Person Asks Folks Online To Share Examples Of Positive Masculinity After Hearing Too Many “Toxic” Ones, And 37 Folks Deliver

There’s a lot that’s wrong with the world, and the root of all evil, mostly, are humans themselves. And as if that wasn’t enough that the entire species is nearly solely responsible for the state of things on the planet, the species also needs to come up with social constructs that are toxic beyond belief.

But we’re not here to talk about the toxic because enough is enough and we now need positive examples of something that many have already discussed in detail from a negative side—and that is masculinity.

Yep, one Reddit user, after having enough of it, asked the lovely folks of the very popular social medium to share examples of constructive, uplifting or downright positive masculinity, whether specific of general.

Over 4,500 comments later, and nearly 17,000 upvotes, the threat went viral with positivity, so Bored Panda has gathered the best ways of how any guy can show a positive and constructive example to others through who they are as a human being.

So, check out the curated list below, vote and comment on the most rewarding examples of masculinity, and why not share your own examples in the comment section under the list!

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#1 Switching Seats With Someone Who's Being Harrassed

My husband switching seats on an airline with a teenage girl being harassed by an old creep. Hes very large, bearded, and wears metal t-shirts. He plopped down next to creeper and said "you said you were buying drinks?"

Image credits: sagegreenpaint78

#2 Making You Comfortable When You Take A Nap

I fell asleep on the sofa after a really hard day, but I was sort of dozing, not fully asleep. My 16 year old son came into the room, saw me sleeping, and started tiptoeing around, shut the blinds, turned the lights off and covered me in a blanket because he was going to use the backyard gym which required a window to be open for an extension lead and he didn't want me to get cold. It was just so thoughtful and did surprise me a bit because he normally has tunnel vision.

He's also really stepped up the last few weeks, I've been on sick leave, I'm a nurse and got attacked by a patient so have my hand in a soft cast for ligament damage. He's cooked pretty much every evening. He has also been meal planning for the week. I am married, but it's turned into a bit of 'us time' and he's really enjoying learning to cook.

I'm so proud of him and told him this the other day and we had a huge hug. I love him so much.

Image credits: teflonfairy

#3 Reciprocating Gifts

In high school one time, a guy gave his guy best friend a birthday gift, and guy 2 loved it so much he gave guy 1 the biggest hug in the middle of class. I think everyone’s hearts melted. All guys should be that confident / allowed to be that confident.

Image credits: 2curmudgeony

#4 Dads Teaching Love For Mothers Despite Divorce

anonymous said:
A father teaching his sons to love and respect their mother even though they’re in the middle of a nasty divorce.

More-Masterpiece-561 replied:
Years ago I saw this post on FB that a father was helping out his sons to cook his ex wife's favorite dish and bake a cake for her birthday. I was a preteen at the time, I thought that's the kind of man I wanna be when I grow up.

Image credits: anon

#5 Terry Crews, Because Of His Openness About Sexual Assault Against Him

Freaking Terry Crews! In a world where men are shamed for talking about sexual assault against them, Terry Crews openly does it! And he’s seen as the “big dude manly man”. He’s trying to set an example for other male victims out there.

Image credits: OSUfirebird18

#6 "Forged In Fire" Is An All Around Example Of Positive Masculinity

willowgardener said:
I once watched a couple episodes of the reality show Forged in Fire, which I felt had tons of examples of healthy masculinity.

mbensasi replied:
Yep, I remember seeing an episode where a big, older, more experienced guy saw his opponent struggling to twist some metal because he wasn’t heavy enough to apply the necessary force. Big guy stopped his own work just to help little guy. Ended up being eliminated because he didn’t have time to finish his own blade. Wasn’t upset or anything, just congratulated the little guy and walked out. With $10,000 on the line, it takes true integrity and positive masculinity to do something like that for a fellow craftsman.

Image credits: willowgardener

#7 "Gym Bros" Being Supportive Of Other People Working Out

Gym bros randomly appearing to spot or encourage is hilarious and positive.

StinkyStangler replied:
I remember when I was a little younger, like 19 or so, I had just started going to the gym frequently and was trying to start deadlifts. I obviously had no idea what I was doing and felt mad self conscious, but some random huge dude came up to me, gave me help with my form and technique, and then just wandered off. That always stood out to me and really helped me get more comfortable in the gym.


