Special Kitchen Decor Ideas To Inspire Your Next Remodel

With so many things to focus on, there’s no shortage of kitchen decor ideas. There’s a lot to plan and a lot to consider before finally being happy with the way a kitchen looks.

We often find ourselves stuck, unable to decide between a marble countertop and one made of wood. Everything has to be in sync even if you choose to mix and match different styles, materials, finishes, or colors.

Brown Kitchen Design with Marble Accents Cabinets 150x150 Espressodesign Aster Kitchen Factory from Chelsea Habour marble and reclaimed wood 150x150 Christopher Peacock Motra Kitchen Design with marble countertop 150x150 Chelsea Harbour Aster Kitchen Pocket Doors 150x150

You never know where inspiration could come from so keep an open mind and don’t rule out any kitchen decorating ideas until you at least give them a chance. Maybe you’ve never been a fan of something but it looks good in the design scenario that you came up with.

For example, glass door kitchen cabinets are a bit pretentious and not as popular as they used to be, and that makes them that much more interesting in certain cases.

Wood Materials for Kitchen Decor Ideas

When it comes to decorating your kitchen, the types of materials you use go a long way towards defining the aesthetic and the general vibe of your design. There are many different kinds of wood used in cabinetry, for example, that can drastically change the final look of the kitchen when it’s completed.

Here are a few of the different woods commonly found in kitchen cabinets:

  • Red oak: Red oak has a heavy, dense character with an open wood grain that looks good with a wide variety of projects. Red oak is often paired with light-colored granite countertops for a traditional look.
  • White oak: White oak is a type of wood that originates in the eastern United States and southern Canada. This heavy wood has a pale ashen color. Try pairing it with brass fixtures and dark accents for a modern aesthetic.
  • Hard maple: Hard maple cabinets are more expensive than soft maple cabinets, but the harder version has a much better durability. This makes it a smart choice for the kitchen since the wood there will have to endure a lot of wear and tear.
  • Hickory: The hardness of hickory can make it difficult to manipulate for woodworkers, but it’s a popular choice for kitchen cabinets anyway. This wood type gives kitchen cabinets a warm, rustic appearance.
  • Cherry: Cherry wood has a naturally deep, reddish stain that pairs well with modern kitchen designs. Cherry is one of the more expensive luxury hardwoods, though you’ll still pay less for cherry cabinets than you would for exotic woods like teak or mahogany.
  • Birch: Even though birch is only considered a medium density when it comes to hardwoods, this wood is still a good option for kitchen cabinets since it is scratch-resistant.
  • Ash: Ash is a popular choice for kitchen cabinets because the surface of this wood is very smooth compared to other wood grains. This makes it easy to clean. Ash has a naturally light coloring so it should be paired with modern fixtures to keep it from looking dated.
  • Pine: Pine is a soft wood that is moisture-resistant, which makes it a smart choice for kitchens in humid environments. The softness of this wood also makes it a good choice for custom carpentry and scrollwork in cabinets.

No matter which wood material you go with for decorating your kitchen, the wood materials above offer a range of advantages that can add to your kitchen design. Which one is the best option for you will depend on your chosen color palette and the style of cabinets you want to install.

Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Counters

Your kitchen counters are one of the first things your houseguests will see when they walk into your kitchen, so you want to make sure that they dazzle onlookers. Decorating kitchen counters is about knowing how to utilize open spaces and about how to properly curate accent pieces to make your counters look decorated without looking cluttered.

