Collapsible Aluminium Dish Rack

Collapsible Aluminium Dish Rack

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This Collapsible Aluminium Dish Rack from Casa Mia is not only good-looking but also functional - especially for smaller spaces! If you're living in a small apartment or looking for a dish rack suitable for camping, here's your match!

This foldable dish rack is made with aluminium which means it's 100% rust proof and long-lasting. Easily stack around 15 dinner plates, side plates, cups, and small bowls on this dish rack. The foldaway design makes this dish drainer easy to clean and store away when not in use. Ideal for carvans, small kitchens or camping, this Casa Mia dish rack is a durable, rust proof option!



  • Material: Aluminium
  • Rust proof
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Can hold 15 dinner plates plus side plates, cups, and bowls
  • Easy to store and clean dish rack
  • Ideal for small spaces like apartments and kitchenettes, camping, and holiday homes
  • Care instructions: clean regularly to avoid build up of calcium and soap scum



42 cm x 36 cm x 25 cm