Chrome Plated Dish Rack & Draining Tray

Chrome Plated Dish Rack & Draining Tray

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Cluttered sinks and toppling dishes won't be a problem anymore with this Chrome Plated Dish Rack & Draining Tray from Casa Mia. Start a better wash up without accidents!

This dish drainer has a large capacity of around 14 cups and 26 plates while still having plenty of room for your utensils. A sturdy chrome-plated frame holds all your dishware. The handle makes it easy to move around when you need to clean or to create more space in the drying area.

The PVC base prevents this dish rack from slipping and sliding around on your benches. Leave your sink and countertops free from scratches and damage while making your washing up quick and easy!



  • Material: Chrome-plated wire
  • PVC dipped base
  • Large capacity
  • Can hold 26 plates and 14 cups
  • PVC base to prevent sliding around on counter
  • Includes cutlery drainer



44 cm W x 43 cm D x 13.2 cm H