Front Entry Refresh

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Canada but I will only work and or recommend companies and products I believe in. Therefore, the opinions on this post are all my own and I hope you enjoy them. 

Hello friends…I hope you’re having a great week. I’m excited to share with you a little ‘make under’ of the entryway. This is kinda like those makeovers for women
who wear too much makeup  and the makeup artist shows them how to use less.
If you’ve followed me for a while than you might have heard me say that my style has and is evolving. I’ve been craving less clutter and more clean lines.
So a couple of weeks ago we gave this little entryway a refresh.

We started by removing the built-in coat rack that hubby had built.  Here is the original post of when we built it.  It was very cute and it served its purpose as the kiddies did get good use of it. Speaking of the little bench, hubby and I had a funny conversation in which he claims that I’m slowly but surely, getting rid of all the things, he’s ever built for me. HA. He’s not wrong but it’s just because my style has changed and the space needs updating. I was and still am very appreciative of all the DIY’s hubby helps me with…

As you can see the white door was no longer white because Brody tends to jump at the door whenever anyone of us comes home. He’s scratched it all up but getting new doors was not in our budget so we decided to just use paint for now. We also wanted to cover those ugly tiles. They never seemed to look clean, no matter what I did.

Instead of removing the tiles, we used these amazing luxury tiles from Home Depot. These are similar to the ones we used in our kitchen makeover and they are still in excellent condition.

They are so easy to lay and they work just like laminate flooring but it’s a very durable waterproof tile, which is exactly what you want for an entryway.
One of the most asked questions we get when people find out that we placed these luxury vinyls on top of tile is whether or not you see the indentations or the grooves of the
grout lines underneath. And the answer is NO. Like I said before, we’ve had these tiles in our kitchen for over 3 years and there are no indentations what so ever.

For the door I chose Jet black by BEHR and I love it. I also gave the entire space a fresh coat of white paint. I used Polar Bear, also by BEHR.

As you can see, our door opens right to our living room/dining room area…
And there’s a loooong wall that goes along the room towards the kitchen, so we incorporated this amazing piece from Home Depot’s home decor line.
I love its clean lines and mid-century feel and the length of it is perfect for that long ‘alley’.
The lamp and mirror are also from Home Depot. HERE and HERE.

I wanted to keep the vignette super simple so just a little catchall dish, the urn I made a couple of weeks ago and a plant for a splash of color…


The extra storage is so welcomed.

Even though we got rid of the built-in coat rack, we still needed a little place to hang our coats and Brody’s leash.. So hubby built this super cool standing coat rack.

It’s exactly what I wanted. Small, sleek and functional. 
I will have the tutorial for you next post. 
This beautiful rug is also from Home Depot and you can find HERE.

I’m obsessed with this beautiful rug. 
Here are more photos of this gorgeous sideboard…I love having brand new floors. This space really needed it.

I almost forgot to mention that super cool light fixture. You can find it HERE. It uses those new (to me) G9 bulbs that last for 15 years and use less electricity. If I can be honest, I think the light could be a little bigger but that’s my own fault. I still love it.

Brody is forever coordinating with our decor. Have you noticed that? ha
Next up is changing these dark floors that for the life of me, I cannot keep clean for more than 5 minutes.
What do you think? Do you miss the old bench?
Thank you so much for stopping be today. Come back tomorrow for the coat rack tutorial…:)

much love,