How Do You Store Your Balls in the Garage?

If your kids play sports, you know how hard it is to organize their stuff. The garage may be the perfect place to store all their sports equipment and balls, but it takes a bit of work. It also keeps the odor of sweaty pads and equipment out of your house.

With so much room in your garage already taken up by your car, tools, lawnmower, storing sports equipment might start to become overbearing. 

Fortunately, there are several ways that you can store them in the garage without cluttering the room.

You can store your balls in the garage by separating them by sport, placing them into nylon bags, and putting them in a sealed container. Cupboards, storage bins, and high-rise ceilings work well. Ensure to clean the balls and inflate them monthly to prevent long-term damage.

Whether you’re looking for a wall-mounted rack, a simple ball rack, or stand-alone storage containers to hold all your equipment, we’ve got you covered. 

Ball Storage Ideas for Your Garage

We’ve all been there before. 

You’re running late for practice and can’t find your baseball glove, or you’re eager to play a game of pick-up hoops with your friends but can’t find your ball pump. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions for these problems that almost every athlete faces. 

Read on for our list of 7 great ideas for ball storage in your garage!

Wallniture Sports Ball Holder

This easy-to-mount ball rack is perfect for holding and displaying basketballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs. Wallniture also sells a different model specifically for footballs.

This rack is made of high-quality metal and designed to last a long time. It’s easy to install and comes with the screws needed to mount it to your wall. 

I love this rack because it displays your sports balls, rather than just storing them. Plus, it makes it easy to grab whatever you need in seconds. 

They are only 7.3 inches wide, just big enough to hold balls in place without taking up unnecessary room. They are a great addition to any garage and will surely replace your old plastic ball bin full of dust and cobwebs. 

One of the best features of this product is the size. The racks are small enough to place anywhere and provide great organization.

They’re also very convenient for quickly grabbing your equipment. This holder is also ideal for displaying a signed ball or piece of sports memorabilia that you want to preserve.

Wallniture Wall Mounted Ball Storage Holder
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Rubbermaid FastTrack Vertical Ball Rack

The Rubbermaid FastTrack vertical ball rack is great for storing any kind or size of balls. Footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, and more can comfortably fit in this rack.

Since it’s a vertical storage system, it saves space by allowing you to stack balls on top of one another. Designed with metal rods on the outside, it is sturdy and can endure wear and tear. 

The front-facing part of the rack made of bungee cords allows you to grab balls from wherever they are.

It also comes with a locking gripper to squeeze the bungee cords together when you’re not using it. You won’t have to worry about your balls falling through the gaps. 

This is a great way to store your equipment and will save space in your garage.

With a strong metal hook on the top, you can hang this rack from a railing in your garage or set it on the ground, as it’s made to stand on its own. When you’re ready to clean up, simply drop your ball back in through the top, and it will be safe and secure.

Rubbermaid FastTrack Vertical Ball Rack
  • Fast track, vertical Ball rack
  • Steel tube construction, bungee cords allow easy access, locking gripper holds hooks in place more securely
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Gladiator Ball Caddy

The Gladiator Ball Caddy is made of a strong steel frame with mesh netting so you can see what’s inside. This holder can support up to 25 pounds of equipment and is large enough to hold nine full-size basketballs. 

There are small slots between the mesh netting, so you can either pull balls out through the gaps or through the opening on the top, which allows for easy clean-up after you finish playing.

The caddy comes with hooks to either hang it up or stand by itself on the ground. It can also be easily repositioned on any Gladiator Wall System without any tools.

You can store balls of any size in the caddy or any other equipment you can’t find a home for, like yoga mats or other exercise gear.

The Gladiator Ball Caddy weighs just under 7 pounds and is very light and easy to install. The steel framework assures a sturdy and durable storage system.

Gladiator Ball Caddy
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with mesh and fabric shell supports up to 25 lbs
  • Holds up to 9 full-size basketballs
  • Mesh sides allow you to see what you're storing
  • Can easily be hung and repositioned on any Gladiator Wall System when storage needs change
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Kinghouse Sports Equipment Organizer

This all-in-one storage unit will fit any of your equipment storage needs.

The steel metal rack contains baskets of varying sizes and hooks on the outside to hang additional equipment like baseball gloves, cleats, tennis rackets, helmets, and more. 