Follow these tips for a dazzling result when decorating your kitchen counters:

  • Make decorations functional. Decorating with containers such as flour jars and fruit bowls allows you to put a personal touch on the space while also adding storage to your countertops. Choose materials that reflect the overarching design in your kitchen.
  • Keep clutter at bay: You need plenty of small appliances and accessories when you’re prepping food in the kitchen, but you want to keep these off the countertops if possible. Use drawer dividers and other organizing tools to keep your countertops from gathering miscellaneous items that belong in a drawer or container instead.
  • Organize your counters into stations: Half the battle of decorating your kitchen countertops involves keeping them useful. Place decorative cleaning items around your kitchen sink for dish time, and keep all your spices organized in one spot on your countertops so that you’re not having to search around for ingredients while you cook.
  • Go with quality over quantity. It’s better to decorate with a few well-chosen items that may be a bit more expensive than to overload your countertops with cheap knick-knacks.

The types of accents that you include on your kitchen countertops will change depending on your design theme and what kind of activities you undertake in the kitchen. For example, a home chef will place a greater emphasis on access to herbs and spices than someone who mostly uses their kitchen for heating up takeout.

Kitchen Decor Ideas to Accessorize Your Counter

When it comes to adding a personal touch to your kitchen counters, it all comes down to the accessories you choose. A kitchen with a modern design will have different accent decor than a kitchen with a rustic or craftsman aesthetic.

Here are a few ways you can add some unique accents to accessorize your kitchen counters:

  • Add some greenery. Cut flowers or a few pots of fresh herbs can freshen up any kitchen no matter what the basic design of the kitchen is. Keep in mind that greenery counts as a neutral in a color palette, so it’s a good match for other neutrals such as marble or metallics.
  • Use trays and butcher blocks to group items. Grouping purely decorative items on a serving tray or butcher block can help you theme them. It can also keep decorative items from cluttering up the rest of the countertop.
  • Keep it personal. Add a personal touch to your kitchen counter accessories by including your favorite cookbook or some family photos. This will give even contemporary kitchen designs a cozy touch.
  • Use matching canisters. Matching canisters for storage can help give your kitchen countertops a unified look. If you want to add a more eclectic element, use canisters with different designs that are all in the same material, such as glass or copper.

Accessorizing a kitchen counter will often come down to personal taste, but these hints will give you a jumping-off point for gathering some kitchen decor ideas on how to add flair to yours.

Exposed Beams kitchen decor ideas

How-to Tips for Kitchen Decor Ideas

A kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the home for most people, so you’ll want to go out of your way to make it one of the most welcoming ones in the house. Adding the right decor can make your kitchen design look refined.

Here are some tips for decorating your kitchen once you have the basic elements such as the cabinetry and countertops in place:

  • Consider setting up a coffee or tea station. A coffee station for hot morning beverages is ideal for bringing people together in the kitchen. Gather supplies such as tea bags or coffee tins together in a basket to display them in an organized way.
  • Don’t forget the artwork. Artwork can be a useful way to give your kitchen decor a personal touch. The artwork you choose can also reinforce the aesthetics you’ve already included in your kitchen design.
  • Try a statement object as a focal point. If you’re going for a minimalist design, it’s better to reduce the number of decorations you put out on your kitchen countertops. Choose a single unusual statement decoration to act as a contrast to the spartan surfaces in the rest of the room.
  • Use accent colors. Kitchens are often decked out in neutrals because light-colored neutrals make a kitchen look spacious and clean. However, this doesn’t mean your kitchen has to be boring. Spice things up with an accent color or two and pull it around the room in the decor and small touches like the drawer pulls.

The materials you use to design your kitchen are only part of the equation when it comes to decorating your kitchen. The details you put into your decor are what bring the design together into a finished look.

Must-Have Items for Kitchen Decor Ideas

What you choose to decorate your kitchen with will change depending on your personality and what you use your kitchen for, but there are a few general items that just about everyone can use in their kitchen decor.

