Butterfinger Cake Recipe | DELICIOUS and Only 5 Ingredients!

Don't miss this Butterfinger Cake Recipe – it only takes 5 ingredients and is SO EASY to do. Find out how to make this delicious dessert!

Butterfinger Cake Recipe Finished in Bowl

Butterfinger Cake Recipe – SO Easy To Make This Delicious Dessert!

Shannon here! This past Father's Day my husband asked for a specific meal instead of a present.  🙂

He wanted Chicken Cordon Bleu, mashed potatoes, Apple Spinach Salad with Vanilla Bean Dressing and this Butterfinger Cake.  Yum!

After making it, I couldn't believe how simple it was to make, and it was so good! My husband gave it a huge thumbs up, and it's a great recipe to share at a potluck.

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Butterfinger Cake Ingredients

Ingredients for this Butterfinger Poke Cake:

  • chocolate cake mix
  • sweetened condensed milk
  • Butterfinger snack size bars
  • caramel ice cream topping
  • frozen whipped topping

Finished Butterfinger Cake Recipe

How to Make a Butterfinger Cake:

You'll want to start by preparing your cake mix according to the package instructions.  Then once it is done allow the cake to cool COMPLETELY on a wire rack.  While it is cooking, you can go ahead and crush your Butterfinger candy bars and allow your whipped topping to thaw.

Once the cake is cooled, take a wooden spoon, and poke holes into the cake using the handle. The holes should be about 1 inch apart and 1 inch deep.

Pour sweetened condensed milk over the cake and sprinkle with half of the Butterfingers. Pour the caramel sauce over the Butterfingers, and then spread the cake with Cool Whip.  Sprinkle the top with your remaining chopped Butterfingers and enjoy!

If you're planning to enjoy this Butterfinger Cake later in the day, be sure to refrigerate until ready to serve.

Butterfinger Cake on Plate with Fork

Butterfinger Cake

Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour
Servings 12


  • 15.25 oz box chocolate cake mix
  • 14 oz sweetened condensed milk
  • 11 oz Butterfinger snack size bars chopped
  • 1 jar caramel ice cream topping
  • 8 oz frozen whipped topping


  • Prepare cake according to package directions using a 13x9-inch baking dish.
  • Cool completely in pan on wire racks.
  • Poke holes in cake about 1 inch apart and 1 inch deep using the handle of a wooden spoon.
  • Pour sweetened condensed milk over cake and sprinkle with half of the chopped Butterfingers.
  • Pour caramel topping over Butterfingers and then spread with whipped topping.
  • Sprinkle with remaining Butterfingers.


Store in refrigerator until ready to serve

Butterfinger dessert cake

Note from Laurie: Here's Reagan and I (obviously YEARS ago!) making the same recipe but using Heath Bars instead. Yum! 

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