No-Knead Sourdough

Ooh, no-dirty-hand-bread? Is that even possible? Many times I’ve came across these so-call “No-Knead” breads. The idea is that you mix the ingredients and let time do the rest (e.g. establish gluten). If you chicken out and knead it anyway, you will end up risking creating a very flat, collapsed bread. In other words – let time do its work and let the dough proof in your fridge at least 24 hours – up to 7 days.
Inspiration from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes


  • 453 grams wheat flour
  • 340 grams water, 20 °C – 25 °C
  • 8 grams salt
  • 7 grams dried yeast


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and mix everything together.
The dough turns out to be very sticky – no need to over mix it.
Mix until all ingredients are combined.

Cover the bowl – make sure it’s big because it’s going to rise a lot.
Leave it 2 hours on room temperature and transfer it to your fridge.

Proof the dough for up to 7 days. The longer you keep it proofing, the more tangier the taste becomes.
Your dough will first rise and than collapse – that is normal, don’t stress.

After 7 days of fermentation

When you’ve lost your patience or need the space in your fridge, take the dough out and by flouring the top of the dough, a work surface and your hands.

Shape a boule out of the dough by following the steps here. The dough can be very sticky so no stress if you can’t work it out – just try to create a ball-ish shape.

Ready for the second proof

Transfer your bread onto a lined baking tray. Sift some flour over the top and cover it lightly with cling foil or a shower cap.

Second Proof
Proof your No-Knead Dough for ± 1 hour on room temperature. You will notice it won’t double in size but only slightly extend.

Preheat your oven 15-30 minutes prior to baking to 230 °C. Bake a baking tray and a deep baking dish with it. Ensure the deep baking dish is on the bottom of the oven.

Score your bread if desired and slide your dough onto the hot baking tray.
Add 2.5 dl boiling water to the deep baking dish and close the oven door immediately.

Bake the bread ± 25-30 minutes until golden brown. It should give a hollow sound when you knock on it.

Once done, remove the bread from the oven an transfer straight away onto a cooling rack. Wait till it’s completely cooled down before slicing.