Here are some of the must-have kitchen items you should look into including in your kitchen decorations:

  • Cut flowers: A bouquet of cut flowers can elevate any interior, and the kitchen is no exception. Rotate in new cut flowers regularly to keep the kitchen looking bright and to add subtle changes to the room’s decor.
  • Lighting: No matter which style you decorate your kitchen in, be sure you include plenty of good lighting to accentuate whatever decorations you include. Kitchens need ambient lighting as well as task lighting for areas where food is prepared or dishes are washed.
  • Cutting boards: If you’re going to do any kind of fresh food preparation in your kitchen, you’ll need at least a couple of cutting boards. Cutting boards come in a wide range of styles and materials that can complement the rest of your kitchen decor. Since cutting boards lie flat on the countertop, they can also serve to help section off the space.
  • Dish cloths: Dish cloths come in many patterns, from whimsical prints of unicorns and cupcakes to somber neutrals. Getting a set of dish cloths that carry the theme of your kitchen’s decor can help give your design a finished feel.

These are just a few of the accent features in a kitchen where you can get creative and show off your sense of style. Addressing just a few of these in a kitchen update or remodel can make a major impact on the final look of the room.

40 Inspirational Ideas for Kitchen Decor 

1. Expresso and White Contrast

Expresso and White Contrast
The colors and finishes are combined here in a simple but elegant way

Expresso and white is a classic combination of colors that looks equally good in rustic designs and modern kitchen setups. Adding contemporary touches like open cabinet storage, a cut mirror mosaic, and industrial pendant lighting can add a glamorous touch while still keeping things cozy. Use a marble counter that incorporates both colors to pull the whole room together.

2. Glass Front Cabinets

Glass Front Cabinets kitchen decor ideas
The glass cabinet door inserts allow a peak inside, putting the contents on display

Designed for those homes that can’t distance themselves from the traditional design ideology but want to look clean and a bit modern, the Motra collection by Christopher Peacock combines iconic features such as glass front cabinets, marble counters, and solid wood surfaces. Using marble as part of the backsplash as well as the countertops helps showcase its unique pattern.

3. Ceiling-Mounted Shelves

Ceiling-Mounted Shelves kitchen decor ideas
Ceiling-mounted shelves are very useful and practical in kitchens, especially small ones

In smaller kitchens, storage space can be a serious issue. Adding ceiling-mounted shelves to your kitchen allows you to store more pots and pans in an accessible system while also giving you a place to show off other nice glassware such as wine glasses. Choose hardware in your ceiling-mounted shelves to match the hardware in the rest of the kitchen for a unified look.

4. Above Island Storage

Above Island Storage kitchen decor ideas
The shelves can be installed above the island and used for storage

The best place for ceiling-mounted shelves in the kitchen is above the kitchen island. This is an area of the kitchen where you don’t have to worry about people bumping their heads on the low-hanging shelves or knocking things off the shelves with their elbows. When mounted over an island, shelves also help to further divide the functional sections of a larger kitchen.

5. Glass or Bottle Rack

Glass or Bottle Rack kitchen decor ideas
You can add a glass or bottle rack above the kitchen island so it can double as a bar

A glass or bottle rack is one of the most common uses of ceiling-mounted shelving in the kitchen. Placing your wine collection on the kitchen bottle rack is a fun way to show off the label art on your favorite brands. Make sure that your full wine bottles are kept in cold storage and out of direct sunlight. Empty bottles of your favorites are a better decoration for the bottle rack.

6. Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops
Marble in the kitchen creates a refined and luxurious look

Marble countertops are not a cheap upgrade for your kitchen decor, but they can be well worth the investment. Marble countertops add tons of equity to your kitchen’s value and can increase the value of your property overall. Marble countertops come in a wide variety of colors to match any potential kitchen color palette.

7. Golden Accents

kitchen decor ideas with Golden Accents
The little details have a big impact on the overall design so don’t overlook them

While too much gold can look garish, a touch of gold here and there can be the perfect accent piece to add a refined aesthetic to your kitchen design. Gold looks especially good placed against other decorating neutrals such as white marble and wood. Another variation on this decorating scheme would be to use copper or silver accents rather than gold.

