How to Clean Commercial Floor Mats in 3 Quick Steps

Are you wondering how to clean commercial floor mats? Youre not alone. Your commercial entrance mats work hard, and you want to make sure they look as good as possible every time you walk through the door.

In this guide, well take you through a comprehensive, step-by-step process to get fresh-looking entrance mats quickly and easily.

Lets dive in.

How to Clean Commercial Floor Mats

The best way to keep your mat clean and extend their lifespan is to clean them regularly. Follow these steps to keep them fresh each week:

1. Vacuum Thoroughly

Vacuum your mats at least once a day to remove dust and dirt. Not only does this keep the mats looking nice, but it picks up the debris that would otherwise grind down into the carpet, damaging fibers and causing ongoing problems.

2. Hose Mats Down

Water is a powerful cleaning solution for mats. For best results, spray them with high-pressure water at least once a week, or every few days in high-traffic areas. If you need to remove dirt and grime, use a mixture of soap and water in your high-pressure washer.

3. Use a Neutral Cleaner

Remove difficult stains with the help of a gentle cleanser designed specifically for commercial kitchen mats. Be sure to spot-test the soap first, as some formulas can cause discoloration. If youre not sure which cleaner to use, ask your local mat cleaning company, as theyll be happy to provide a recommendation.

The Dos and Donts of Cleaning Your Floor Mats

Protect your mats while you clean them by adhering to these dos and donts:

commercial entryway mat


  • Transport your mats safely. Mat transport racks allow you to attach all mats to a single rack, making it easier to move and dry mats during cleaning.
  • Clean mats outside. Mats should not be cleaned in their working position. Remove them or take them to a third-party commercial mat cleaning service for cleaning.
  • Rinse and dry thoroughly. Prevent mold and mildew by rinsing the mats and hanging them to air dry completely.


  • Use harsh detergents. Unless youre having a professional clean your mats, stick with warm water and mild dish detergent.
  • Put the mats down wet. Only reinstall your mats on a clean, dry floor.

When to Invest in Commercial Floor Mat Cleaning Services

While keeping up with your mats daily cleaning needs will help them look and feel beautiful for longer, commercial cleaning is still important.

To determine how frequently you should have your mats cleaned, think about the traffic load for your various commercial mats. High-traffic areas, like entryways and lobbies, for example, can easily accumulate pounds of dirt in just a few weeks.

Because of this, most cleaning services recommend comprehensive preventative cleanings at least 12-24 times a year, or at least once a month.

In minimum-traffic areas, like offices and hallways, professional cleaning once a quarter will be enough to keep the mat in good shape and prevent excessive wear and tear.

Here at ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba, we specialize in commercial mat cleaning for entryways, hallways, kitchens, offices, and more.

Our team provides the services you need to keep your mats in great shape and enjoy a clean space all year long. To learn more about preventative cleaning, and routine, scheduled mat cleaning, contact our team today.

Well be happy to answer any questions you might have.

How often should I have my floor mats professionally cleaned?

The exact frequency depends on the traffic load the mats see, although we recommend between twice and 24 times a year.

How should you remove grease from floor mats?

Grease, like gum and other sticky or difficult-to-remove substances, requires professional attention. Have your mats professionally cleaned if they show signs of grease stains.

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