How To Choose The Best Hangers For Your Suit?

Is your expensive suit getting messed up each time you hang it? Let’s face the truth! Suits spend more time on a hanger than on your shoulders. So, you need to check what they are resting on - for days or even months at times. Also, make sure the hanger used is on point.

Are you using cheap wire hangers to hang them? This will ruin your clothes in no time. Wrong choices can result in bumps, lines, and creases all over the apparel and give a cheap vibe. However, by using the perfect one, your attire will appear fit and be ready to wear in no time.

Be it a man or woman, when it comes to clothing; suits are the most expensive piece of attire that a person owns. Maintaining it well will reward you not only personally but also on the professional forefront in the years to come.

Here’s a guide on how to choose the best suit hanger.

Men's Suit Hanger

Suit hangers are not the same as other standard hangers. These are custom built to fit your unique proportion and build. They come with a slight forward curve to bolster the roundness of the clothing. The shoulder padding is susceptible to damages if the wrong hanger is used. To avoid sagging, these hangers are wide at the shoulders and taper down towards the neck region. It decreases the strain from the shoulder pads to give a bold look. It also holds the rest of the piece in place. A crossbar is present to hang your pants or slacks. Lastly, they have a grip feature to keep the attire in place and prevent slips.

Different size and width options are available for those having different shoulder length.

Pants Bar:

Suit hangers have two parts  one for the suit and one for the pants. It is sensible to store both together in your closet. The pants section has a bar that lies across the hanger.

Specialized ones consist of a medium-thick bar that is usually fixed in place using two metal fasteners. It holds your pants straight without creating a horizontal crease in the middle section. Metal fasteners keep the pants from getting snagged as you take them off in a hurry.

Women's Suit Hanger

Similar principles are applicable for storing women’s suits properly. The key is to avoid any compression to the shoulder pads. Unique wooden options are the best!

For hanging pants, the ones with the pants rail will work well, which is similar to the gents. As for hanging skirts, you can still make use of the pants rail. However, the best option would be to go for ones uniquely crafted for ladies as it includes ones with skirt clips. The benefit of clips is that you can adjust them to hang different sizes and styles of skirts. It not only hangs them straight but also gives a great appearance.

Materials Used

The durability of a suit depends on the material used for its construction. Let's have a look at the various options.

Wooden Hangers – The Best Choice!

Wondering why wooden hangers are the best? It is because certain wood types like cedarwood have natural properties that take care of garments.

The organic chemical composition present in cedarwood keeps the bugs and insects away from your garments. Plus, cedar has a tremendous natural smell and rubs off well into your clothes. In simple words, they act natural air fresheners for your apparel. They are also the most durable and sturdiest wood type available. Hence, it’s the perfect choice for your heavy suits.

The other options include those made with mahogany wood. This framework offers a smooth and lacquered finishing. It gives both your wardrobe as well as your outfits a unique vibe.

Plastic Hangers

Most individuals prefer plastic hangers as they are light in weight and budget friendly. These high-grade heavy-duty plastic ones are specifically designed to handle the load of heavy apparel.

Some hangers have a velvet finishing. The benefit of velvet coatings is that it offers a grippy surface that keeps the garments in place. Also, the snag-free aspect keeps the fibres intact.

Metallic Hangers

Metallic hangers come with a slim and sturdy framework. The sleek design requires lesser space in your closet. These are available in various finishes – from light gauge metal to heavily gauged polished chrome with a non-slip vinyl coating. Gold, silver, and bronze finishing are also available.

Selecting The Right Size

Have you ever heard – one size is not fit for all when talking about clothes. Well, the same principle works even for hangers.

Choosing the correct size is the key factor!

Although they all look the same, hangers come in various sizes and shapes. To hang your suit correctly, you must make sure the hanger size matches your suit size.

To understand the size of your suit hanger, we have a standard measurement outlined for you here.

Small size – 15.5 inches with chest sizes: 40 and below.

Medium size – 17 inches with chest sizes: 41 – 44.

Large size – 18.5 inches with chest sizes: 45 – 48.

Extra Large size – 20 inches with chest sizes: 48 and above.

These measurements are applicable only for suits. In case you are larger than the “extra-large size,” you can go for the custom-made XL & XXL hangers. These are not only wide but broad as well. These extra dimensions bolster the breadth and weight of the clothing you hang on them.

Hanger Girth:

The girth or the thickness level is significant towards the shoulder ends. For broad shouldered individuals, these play a vital role in avoiding cramps and wrinkles, which gives an unprofessional look. For instance, a hanger having 2.5 inches shoulder flares evenly distributes the suit weight over a 5x larger surface area than usual. This, in turn, protects the apparel from getting damaged.

Final Takeaway

Here we have covered the essential features you need to look out for a while shopping for the perfect suit hanger. Pay attention to durability and sturdy construction to attain favourable and long-term benefits. High-grade materials will enhance the lifespan of your expensive suits. Hope you find the right one soon that gives maximum satisfaction.

Have a great time shopping!