8. Industrial Features

Industrial Features
Modern kitchens are easy to pair with industrial features for a factory-like look

Industrial features are a common decorating motif found in modern kitchens, and they’re a good match for contemporary architectural features like loft layouts, vaulted ceilings, and large kitchens. Adding a fresh organic touch like a bouquet of flowers can soften the kitchen and keep things from looking too harsh.

9. Raw Concrete and Smooth Finishes

Raw Concrete and Smooth Finishes
Play with contrasts and combine raw concrete surfaces with smooth and delicate finishes

Another aspect of design you’ll often see in contemporary kitchens is a contrast in textures. Raw unfinished concrete can look foreboding alongside the smooth finishes of hardwood and stainless steel. However, if you lighten up the look with some good lighting and a graceful touch like this sprawling floral centerpiece, the textures accentuate each other.

10. Wooden Countertops

kitchen decor ideas Wooden Countertops
Wooden countertops can be a good option if you want to add some warmth and texture to the kitchen

Wooden countertops are another way to lighten up a grim industrial aesthetic. The multicolored tones in the wood add some pattern and texture to the space, but the smooth finish mirrors the smooth textures elsewhere in the room. Edison bulbs and a metallic backsplash add even more industrial appeal to offset the natural look of the wood.

11. Fitted Bar Stools

Fitted Bar Stools
When choosing the bar stools, make sure they fit and that they look nice in the context

Bar stools can be a nice way to lighten up the look of an industrial kitchen, but it’s important to make sure your bar stools are fitted to the height of your countertops so that guests are comfortable sitting there. Most countertops are built to a standard height, but the height of your stools will depend on the thickness of your countertop and how far it sticks out from the bar.

12. Contrasting Contemporary Design

Contrasting Contemporary Design
This contemporary kitchen has a design based on contrasts and harmony

Contemporary design in kitchens doesn’t mean you have to decorate in all stainless steel. This modern kitchen uses dark wood paneling in its cabinets to help soften the look of the metallic backsplash behind them. A handful of candle holders provide soft accent lighting. 

13. Natural Wood Finish

Natural Wood FinishThe lower cabinetry is designed out of wood with a natural finish that highlights the grainMost wood finishes used in the kitchen are a glossy finish, but this design leaves the wood of the cabinetry raw to show off the wood grain. Keeping the rest of the cabinet fronts as plain as possible helps draw the eye back to the natural wood finish and the metallic backsplash. Installing an industrial faucet with a matte finish allows it to blend into the background.

14. Black Marble Countertops

kitchen decor ideas Black Marble Countertops
Black marble has this dramatic look which goes really well with the textured wood

White marble is one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops. However, black marble can also be a dramatic choice, especially when placed against stainless steel and a natural wood finish. All three of these design choices are considered neutrals in interior design, so they can be layered together for an eclectic look that doesn’t clash.

15. Rustic Wood Bar

Rustic Wood Bar
Solid wood countertops and bars are very charming but they also require more maintenance

If you want to decorate your kitchen with a rustic vibe, a thick butcher block style wooden countertop can make a great focal point to work from. While a big unfinished slab of wood like this can look sharp, these types of countertops have to be oiled and cared for differently than other countertop materials.

16. Combine Different Materials

Combine Different Materials
It’s fun to combine different materials and finishes. Use them to differentiate between different features

Combining different materials in your kitchen design is a smart way to interject style into your kitchen without adding a bunch of knick-knacks to your countertops. Clear surfaces with high-quality materials make a much better impression on houseguests than cheap Formica counters covered in clutter.

17. L-Shaped Bar

L-Shaped Bar
Usually, the bar extends on only one side of the island. Here it has an L-shape

Apart from the cabinetry, there are lots of other things to think of when planning out your kitchen decor ideas. But before you focus on the little things, take a moment to decide which materials you’d like to use.

A marble backsplash can look elegant and timeless and you can match it with the counter or you can complement it with a wood countertop bar. Glass is an interesting option for the cabinetry and shelving if you want to create the impression of space and openness.

