spring.

Get the Forreston Low Profile Four Poster Bed from Wayfair for $364.99

18. Carl Iron Pipe Wall Mount Ladder Bookcase: Carl Iron Pipe Wall Mount Ladder Bookcase

Iron Bookshelf
Credit: Wayfair

Such a stylish way to display books!

Gorgeously styled bookcases are popping up everywhere from HGTV to Instagram, so if your partner has a bunch of books, they’ll likely love being gifted a full bookcase to show off their novel aesthetic. Whether they opt for a rainbow assortment or backward books with the pages sticking out, this iron pipe bookcase will serve as the perfect backdrop. Two things to keep in mind are that each shelf can hold 25 pounds and the unit, as a whole, has to be secured to the wall.

Get the Carl Iron Pipe Wall Mount Ladder Bookcase from Wayfair for $169.99

19. For the one who takes their jewelry off at night: Hand-Forged Jewelry Catch-All

Iron Catch-All
Credit: Coach House Forge / Etsy

You can add a personal message.

Give your partner somewhere to put their rings, earrings, and/or watch with this custom iron catch-all. When creating the custom gift, you can select between a smooth and hammered finish, and choose up to 100 characters for personalization.

Get the Hand-Forged Jewelry Catch-All from Coach House Forge on Etsy starting at $82.92

20. For the one who loves to host get-togethers: Hand-Hammered Iron Feast Platter

Feast Platter
Credit: Crate & Barrel

It’s durable and holds a lot.

Speaking of hammered iron, here we have a platter that works as well as a charcuterie board as it does as a place to place remotes. It’s a Crate & Barrel best-seller thanks to its versatility, so your partner is sure to find a good use for it.

Get the Hand-Hammered Iron Feast Platter from Crate & Barrel for $49.95

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