D-Line Aluminium Dish Rack & Draining Tray

D-Line Aluminium Dish Rack & Draining Tray

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Air dry all your dishes, cups, and cutlery with D-Line Aluminium Dish Rack & Draining Tray! A dish rack that suits every home is here as your new dish drying solution! The tough and durable frame is made with aluminium for a completely rust proof and long-lasting dish rack.

The sturdy construction prevents dishes from falling over whilst still remaining lightweight thanks to the 100% rust proof aluminium. A handy plastic draining board collects any water, ideal for sinks with no built-in draining board, or even for caravans. Dry your dishes efficiently while maintaining the cleanliness of your sink and kitchen counter! This dish drainer also features a removable plastic cutlery drainer to ensure your silverware is dried spot-free.

Get this highly functional dish rack and improve the way you dry your freshly washed dishes!



  • Materials: Aluminium
  • Removable cutlery drainer
  • Includes draining board
  • Durable and rust proof
  • Efficiently dries your dishes
  • Long-lasting rack
  • Keeps countertops dry
  • Care instructions: clean regularly to avoid build up of calcium and soap scum



42 cm x 30 cm x 13 cm