18. Compact Open Kitchen Design

Compact Open Kitchen Design
Compact kitchens suit small spaces but they can also fit nicely in open areas

Compact kitchens can be a challenge to design for since they require a lot of functionality out of a small space. There are several ways for designers to make the most of a compact kitchen, such as using open storage for plate ware and keeping the floor plan as open as possible. In small kitchens, clearing out clutter also plays a big part in keeping the space tidy and useful.

19. Open Kitchen Shelves

kitchen decor ideas Open Shelves
Open shelves are always practical in the kitchen, being useful in lots of different ways

Open shelves look best in a contemporary kitchen design where the amount of glassware and plateware stored in plain sight is well-organized and minimal. Storing too many items on open shelves can make your kitchen look like a grocery store display or an antique store. Instead, try to leave out just the bowls and glasses that you use regularly.

20. Built-in Appliances

Built-in Appliances
Built-in appliances make kitchen look sleek and modern which helps maintain a minimalist look

Storage tends to be the most important thing in a kitchen and it takes a lot of planning to come up with the perfect configuration for your particular needs. You must also figure out a way to integrate other smaller details that aren’t necessarily storage-related.

For instance, maybe you could opt for kitchen pocket doors. They’re very practical and sleek and they’re great for small spaces.

21. Marble Accents Kitchen Decor Ideas

Marble Accents
Marble is a rich material so don’t use it in excess. Try to alternate between materials

Marble is one way to make your kitchen look more upscale, but using too much of it in one area can come off as gaudy. Instead, try to use marble in just a few places rather than as an entire countertop to add a touch of class without breaking the bank.

22. Kitchen Dining Table

Kitchen Dining Table
Instead of an island, you can opt for a dining table in the kitchen

Kitchen dining tables can act as an eye-catching centerpiece for your kitchen if you don’t have an island. The color and finish of the table make a huge impact on the overall look of the room, so be sure to choose a wood grain or shade that works well with the cabinetry. The dark dining room table in this kitchen acts as a foil to the lighter cabinets behind it.

23. Task Lighting

Task Lighting
Use task lighting to highlight key areas in the kitchen and to create a pleasant ambiance

In kitchen remodels, it’s important to make sure you have appropriate lighting so that people can perform tasks in the kitchen as well as see the decor. Task lighting is lighting underneath the upper cabinets that help illuminate the countertop space and makes it easier to see what you’re doing while you cook.

24. Drawer Dividers Kitchen Decor Ideas

Drawer Dividers
Use dividers in drawers to keep your utensils organized and to manage space efficiently

Decorating your kitchen isn’t just about accents that make your kitchen look better. You should also look into design features that make the kitchen more functional and organized. Black wooden drawer dividers provide a pop of contrast against the white cabinets and helps you to keep your flatware looking neat.

25. Dark Wall Colors

Dark Wall Colors with kitchen decor ideas
Don’t necessarily stay away from dark colors in the kitchen. Just make there’s enough light

Dark wall colors aren’t a design choice you can get away with in every kitchen since they can create the visual illusion that the space is smaller than it actually is. In larger kitchens, dark wall colors can help make the space feel more cozy and can add a dramatic pop of color to more neutral kitchen fixtures.

26. Kitchen Decor Ideas Jewel Tone Floors

Jewel Tone Floors
Add an unexpected touch of color to the kitchen with colored floor tiles

Here’s another design choice that might not be the decor for everyone since it’s an especially bold choice. However, this striking mauve tile floor works well against a variety of other neutral materials in the room such as beige crockery and dark wooden cabinets.

27. Metallic Countertops

Metallic Countertops
The kitchen is a space where metallic colors integrate well, creating a chic-industrial look

If you’re decorating your kitchen with jewel tones, metallic fixtures such as this patina coppertop counter work to complement more showy shades. Even though it looks like these two shades don’t match at first glance, violet is actually the opposite of yellow (gold) on the color wheel. This makes them pair well together in a color palette.