The baskets on top are smaller and would be great for tennis balls or ball pumps, but can also hold two to three basketballs, soccer balls, or footballs. The larger bin on the bottom can fit even more thanks to two separate storage unit sections.

At 45.6 inches tall, you can even store longer items like skateboards or hockey sticks. The rack contains smooth-rolling wheels on the bottom for easy mobility. 

You can load it up and wheel it out to your basketball court or soccer goal in your backyard instead of lugging around a big, bulky bag.

This storage unit allows for a ton of organization. With all the different compartments, you will be able to find a setup that works for you.

It comes with a simple instruction manual and has an easy installation process. There’s also a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty that will provide a replacement or full refund if the product does not meet your standards.

Kinghouse Sports Equipment Organizer
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XCSource Sports Equipment Storage Rack

The XCSource storage rack is a three-shelf, solid iron, hanging rack with hooks on the sides and bottom for maximum storage. 

The ball racks can hold footballs, soccer balls, basketballs, or volleyballs and fit about three on each shelf. 

It measures 23.6 inches wide, with varying heights between the racks. The top two racks are 6.7 inches tall, and the bottom rack is 7.5 inches tall. The different heights allow you to store various pieces of equipment that other racks might not be able to accommodate. 

It comes with screws already installed for an easy mounting process. 

The hooks on the sides and bottom are great for baseball bats, tennis rackets, helmets, uniforms, or bags. 

They hold equipment like bats or rackets and use a “C” shape that allows you to take and put your gear away securely quickly. 

This unit will enable you to have all of your equipment in the same place, and you can quickly grab what you need and put it back without hassle. 

This durable unit has a large storage capacity but is compact and shouldn’t take up much space on your wall. It will keep your equipment organized and requires little maintenance. 

XCSOURCE Sports Equipment Organizer
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StoreYourBoard Baseball Bat Storage

This baseball bat storage rack can hold up to 14 baseball bats. Hanging each by the butt end, this unit takes advantage of a small space and is a neat-looking way to store your bats. It comes with two carabiner clips for storage on the sides of the rack. It is excellent for holding gloves, helmets, or cleats, making it the ideal system for anything baseball-related. 

The StoreYourBoard baseball bat storage is made from steel and guaranteed to be highly durable and long-lasting.

All installation hardware is included, and the setup process is quick and easy. This rack can support up to 20 pounds. You can choose to mount it to your wall, but this rack was also designed to be portable. 

You can pack it up and take it to games or practices and easily clip it to the chain-link fence in the dugout for easy bat storage.

This unit is perfect for athletes of all ages and even parents who coach their kids’ teams.

StoreYourBoard Baseball Bat Storage Rack
  • Holds up to 14 bats vertically for space-efficient storage
  • Powder coated steel supports up to 20 lbs and prevents scratching!
  • (2) carabiner clips hang baseball gloves, helmets, or cleats on the wall.
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StoreYourBoard Hockey Stick Rack

This hockey stick rack is a highly functional way to store your sticks and an excellent way to display them.

The three metal racks can hold up to 15 hockey sticks but can hold any type of long equipment. Lacrosse sticks, snowboards, skis, or anything else that won’t fit in your typical storage system will find a home in this hockey stick rack. 

This rack easily mounts to your wall and will keep your equipment organized and out of the way.

Underneath the bottom shelf, you can hang skates, gloves, or helmets to keep all your gear in the same place. You can even hang jerseys or practice pinnies on the hooks underneath or on the sides of the racks themselves. 

Wall-mounted racks like these are perfect for keeping your sticks off the ground and in an easily accessible place. You can organize your sticks any way you’d like knowing that they’ll be safe, neat, and secured in this excellent wall mount.

StoreYourBoard Hockey Stick Rack
  • Holds up to 15 Hockey Sticks
  • Hang your ice hockey skates, helmet, and gloves from the rack, too
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How to Store Your Sports Equipment & Balls

In this section, you’ll also learn the following info about storing your balls in the garage:

  • Step-by-step instructions to keep them safe and out of the way
  • How you can prevent them from becoming damaged
  • The best places to keep your sports balls in the garage

Clean Every Ball

First and foremost, you need to clean each and every ball. Dirt and grime that builds up can create corrosion and foul odors. These issues can deteriorate the outside of the ball, making it useless. Furthermore, they can start to stink up the designated section of your garage over the months.