#8 Volodymyr Zelenskyy, President Of Ukraine

bluep3001 said:
President Zelenskyy…

Heavy_Mycologist_104 replied:
Abso-[friggin]-lutely, THIS. Zelenskiy is a true hero, forced in impossible situations to step up and show incredible bravery and humanity.

Image credits: bluep3001

#9 Son Singing And Caring For His Mom With Dementia

My brother would sing quietly to our mother in the nursing home when she no longer knew him because of dementia. He would brush her hair and wipe her face with a warm flannel to comfort her. It was beautiful

Image credits: Thatsmytesla

#10 Pastors Supporting LGBTQ+ Folks

The pastor at my church brings a group to the pride parade to support "all of god's children." He started asking me come with them to give out "dad hugs" to the younger folks who have been abandoned by their families because they are gay. He said I'm the most dad like person he's met, huge, bald, beard, glasses, pot belly, flannel shirt, etc. Most of the people I gave hugs to did it as a lark, but there were a few who really needed to get a big bear hug and be told that they're ok, and I'm proud of them.

Image credits: StinkApprentice

#11 Hockey Players And Fans Banging On The Glass In Support

I’m a figure skater. We share the ice with hockey players, and I cannot get over how nice it feels when hockey players get rowdy and bang on the glass and cheer when you’re doing something cool, the same way a hockey fan would at an exciting hockey game. It’s hilarious but it’s also confidence inducing.

When it first happened, I thought they were trolling me. I just rolled my eyes and continued my practice.
But when I got off the ice, I was swarmed with questions like:





It’s wholesome as f**k. They’re genuinely intrigued by this sport. A bunch of dudes who make their own sport even more entertaining by beating the s**t out of each other have no shame in getting rowdy to hype up their figure skating counterparts.

EDIT: Thank you guys for the awards!! I love sharing these types of wholesome experiences with anyone who will listen!

Image credits: Preskewl_Prostitewt

#12 Men Being Supportive Of Their Wives' Careers

bobot_ said:
My husband is my biggest supporter when it comes to my career. He's like my hype man when I'm doubting myself. I value it so much. (Side note: I earn more and if anything, it just makes him prouder).

saint_of_thieves replied:
Guy here. When I got married, my dad gave me a piece of advice. He said to help each other achieve the other person's dreams. If you don't, you're just two people living in the same house.

Image credits: bobot_

#13 Dads Being Good To Kids That Aren't Theirs

Not sure if this counts… but my step dad would still come pick up my sister and I every single weekend even though we weren’t really his kids. Growing up my mom and him would break up sometimes and he said to us one day; I may not be y’all’s biological father but I will always be y’all’s dad regardless. They eventually married and are 30+ years strong today. He’s the best man I know.

Image credits: KiokiBri

#14 Being A Good Father Figure

ral365 said:
A father being a good example for his son.

magnusbearson replied:
Growing up poor, having a father who dedicated his time for me and my brothers meant the world. Has given me emotional tools I observe lacking in many of my friends. So I sometimes take that role with them, having the hard talks and explaining in depth the nuances of life.

Image credits: ral365

#15 Dads Who Go Along With Tea Parties

marcus_borealis said:
Manly dads who patiently sit on the floor and have a tea party with their toddler daughters.

Bells87 replied:
When I was about 11, I got the game Dreamphone for Christmas. For those who don't know, the premise of Dreamphone is to "call" "boys" to find out which one has a crush on you. Perfect game for preteen girls. I was so excited and asked my mom to play with me, since it's Christmas and my friends can't come over. She said no. But my dad said he'd play with me.

My dad was a burley truck driver who loved Philadelphia sports, had a woodworking bench in the basement, and was definitely a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He also had 9 sisters, the majority of which were younger than him.

He was more than happy to play with me.

He'd also play Pretty, Pretty Princess with me when I was a kid too.

Image credits: marcus_borealis

#16 Letting Women Do Traditionally Masculine Things In Place Of Men

So, a couple months into dating my boyfriend he bought a truck. Well, it started making a grinding noise a few weeks later. Some context, I'm a female mechanic. So, when I went over that weekend I offered to take a look at it.

We did some grocery shopping for supper. And then when we got back I started to work on it. He made supper. And then when he was done he came out and sat with me.