28. Black Cabinets

Black Cabinets
Think of the kitchen as more than just a purely functional space and give it a bit of glamour

Black cabinets are an unconventional choice in most kitchens, but black and metallic accents are a natural match. This kitchen utilizes random pops of jewel tones with its sea blue bar stool and forest green plates, then contrasts them with natural elements such as the bamboo steaming tray to add visual interest.

29. Unique Color Combinations Kitchen Decor Ideas

Unique Color Combinations
This is an interesting mix of colors, materials, and finishes which allows the kitchen to look unique

This eclectic mix of colors, materials, and finishes in this kitchen design gives it a bohemian look. If you plan on mixing multiple design elements together, add elements along a theme to keep the design from looking too hodgepodge. In this kitchen, bright cool accent colors such as purple, green, and blue are toned down with metallics and dark neutrals to pull things together.

30. Wine Cooler

kitchen decor ideas Wine Cooler
When there’s a lot of space to work with, you can give your kitchen extra features such as a wine cooler

If you have a large wine collection, you can use a wine cooler in addition to part of your kitchen decor ideas. An open-faced wine cooler like this large cooler allows you to easily organize and see what wines you have available. This is a much better option than keeping your wine collection in open storage such as a wine rack since it allows you to keep wine in a temperature controlled space.

31. Neutral Modern Design

Neutral Modern Design kitchen decor ideas
Neutrals are very versatile and adaptable and they suit modern and contemporary kitchens very well

Neutrals are a design choice that goes well with a wide variety of kitchen styles, but neutrals play especially well against industrial appliances, metallic fixtures, and other typical design elements found in a modern kitchen. Try adding some greenery such as a few potted herbs to help break up all the beige and stainless steel.

32. Bar Extension

Bar Extension kitchen decor ideas
A foldable bar or table extension can make a kitchen island even more practical than it is

If you have a larger kitchen, a bar extension can add additional seating to your kitchen island so that it can act as a proper kitchenette rather than just another surface for food prep. Adding a foldable bar extension allows you to put the bar away to make extra space for daily kitchen use, but still gives you the option to host extra houseguests when you need it.

33. Cool Gray Color Palette

Cool Gray Color Palette

To give kitchens a contemporary style, try pairing dark woods with stark cool whites and medium to dark grays. This ashen palette can make the kitchen look sleek and modern, especially when paired with stainless steel fixtures. (via Sunny Side Up)

34. Exposed Beams

Exposed Beams kitchen decor ideas

If you’re looking to give your kitchen a farmhouse style, try pairing exposed wooden beam in the ceiling with copper pots and pans for pioneer charm. The luxurious marble countertops are softened by the inclusion of wooden accent pieces like the bar chairs and the cutting board. (via One Kind Design)

35. White and Metallic Accents

White and Metallic Accents kitchen decor ideas

All-white kitchens are relatively common since they showcase how clean the space is, but stainless steel is the fixture material usually chosen to accompany all-white designs. Copper fixtures are an unexpected choice and repeating the material around the room in a metallic wreath and a copper sugar bowl help repeat the theme. (via Jennifer Maune)

36. Kitchen Decor Ideas Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes
A big vase full of flowering branches is on the countertop of a modern farmhouse kitchen

One way to get across a modern aesthetic in your kitchen is to include accents that have a geometric pattern. These can include contemporary pendant lights or the panes in cut-out glass cabinetry. You can put emphasis on these geometric patterns by choosing accent pieces and furniture with hard, inorganic lines. (via Decor Aid)

37. Unexpected Pop of Red

Unexpected Pop of Red

Neutral color palettes are always a good option for a contemporary-looking kitchen, but they run the risk of looking bland or boring. Pick a dramatic accent color such as the red fridge in this kitchen to serve as a statement piece and a focal point in the space. You can repeat the color elsewhere in the room in artwork or another decor. (via Best Online Cabinets)