Follow this simple step-by-step guide to clean the balls before storage:

  1. Wash the ball off with warm water.
  2. Use dish soap and a soft sponge to brush the outside of the ball.
  3. Rinse off the ball with another splash of warm water.

Don’t forget to dry off the ball before following the next few steps. Moisture can lead to mildew, which causes a variety of odor-related concerns.

Separate into Categories or Sports

Next, separate all of the balls by their sport or purpose. If you have a bunch of basketballs, then place them in their own bag together.

Categorizing everything will make finding what you’re looking for much more straightforward. You’ll also be able to label them if you want to know where they’re at.

If you have one of each type of ball, then you don’t have to worry about separating them.

A few sports enthusiasts prefer to keep them sealed in plastic bags for preservation purposes (preventing the rubber from rubbing against rubber), but it’s unnecessary.

Place Them in a Nylon Bag

Once you’ve separated and cleaned each ball, you can place them in nylon sports bags.

Nylon bags are easy to find at any local sports store or major chain, including Wal-Mart or Target. The most important part of this step is to ensure that the material isn’t abrasive or constrictive.

Try the Handy Laundry Mesh Equipment Bag if you’re looking for a budget-friendly nylon sports bag to store your balls in the garage.

It comes in two sizes (medium or large), and you can choose from many colors. The stretchy fabric is perfect for allowing a little bit of leeway without being too porous.

Keep the Balls Out of Direct Light

Direct sunlight or light from artificial bulbs can damage sports balls and other gym equipment.

It’ll fade away the colors, which is an irreparable process. You’ll notice light damage as small to large circles of discoloration mimics the effects of bleach used on clothing.

Not only will light sources fade the balls, but it also weakens the material.

Rubber is tough, but it can become brittle if left outside or out in the elements. The same situation applies when it’s stuck in a garage directly under a light source.

The following section will provide an excellent solution to the problem, though.

Put Them in a Storage Container

If you’re worried about sealing the balls from the surrounding light sources, then a storage bin is a perfect way to fix the issue.

Keep the balls in the nylon bag mentioned above, then place them in a large plastic tub. Combined with the durability of nylon and plastic, your balls won’t get bleached or weakened.

Your car’s exhaust can wreck sports balls very quickly.

Exhaust fumes build up even if you’re only in the garage with your vehicle on for a few seconds. You’ll have dingy, gross, flattened sports balls that will never return to their original condition.

Sealing them in a container is one of the few ways to prevent them from happening.

Make Use of Ceiling Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a loft, attic, or hanging boards in your garage, use it!

This area is perfect for sports equipment because it keeps everything out of the way. You can hang the nylon mesh bags from nails, store the containers in the attic, and prevent fumes from ruining them.

Remember that they have to be completely secured.

If you leave the balls out of a container or bag, they’ll undoubtedly roll off and hit your car. The first 4 to 5 steps of this guide are irreplaceable.

However, you can try to mix and max this suggestion with the next two.

Corner Space is Ideal

If you’re working with gloves, bats, balls, and other gear that clutters your garage, corner space is an absolute must.

Try to figure out a way to use the four corners in the room before anything else (unless you have cupboards or ceiling space).

The corners work so well for storing balls in your garage because they’re protected from two sides rather than just one.

This also prevents you from bumping into the container since it’s out of the way.

Place Them in a Cabinet

If you don’t have ceiling space and the corners are taken up, you can place the balls in a cabinet like the Gladiator Gear Locker.

Keeping them in a nylon sports bag is still advisable, but a plastic storage bin isn’t entirely necessary. Position them so they don’t roll, and you’ll be good to go!

Note: Only try this step if your cabinet door can close completely. If it stays slightly ajar, the exhaust fumes from your vehicle will still get on the balls. You can place them in a plastic bin and then in the cabinet if you need to.

Inflate the Balls Monthly

Sports balls lose their air over time. It’s an inevitable process, but you shouldn’t ever leave them deflated.

When they lose their bounce, basketballs, footballs, and soccer balls will lose durability. The material weakens and becomes even worse when it expands if you inflate it in a year.

Instead, use an air pump, such as the SPORTBIT Ball Pump, to level out each ball at the start of every month. As long as you stay on top of it, this maintenance will only take a few minutes at a time.


Now that you know how to properly store your sports balls in the garage, there’s no need to worry about them taking up too much space.

The days of a cluttered space are long gone, as is the irreparable damage of direct light, car exhaust fumes, and grime.

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