Favorite Things 2021

Every year I share some of the things that I have bought that have really helped my day to day life. I love reading through these types of posts on other blogs and have found some treasures from their recommendations. I hope this post is helpful to you!

Favorite Things


Of course planter pots made the list! As a self proclaimed plant lady, how could they not? This gray planter one that looks like penny tile comes in many other colors. I kind of want one in each color!

This black planter has a fun textured pattern. I planted a bird nest fern in mine and it looks great on my bookshelves.

Dish Towels

I ordered these dish cloths awhile back and I love them! The neutral colors of these fun patterns go perfectly with lots of different design styles. They are a great price too!

Egg Storage Items

I needed to revamp how I stored eggs since I added more hens to our flock. I wanted to have a way to store more safely plus know which one were newest/oldest. I bought this clear plastic container (I was tired of using paper and having to replace them often) that I can simply wash and reuse forever.

To be able to keep track of when we collected the eggs, I got a Stamp and a Food safe ink pad. It looks so cute up on my kitchen open shelves!

Silk Pillowcases

I had heard from lots of people that silk pillows are better for your skin and hair than cotton or cotton blends. I ordered some Silk Pillowcases to try out. I was a bit hesitant at first because I wasn't sure I'd like the feel. I'm OBSESSED! Shane even said he never wants to go back to cotton!

Yogurt Strainer

I started making homemade yogurt last year and am a huge fan. It always had a thinner consistency than I liked and was lumpy. I hesitated to get a Yogurt strainer because I have a small kitchen and try not to have a ton of kitchen gadgets. But this was a game changer! The yogurt is soooooo thick and creamy! If you make homemade yogurt, this is a MUST have item!


My old printer finally kicked the bucket so I was in the market for a new one. I have really liked this one! This Printer is bluetooth and Alexa enabled. It prints very quickly and the set up was a breeze.


I do have digital reminders on my phone, but I am a paper and pen kinda girl. I like to write in notebooks and I need an actual paper calendar to write on and look at. I started buying this Calendar a couple of years ago and love how it looks up on our family command center. It is large enough to write ALL the things we as a family have going on and I love the section for notes.


We have always struggled with our traditional one wheel type wheelbarrow. When the handles broke, I ordered this 2 wheel Wheelbarrow. We used it all summer and fall and LOVE it! It's very sturdy and has a large capacity.

Wood Storage

We had to chop down a tree this year and had a ton of firewood as a result. I ordered this Wood Storage Rack. It is 8 feet long and very sturdy. The price tends to fluctuate quite a bit. I got mine for around $50.


When Shane and I were planning on going to Disney World for our anniversary, we needed a good bag to pack around the park. I ordered this Travel Backpack and was pleasantly surprised with the quality. Shane is currently using it to transport his work laptop back. It is water resistant, anti-theft, and has a USB charging port and lock.

Paper Towel Holder

In all my 20 something years of "adulting" I have never had a designated place for paper towels. As a result, you never knew if you were going to find them in the pantry or a random cabinet. This Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder is barely noticeable and fits any decor style. You can either screw it in place, or use the adhesive pad it comes with. I used the pad and it has held strong with no issues for almost a year.

Water Bottle

I am great at drinking enough water in the summer when it's hot and I am more active outdoors. In the winter when I am always cold, I hardly drink any at all without some kind of reminder. I decided to try out this 64oz water bottle and have really liked it. So far it as helped me drink more.

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