My ex wouldn't even let me work on his truck with him because he didn't like that I knew more about it then him. And when I first met my Bf he told everyone we met that I was a mechanic.

Image credits: phoenix0119

#17 Standing Up Against Bullies And Creepers, Especially If It's For Someone They Don't Know

anonymous said:
A guy standing up for his friend or a woman he doesn't know against a bully/creeper.

kyledouglas521 replied:
There's a related one here that I think needs to be heard more: standing up *TO* your guy friends when they're being creepers. Or just being [bad] to/about women.

As someone close to them, you have the biggest chance to make an impact on their behavior. Letting misogynist [things] go or laughing it off because that's just how guys are is implicit confirmation to them that this thing they said/did is okay.

Image credits: anon

#18 Guys Saying "Love You" To Each Other

My bros and friends are all hood but we've got into the habit of saying "love you" whenever we leave. We've lost so many friends and family the last few years (not due to covid).

Image credits: darko2309

#19 Dads Teaching Other Dads To Do Their Daughters' Hair

Physical-Primary-256 said:
A single dad started teaching other dads how to do their daughters hair.

StinkApprentice replied:
A local girl scout troop did their Silver Award project called "Daddy Doo's" and taught fathers how to do their younger daughters hair. And had gift packs for the girls. It ran the gammut of giant meatheads, tiny skinny guys, and everyone in between. They ended up adding two more sessions because it became so popular.

Image credits: Physical-Primary-256

#20 Guys Being Open About Their Mental Health

My husband and his best friend calling each other up to talk about their mental health struggles and support each other through tough times.

Image credits: AnxietyOctopus

#21 Dads Not Shaming Their Sons For Crying

anonymous said:
A father not shaming their sons for crying.

zoidberg005 replied:
When I see a man who is able to cry, I see a powerful strong person who knows how to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. This is what I want for my son. This is something I do not have myself.

Image credits: anon

#22 Dads Bonding With Daughters Without Caring What Others Think

Absolutely any time dads do fun things with their daughters and don't care about how they look! Dads with makeup, coloured nails, and fun hairstyles make my heart melt.

Image credits: kayydeebe

#23 Using Your Pickup Truck To Help Others

Using pickup trucks to help others out,

Need help moving? In the Ditch? Stuck in the snow?
Gimme 5 mins to throw some pants on and I'm there

Image credits: Kate_be_my_GF

#24 The Brown-Stigler Incident

The Brown-Stigler Incident. A German Bf-109 pilot (Stigler) not only spared a crippled American B-17 (Brown), he escorted it out of German airspace. Botb men survived the war and became close friends until their deaths.

Image credits: StoicWolf15

#25 Uncle Iroh

xyanon36 said:
Uncle Iroh. Like literally everything he does.

PM_4_Gravy said:
I actually watched avatar for the first time last year, and while watching it I had recently learned of just how much I had hurt people I love and cared about in my life. It was near the middle to end of the series when my shame and disappointment in myself had really reached its climax where Iroh and Zuko really started to resonate with me. I was particularly tearful at their reunion, as I had seen mirrored what my actions had done to hurt people but they forgave me and gave me another chance anyways. I’m definitely not the greatest person but I’m working on it, and Iroh is someone I’ve been striving to become, and I really feel with Zuko’s journey of redemption and self discovery

Image credits: xyanon36

#26 Men Cooking

I've always loved cooking. Not very good at it, but I keep trying to learn new things and experiment when I find the time. A friend knew about this (she and I organized a few food related events at this Uni we were working at and we had immense fun, even when certain dishes went wrong). So she gave me oven mitts on my birthday, and on the mitts there's this dude with 6 or 8 arms, all holding pans and ladles, wearing an apron that says "I'll feed all you m***********s". I love it so much that I've kept it all these years without using it once. And I'm going to keep it forever as a prized possession.

Image credits: Wild_Boysenberry7370

#27 Aragorn II Elessar

Aragorn. He's strong and wise and totally capable but he doesn't go out of his way to make a point of it. He's a phenomenal leader, but he doesn't force everyone to follow him. He just steps up and takes care of things and takes care of people. He's not afraid to weep. He's not afraid to express his love for his beloved but also not afraid to express his love for his friends. He's well read, bilingual, tolerant of other cultures and people. He can sing and quote poetry. He's phenomenal with animals.

