45 Ways to Create Vintage Home Decor with Flea Market Finds

Decorating your home with vintage-inspired furnishings can be a great way to add character to a room. Using vintage items in your home doesn’t have to mean the furniture is dated; you can add contemporary elements to create a balanced look. Whether you want your home to look like a museum or an old farmhouse, it’s possible to find beautiful pieces at flea markets. You can find unique things to create a vintage-style to your home. Antique furniture at flea markets may have past their prime. Some may have missing hardware or a dated finish. But you can easily give them a new lease on life by adding a few touches to them. You can even repaint them in a fashionable shade. Using new paint colors will also give your furniture a fresh look. You can also add an antique art piece to a drab old cupboard or buffet.

45 ways to create vintage home decor with flea market finds1

If you’re looking for unique wall decor, look for old photographs in black and white or sepia. You can even find old magazine covers and art prints at flea markets. Old frames can be transformed into magnetic photo displays or chalkboards. Moreover, you can also upcycle vintage objects to create interesting pieces that will add to the decor of your home. For example, you can reuse a suitcase. Old suitcases are also beautiful home decor items that can be reused for many purposes. For instance, you can use a vintage suitcase for storage purposes, or dress up a plain wall with an old photo frame. Old suitcases also have a lot of character and lend an air of mystery. Furtermore, you can even use a vintage wallpaper to add distinction to a tiny space. The following ideas hope will inspire you.Image (1)

Hanging Gold Framed Mirrors from bhg

Image (5)

Old Clock Wall Decoration from bhg

Image (2)

Vintage Box Shelves from bhg

Image (3)

Standing Vintage Frame Window from bhg

Image (4)

Vintage and Colorful Pillowcase from bhg

Image (6)

Hoop Wreath Wall Bedroom Decor from bhg

Image (7)

Old Wooden Vanity from bhg

Image (8)

Kitchen Cooking Tools Wall Decor from bhg

Image (9)

DIY Wooden Framed Painting from bhg

Image (10)

Round Wood Shelves from bhg

Image (11)

DIY Wine Bootle Vase from bhg

Image (12)

Vintage Old Plate Wall Decoration from bhg

Image (13)

Dress Up Wooden Dresser from bhg

Image (14)

Wooden Crate Wall Shelves from bhg

Image (15)

Vintage Suitcase from bhg

Image (16)

Old Tapestry Headboard from bhg

Image (17)

Blackboard Wall Decoration from bhg

Image (18)

Vintage Tray Bedroom Wall Decor from bhg

Image (19)

Hanging Wire Planter from bhg

Image (20)

Vintage Floral Spool Table from bhg

Image (21)

Old Framed Jewerely Storage from bhg

Image (22)

Vintage Gold Table Leg from bhg

Image (23)

Teak Wood Floating Shelves from bhg

Image (24)

Elegant Jewerely Dining Table Decor from bhg

Image (25)

DIY Cork Chandeliers from bhg

Image (26)

3D Plumbing Valves Latter from bhg

Image (27)

Pastel Wood Table Lamps from bhg

Image (28)

Carving Framed Monogram from bhg

Image (29)

Old Vintage Framed Photos Collage from bhg

Image (30)

DIY Wooden Peacock Table Lamp from bhg

Image (31)

Floral Print Wallpaper from bhg

Image (32)

Hand Stitch Pillowcase from bhg

Image (33)

Old Glass Oil Lamps from bhg


Tennis Rackets Wall Decoration from bhg


Floral Painting Framed from thecottagemarket


Rustic Wicker Rattan Plates from thecottagemarket


Vintage Galvanized Vase from thecottagemarket


Old Repaint Dresser from thecottagemarket


Old Vintage Vases from thecottagemarket


Antique Mirrors Wall Decoration from thecottagemarket


Vintage Wood Box Storage from thecottagemarket


Focal Point Colorful Glass from thecottagemarket


Vintage Gold Framed Painting from thecottagemarket


Shutter Window Decor with Wreath from thecottagemarket


DIY Old Galvanized Dish Rack from thecottagemarket