38. Floating Shelves Kitchen Decor Ideas

Floating Shelves kitchen decor ideas

If you’re working with a small kitchen, floating shelves are a useful way to make the most of the space you have by allowing for extra storage between cabinets. Floating shelves aren’t suited for heavier objects, but they’re a good option for lighter artwork, knick-knacks, or photo frames. (via Decor Insider)

39. Balanced Island

Balanced Island kitchen decor ideas

Islands can be a primary design element in your kitchen decor ideas since it makes up a lot of the flat surfaces you have to work with. Place decor at each end of your kitchen island to give it a balanced look since piling decorations at one end of the island may make it look haphazard or cluttered. (via My 100 Year Old Home)

40. Pot Rack

Pot Rack

Like ceiling-mounted shelves, ceiling-mounted pot racks are another way to add storage to a compact kitchen while also giving you a way to show off your best kitchenware. If you have a collection of heirloom cast iron pans or copper pots, this is a fantastic method for displaying them while also keeping them within easy reach for cooking. (via Architectural Digest)

Kitchen Decor Ideas FAQ

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Kitchen?

The cost of remodeling a kitchen can vary wildly depending on the scope of the remodel, the size of the kitchen, and the materials used. Custom features such as custom cabinetry are also more expensive than pre-fabricated models.

The average cost of a kitchen remodel ranges between twelve and thirty-five thousand dollars. For those who are trying to update their kitchen on a smaller budget, here are a few options you can take for reducing the costs associated with a kitchen remodel:

  • Take it in steps: Remodeling your kitchen can be more financially friendly if you take it in stages. Updating one element at a time, such as the cabinets or the flooring, helps spread out the cost of the renovations. The only major downside to this method is that it extends the amount of time the kitchen can’t be used during the remodeling process.
  • Choose cheaper materials. Try looking around for sales on bulk flooring or countertops and consider lookalike materials that may cost less than the real thing. You can still get a nice renovation if you keep an eye out for discounted materials or find an off-brand material that is still sturdy enough to work.

How Long Do Kitchen Remodeling Projects Usually Take?

Most kitchen renovations only take six to eight weeks to finish as long as the materials needed are readily available. However, more complicated remodeling projects may cost anywhere from ten to twelve thousand dollars.

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to take out a small loan to pursue a remodeling project on their home. The benefit of doing so is that it often raises the value of the property, especially if the renovation includes replacements for outdated fixtures or countertops.

Types of Countertops for Your Kitchen Decor Ideas

There are several kinds of kitchen countertops you can use as a foundation for decorating your kitchen. Each countertop material has advantages and disadvantages. Some are more durable but expensive, while others are cheaper and easier to source, but may not last as long.

Here are some of the types of countertops you’ll encounter when shopping for your kitchen remodel:

  • Laminate: Laminate is one of the cheapest types of countertop, but it also comes in a wide range of different color and pattern options to fit many different residential styles. While affordable, the disadvantages of laminate are that it scratches easily and doesn’t hold up to wear and tear well compared to other countertop materials.
  • Marble: Marble is one of the most expensive countertop materials you’ll run into, and is often found in luxury home kitchens. Marble offers a unique beauty since all marble countertops are natural and look one-of-a-kind.
  • Stone: Several types of stone are used to make countertops other than marble, including quartz and granite. These stone countertops offer some of the aesthetic benefits of marble countertops at a fraction of the cost. Some stone countertops may be susceptible to scratches, however.
  • Resin: Resin is a popular countertop material with do-it-yourself handymen and people who prefer to build their own furniture from scratch. Resin countertops can be a fun project but hard to pull off flawlessly if you don’t have previous experience working with epoxy resin.

The type of countertop you choose will go a long way towards setting the atmosphere of your kitchen, so think carefully before making a decision on which material you’ll use in yours.

kitchen decor ideas

How Do You Choose Kitchen Decor Ideas to Math Your Design Aesthetic?

