KITCHEN TRICKS: Use Your Rice Cooker To "Bake" A Cake

If you have a rice cooker, youalreadyknow that you can cook rice in it. There are inserts included in even the most basic rice cookers that allow you to steam food in it, too. This steamer insert is important when steaming vegetables, dumplings like siomai, or even a simple chicken or fish dish at the same time as your rice is cooking.

In fact, you can cook an entire meal in the rice cooker, saving you not only time and effort, but the cleaning up is much easier, too! We thinkthe rice cooker is the most underutilizedkitchen appliance in your kitchen. That's because it's easy to forget that a rice cooker is actually a cooking tool that can do more than just steam rice and vegetables.

That's why this kitchen trick is super useful to know:did you know you can also "bake" in the rice cooker, too? You can!

We know thisbecause we tried it.

We tested a ricecooker to see if it can "bake" a simple cake. Guess what? It did it pretty wonderfully, in fact. The biggest difference between baking a cake in a rice cooker and in an oven is that you will have to be more vigilant when "baking" in a rice cooker.The reason behind this is because the "cook" button will pop uparound five times before your cake is completely baked.Whenever this happens before your cake isdone, you will have to press that button down again.

It sounds like a hasslebut the resulting cake is well worth it, especially if you don't have an oven!

Curious how it's done?Here'sthe step-by-step process:

You can use a cake mix to "bake" a cake in your rice cooker!
Photo by Majoy Siason

1 Make the cake batter.

There is no tweak or tip to thecake recipe used in this rice cooker. In fact,this cake batter is made using a simple yellow cake mix you can find at any supermarket. All youhave to do is make the batter according to the package directions. That might mean you will need, at the least, one or two eggs, vegetable oil, and water along with the prepared cake mix.

The only thing we did do differently was we whisked the cake mix to break up the larger lumps that had formed while the cake mix was in storage. Do this step as well so you can mix a smoother cake batterbeforeadding the wet ingredients. When mixed, lightly grease the rice cooker bowl with butter or oil and pour in the batter.

The cake "baked"!
Photo by Majoy Siason

2 "Bake" it.

Once thebatter is in the rice cooker bowl, close the lid, and press the button to cook. You may have topress the button several times beforethe cake is done.Howcan you tell? Use the tried and tested method: use a toothpick to check the doneness of the cake. If it emerges clean from the center of the cake, it's done!

Would you believe this cake was "baked" in a rice cooker?
Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Let it cool.

You will have to remove the cake from the rice cooker bowl and to do this, you may have to wait a few minutes until it has cooled just enough so that it's firm enough to not fall apart once out of the bowl and for your hand to not burn. You'll have to place your hand on the cake, flipthe bowl over your hand,and catch it as it slipsout.Place it immediately on a cooling rack to cool completely. Once cooled, you can frost itas desired.

What's fantastic about this method we discovered is that you can even make brownies using this method, too! Just make the brownie batter, top it withchocolate chips as desired (We did!), andspoon in the batter into the rice cooker insert.

We "baked" a brownie cake, too!
Photo by Majoy Siason

Isn't this a fantastic kitchen trick? There's no reason at all now to not bake something delicious in yourkitchen. You have everything youneed to bake a cake, even without a stove or an oven.