He's truly humble and knows who he is and what is important. He's going to help you feel safe, and also help you grow.

Plus he's handsome AF and badass, but those are just the cherry on top.

Image credits: Gingeboiforprez

#28 Guys Adoring Their Partners In Front Other Guy Friends

Guys who just adore their partners. I was washing dishes the other day and I asked him to dry the ones on the rack so I could do more and his friends started teasing him he said "you're just jealous I have something you don't, they are just so f*****g incredible dude you have no idea" I teared up a little bit not gonna lie

Image credits: dumpsterfire1998

#29 Being A Tough, But Supportive Brother

My big brother was tough on me growing up as many big brothers are. People without brothers would call it toxic and maybe it was. But my brother was there for me through my hardest moments and he’s there for me during my best.

He works at a large company and got me an internship when I was in college. I was nervous and the culture at the company was aggressive. My brother would take me into meeting rooms and give me hype talks on a frequent basis, we thought we were “big men”.

At the end of my internship, I was asked to give a presentation infront of around 50 people (senior leadership) on my work during the summer. I prepared a presentation but was horrified. An hour before my presentation, he pulled me into a meeting room and had me present to him. At the end, he said you’re going to kill it. He then handed me a gift which had a Mont Blanc pen inside of it with a note and told me to hold it during my presentation. We both cried and hugged.

This meeting room was an all glass room. Lol.

Side note: many years later I am still working (full-time) at this same company.

Image credits: Wampus117

#30 Guys Understanding When They Are Making Women Uncomfortable

Sometimes you see a guy just being and giving a off a "danger" vibe, then they get aware of your presence and their entire body language morphs into "I mean no harm" without acknowledging you otherwise.

Image credits: Repulsive_Worker7797

#31 Bros Being Supportive

Bros are often hella supportive to each other, its amazing. The amount of positivity I've seen flung around by blokes being blokes is unparalleled, be it compliments on your shirt, support that you got dis, or just generally indicators they're impressed.

Just an hour ago, was walking around the house lightly underdressed (I have work in the morning and should be asleep), to say hi to a new roomie, who had come in with friends. Gave a quick apology about walking around in just raggedy shorts, and without a hint of hesitation got a "Nah bro, you're sexy af" from one of the friends (whom I had never seen before) to which the default response was "Cheers man" (with a finger gun and bad wink) "love the shirt".

Long story short, the positivity, quickfire compliments and bro based flirts are automatic, and always leave me smiling.

#32 Men Hugging In Social Events

Sometimes when men hug while watching a game (or similar situations) and something good happens, I can't help but think it's adorable lol. I think it's because they're so genuinely happy.

Image credits: Kitt_kattz

#33 Protecting Those Weaker Than You, Teaching Outspokenness, And Self-Reliance

If you're talking about traditional masculinity, using your strength to protect and help others, even in small ways. Teaching outspoken-ness and self reliance (this does have to be balanced out with patience, listening, and the ability to ask for help). many forms of teamwork. Taking charge when needed to lead a community.

Image credits: Cosmic_Hitchhiker

#34 Be Able To Become Friends Despite Having Fought

Positive_Oliver said:
Being able to move on from a fight and become friends again.

PathosRise replied:
I like this about my guy friends. Its definitely different than the "man up and get over it" thing. It's a 'relaxed and roll with it' approach which is something I always appreciate. Priortizes focus on the things that are important, you talk about it if you need too, and you let things be when they're done. Most of my friends that are girls do more processing to try got a mutual understanding which is fine too. Both are valid approaches imo.

Image credits: Positive_Oliver

#35 Male Friendships In General

tandoori_taco_cat said:
Male friendship is a unique thing.

The term 'bro' is joking, but true male friendship really is akin to being brothers in all but blood.

Laptraffik replied:
True. I have few male friends but each of them is a brother too me. Even after rattling each other's heads more than a few times.

#36 "Dudes Loving On Each Other"


Dudes loving on each other.

Dudes cooking food (specifically for me, a non-dude, who can't cook)

Image credits: Puppiescatsitter

#37 Mr. Torgue From The Borderlands Series

Mr. Torgue in Borderlands. He's strangely wholesome despite being an illiterate explosion-obsessed ultra-macho man.