Manufacturer Spotlight: Norpro

Providing quality and innovation since 1973, Norpro is the best place to start when searching for everyday kitchen items, cool kitchen gadgets, or those random, but oh-so-useful baking supplies. Norpro prides iteself on quality products, manufactured with the best materials and superior craftsmanship.
Everyday items are called that because, well, you use them every day or at the very least, several times a week. A set of mixing bowls is important in order to make almost any meal, while a lightweight, portable dish rack allows you to wash the dishes without permanently surrendering half of your kitchen counter.
Other items, while a bit less commonplace, are no less handy to have in the kitchen. A non-slip jar opener is super useful to have to get that stubborn jar of spaghetti sauce open and a mezzaluna chopper makes roughly cutting up a variety of produce much easier. For those who enjoy having cool kitchen gadgets, consider giving Norpro's French fry cutter a try to make homemade French fries or cannoli forms and bring a piece of Italy into your home with fresh cannoli.
Baking enthusiasts have probably purchased a Norpro item without even realizing it. Norpro produces pie birds that ensure your crust comes out perfectly every time, a high heat silicone baking sheet to protect cookies from burning on the bottom, a cupcake corer for sweet surprises, and more.
The majority of Norpro products are dishwasher safe, making cleaning up a breeze. Scissor and other handheld items are also ergonomically designed to fit both left- and right-hand use. Whatever your kitchen gadget need, Norpro probably has it--and in a more innovative, useful way!