Choosing an aesthetic for decorating your kitchen is a personal choice, but there are a few things you can do to figure out which direction to go in if you’re not sure what decor you want. These are some things to consider to figure out your kitchen aesthetic:

  • What is the architecture of the house? In many cases, the architecture and exterior design of your home can help inspire the interior design too.
  • What materials do you like? Materials such as marble or wood are design elements you can carry throughout your kitchen design. Including them in different parts of the kitchen can make the whole space feel unified.

What Features Cost the Most When Decorating a Kitchen?

The features that cost the most when decorating a kitchen are the cabinetry, the countertops, and the flooring. These features usually have to be installed by professionals, so the cost of labor has to be added on top of the material cost.

Material type can have a serious impact on the final cost of a remodeling project. Handcrafted kitchen floor tiles are significantly more expensive than linoleum kitchen flooring, for example.

Luxury countertop materials like marble can add hundreds of extra dollars to the cost of a kitchen remodeling project.

Does Remodeling Your Kitchen Increase Your Home Value?

Remodeling your kitchen can increase your home value, especially if you update your kitchen to reflect a more modern style or if you improve the quality of the materials used.

Where Can You Get Supplies for Kitchen Decor Ideas Remodeling Projects?

Supplies for kitchen remodeling projects can be sourced from home improvement stores such as Lowe’s or Home Depot. Many cities may also have bulk distributors of building materials such as flooring or cabinetry where you can custom order a delivery of materials for a kitchen remodeling project.

How Can You Use Kitchen Decor Ideas to Update Your Space Without Remodeling?

There are several ways that you can change up the look of your kitchen without undertaking a serious remodeling project.

Here are a few things you can try to update the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of time and money:

  • Paint the cabinets. If you have wooden cabinets, painting or staining them is a relatively easy DIY project that can dramatically change the look of your kitchen without costing you a lot.
  • Change out your lighting. Adding a pendant lamp or under-cabinet accent lighting can have a serious impact on the color palette of your kitchen design. It can also help lead the eye around the room or showcase reflective surfaces like metallic fixtures.
  • Get new blinds or curtains. Blinds and curtains are a smaller element of the kitchen design that can allow you to swap up the look of your kitchen’s decor for just a few hundred dollars.

Balanced Island kitchen decor ideas

What Is a Good Counter Height?

The standard height for a counter height is thirty-six inches from the floor. This is such a widely-accepted universal standard for countertops that most cabinets are built to specifications that allow for a countertop at this height.

Are Kitchen Islands the Same Height as Counters?

Kitchen islands are typically built to be the same height as countertops (thirty-six inches). This helps give the kitchen a unified look even if the materials used in the island are different than materials used in the countertops in the rest of the kitchen.

Do Kitchen Cabinets Come in Different Depths?

Kitchen cabinets come in different depths depending on the type of cabinets you purchase. The depth of kitchen cabinets can range from twelve to eighteen inches. Twelve-inch cabinets are usually designed for regular plate ware, while eighteen-inch cabinets are designed for storing larger items like pots and pans.

What Is the Most Common Drawer Pull Size?

There’s no set universal drawer pull size, but most drawer pulls are designed to be roughly a third of the width of the cabinet they’re attached to. Drawer pulls come in the following common sizes:

  • 3 inches
  • 4 inches
  • 96 millimeters
  • 128 millimeters

As long as you choose a drawer pull that is proportional to the cabinet and matches the rest of the fixtures in the kitchen, new hardware can improve the aesthetics of your cabinetry.

Kitchen Decor Ideas Conclusion

Many elements go into decorating a kitchen, from major design features like backsplashes to more subtle details like accent pieces. Figuring out which materials and fixtures appeal to your kitchen decor ideas is the most of the fun of coming up with a design.

Try to think ahead about your needs and preferences when planning your kitchen decor ideas so you eventually end up with a kitchen you’ll love every time you use it.

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